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Sunday, 16 December 2018

My Stalkers and the smear campaign they're made part of - Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + "the "snooper's charter" ruled illegal"

ADDED 15 Sept. '19 - from Aug. 2019

from my records [sent to authorities]: " 12/08/2019 = the pic below of neighbour "Twitcher" by her window opposite me, surveilling all the time a short while ago for a few months but not seen twitching once during the entire previous 13 YEARS since 2004 when i moved here! Now she is not well enough to do much, let alone surveille yours truly. We used to get on fine - until she betrayed herself. God only knows what evil stories she was fed by these corrupt evil perps working outside and abusing the law, who need to be brought to book asap, using the most vulnerable in our society to do their dirty work - the perps being often old men, old women, homeless people even and even children and women who look extremely "loose" have been used. In the early days around 2010 I was waiting at a busstop further down the road by an Aldi supermarket by me when a tiny female child with a small brown and white terrier dog, on a lead, appeared and began waiting for the bus alongside myself and a couple of other members of the public who were also waiting. I'd already had an interaction with a middle-aged woman who had, with her husband, a tax consultancy business using a nearby shop premises. She had engaged me in conversation one day around this very time and kept telling me that her "husband was going away for the weekend". She repeated this a couple of times and, quite frankly, was a bit taken aback - was she propositioning me? i didn't bother finding out, and within a short while the business had closed and moved. Anyway, re: the child and her dog: I noted how i'd never seen this small person before in the 6 years i'd been using that busstop, since 2004 - i'd been going to this supermarket location almost every other day to get food. I got on the bus when it arrived as did this child but the deliberate and preplanned provocative stare this minor gave me whilst preparing to alight the bus at the very same stop I was to alight at a short way up the road made me recoil in horror - the look this child gave me being completely out of the ordinary which one would only expect from a "loose" female of an adult age towards a "prospective" male pertaining to a "potential lewd business encounter" - to put it politely. I recoiled in horror at her come-on stare and can still recall the horrific enticement / entrapment vividly as if it happened yesterday. I'd heard about things like this but now was experiencing it first hand. I noted the time and date as this child walked away from the bus exit point, down the same road opposite so many stalkers have appeared from even recently - it was 11.15am i recall still, and originally - standing a few yards further up from the busstop was an old guy on a mobile phone, leaning against a wall, wearing overalls, staring into the sky away from the busstop, in a very odd fashion - I deemed him this child's witness, no doubt, if anything should occur, such as any verbal between the child and myself. I'll never forget that act of entrapment that day, courtesy of the ne'er-do-wells working outside the law and was onto everything in a split second - using that tiny child as bait. This event has already been reported in posts on my site ages ago and needs to be reported formally to the Police Chiefs Org, for example. Was this tiny child of 8 or 9 years old related to one of the local police officer's involved in the grotesque stalking I was beginning to realise was happening? I mean - surely not any child could've been used in such a serious scenario. That was my conclusion then but of course we'll never know regarding what I consider to be a clear CASE OF ENTRAPMENT USING A MINOR! So many other instances have occurred, even recently, using older women acting very weirdly which defy logic, but definitely don't defy the sick stalkers agenda. Often during stalking scenarios lookalikes are used afterwards too [really poor ones lol], whether male or female.This entrapment event occurred in 2010 directly after the 2 Hollie Greig posters i had made in the local print shop [which also closed down shortly after] and were put up and were taken down, mysteriously, 4 days later - one in the post office's front window, where I'd paid to have it shown for 2 weeks [before it was removed in the guise of the p.o. "having a new shop front"] and the 2nd poster being put on a nearby telegraph pole that also was removed at the same time. Everything in these comments made by myself are true sworn statements and are stored at safe addresses" [ends].

PIC OF TWITCHER - just one early pic, but there could've been loads.

Update 13 Sept. 2019

Friday 13/09/2019 - Earlier this afternoon i went to a nearby suburb where there's a record shop that i used to go to - i used to chat with the owners and last time, about 2 years ago i was chatting with the owner when 2 plain clothes police burst in and the female PC, shouting her ugly head off, took over everything. She was shouting about "Meatloaf" records, clearly wanting to disrupt our conversation [which she did] while her male cop colleague kept his head down trying not to show his face, but, chum, you were well spotted... My conversation with the owner was forcibly and abruptly cut off - as was their intention. I knew these were cops who had been told to go to this shop by the rogue local cop stalking controllers just because they could. So - that was that and i havent been inside that shop since as everything there is scrutinised + compromised [for no reason]. Also, at around the same time as this last event described with the overzealous and loud-mouth misled female plain clothes cop I used to visit a room under a cafe near to this shop that did healing sessions every Thursday afternoon with a trained healer - I went along twice until, on the 3rd time, 2 stalkers turned up clearly drawing me out to blabber on about conspiracy theories - directly targeting me with their commonly known theories. Then I knew these healing sessions were compromised to by these idiot local controllers. Today i went back to the suburb and sat having a cup of coffee in the coffeeshop opposite this record shop and after a few minutes the owner of the shop appeared from his shop and walked past in front of me as I was sat in the coffeeshop opposite - he looked directly at me before he went off, pulling a kind of face as he left. He didn't return. I would bet a very great deal that these local stalking controllers actually called this record shop owner up, in his shop, to tell them I was in the area, because this is exactly what they do too, CCTV in the location would've shown exactly where I was too. AND, a couple of days ago i was waiting at the opposite busstop from usual when, after the usual 10 minutes, a stalker with 2 dogs turned up walking towards me along the nearby road. One of the dogs defecated on the pavement right in front of me. There are by-laws here about not cleaning up this dogsh-t so as children etc don't fall into this infected muck. The stalking dog owner saw my watching his dog cr-p on the pavement and stared me out intently - trying to intimidate me as he knew the score about his dog fouling up the public pavement and that he should clear the mess up [they use plastic bags to clear the mess away in] then he shouted something as he walked on and ignored his dog's mess - and his public duty - leaving a grotesque pile of dogmuck behind him in a neat heap in the middle of the pavement. I shouted back "i can't hear you" so he shouted back "don't worry about it!". I shouted back "i'm not worried about it matey!". Typically disgusting that these sick controllers use stalkers who don't even walk their dogs properly. The by-laws state the dog owners are supposed to clear the dog's mess up after such events, and I've seen many dog owners do exactly that, to their credit, but these scruffy stalkers around here are so retarded they ignore all legalities - and are out just to earn dirty money from the government employed stalking controllers who are falsely employed and getting salaries from the public purse - a PUBLIC SCANDAL. WHY AREN'T THESE CRIMINALS IN PRISON? These are just 2 stories related to the sick stalking controllers around here - the details of which will be passed on to the UK government high-ups when it's time to tell them more about the sick stalking here - there's much more that's gone on recently here too here as my diary would reveal, and nothing - not 1 single thing - is made up or untruthful. They are evil. This is a true sworn statement by myself 17.03BST Friday 13/09/2019

Update 12/08/2018:
DOMESTIC GANGSTALKING, UK: I have had to put up blinds on my kitchen window as this fat useless stalker stands by his window half naked staring at me when i am in my kitchen from his room in the house opposite - for instance, a couple of nights ago. Damn stalkers get everywhere these days. See the full report and backstory: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2353640351418150&set=gm.480888222480120&type=3&theater&ifg=1

Update 17 May 2019 –  STALKERS EASILY CAUGHT 17 May 2019 13.48GMT: 
I arrived home on the bus but waited at the exit point bus stop because a perp was there [1st pic of male] so i waited at the busstop to observe him. This creep is a regular perp who is often found waiting at the same busstop I get off at when arriving home probably waiting to see if I’m with anyone or whatever. As I stood there, I took his pic [pic 1 below] making out I was waiting for the same bus he was waiting for, but really observing him. “Fats”, an old stalker who lives in my street with 2 other perps [“Fatbloke” [who clocks me thru his window constantly] and “Fats2”] turns up standing by an opposite busstop, and just stands there making out she is awaiting a separate bus. “Fats” has even waved at me thru my kitchen window before, oddly, as i’ve been standing by my sink doing washing-up! Weird. I take pics [pic 2] of “Fats”. Then the bus comes along and the 1st male gets on bus where I am standing, and i go home. Fats is still by the busstop. But when I get in, after a couple of minutes, I see her – through my kitchen window opposite – arrive back at her home, entering it. She wasn’t waiting for a bus at all, but was sent to watch me, and I caught her.
 18 Jan. 2019 - this regular ne'er-do-well turned up again while i awaited a bus at the usual stop, then boarded bus as I did, promptly taking off the mask and dark glasses so as not to draw attention to herself, and stand out looking so ridiculous. I deliberately got off the bus early a couple of stops down the line to get a glimpse of the face behind the mask, which I recall vividly as I write all these weeks later. Bizarre. A couple of days later, at the same busstop an almost identically dressed character appeared after a few minutes of my arrival at the stop - looking almost identical to the 1st strange female, except that this lookalike wasn't wearing a scarf wrapped around her head as a mask, from the dark glasses down. This 2nd lookalike's face being uncovered except for the very similar looking dark glasses. She stood a few yards from myself sending sms messages on her phone, with a wry half mile on her face, throughout. They often use lookalikes in their dirty work, something Carol [Woods] has also told me previously - lookalikes often impersonate her, so if  blurry or underrate pic is taken of the person being stalked by whichever "authority figure" or false witness, the totally believable "authority figure" can testify that the person in the pic is who the pic-taking character claims it to be, and will be believed, especially if this person making the statements is an employed "police" employee or equivalent, as these types are usually automatically believed no matter what they say, when in reality the pic taken is not really of the subject [or "victim"] at all, but rather a lookalike doing an impersonation, the lookalike similarly dressed as the person stalked, and very similar also in physical build, etc.. This "lookalike" business is a typical and fairly common deliberate dirty trick played to deceive, and I have seen lookalikes operating before as stalkers, and "victims" too, to suit some devious agenda or other concocted by these criminals. Everything is funded by the taxpayer too, of course - and the cost of it all, so far, must be quite staggering...  

My Stalkers and the smear campaign they're made part of - Saturday 15 Dec. 2018 + archive UPDATED + more targeting + "the "snooper's charter" ruled illegal" + "Gangstalker Wars: Security Industry Specialist Tells All"

Rogue police, and those others in "authority positions" have been behind my gangstalking for years, I very very strongly allege, and that is not a proposition manufactured wholly by myself from an overactive imagination either, but is a crystallisation of various pieces of intel gleaned from certain individuals connected to my gangstalking I've been fortunate enough to receive and collate and be privy to over the many months since this outrageous and illegal surveillance upon myself began in 2010 after I reported to my local police a now well known case of serious child abuse. Posters I had put up near me in 2010 advertising this now infamous Scottish case and asking that the case be "googled" were taken down about 4 days after they were printed and made public, with even the local print shop who made my 30 or so posters actually closing down shortly after the posters were created. Which government agency would have the power to get so much hostile activity enacted against myself as has happened over the years? - because this harassment, particularly the gangstalking continues unabated nearly every day of my life, every time I leave my abode, for instance, and often when I'm in and at home also things continue - and it's been like that for a long time, and even filmed as things happen. There aren't many agencies who could do what they have done by getting so many other agencies and services to enact their sometimes severe harassment against myself as they have. For example, I have been stalked since at least 2010 - one report here describing my trips to London prisons then to visit two horrifically targeted parents - visitors to this country - who had 7 children stolen for no reason and based on hearsay before being tortured in prison for 3 years [from a 7 year sentence given] by that notorious North London town council: 
"Tuesday, 21 June 2016 DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE – DAYS OF MY LIFE…with spooks" http://www.butlincatsblog.com/2016/06/domestic-surveillance-days-of-my.html . My computers and phones are hacked constantly, and as a result, sometimes destroyed, and those who live very close to me report on my every move via their mobile phone SMS messages to their "handlers" whilst I am at home - these stalking neighbours and others recruited being told I am an active criminal and I need to be watched 24/7 and these neighbour's and other's help is needed to stop my so-called "criminal activity", when in reality I am not involved in any criminal activity whatsoever and have no criminal record now after my last [spent] conviction on a minor drug charge of "possession" in 1984, and nor do I mix knowingly [or even unknowingly] with any active criminals, nor do I partake in any form of criminal activity, yet within about 8 minutes of my leaving my abode, 9 times out of 10 a stalker will appear, just to see what's what, or who I meet [I never meet anyone preplanned anyway] and what I do. I record data all the time wherever I am out, being careful not to commit any offence. I have got intel on this gangstalking in the past, which I can never disclose, by talking to those sent to stalk me, and what they've told me is very revealing - not only about the tissue of fabricated lies regarding myself that's been fed to these stalkers in order to get their cooperation in stalking me endlessly, but the lengths those controlling this highly illegal gangstalking activity will go to to make their unspeakable mission one of extremely dubious "merit". I'm also of the opinion that these many hostile activities enacted against me are not about surveilling any "illegal activity" by myself so I can be "brought to book" but all is more so a form of punishment and harassment and payback for pointing out and highlighting the REAL and VERY SERIOUS crimes committed by certain authority figures that I have been making public for many years, which, of course, is something very much hated by these criminals, as these characters operate and thrive in the dark and detest any light shone upon them. Too bad. Indeed, what I have and am experiencing is something I would never wish on anyone - not even on the idiot stalkers themselves, or those of a highly questionable mentality who make ridiculous "death threats" to me as, let's face it, these stalkers have no idea what's really going on, and are unlikely to either unless they are told as it is a common trait to believe something one is told one by a police officer, or someone making out he/she is that kind of "authority figure", when in actual fact what is being told to the potential stalker is absolute and provable nonsense. The stalkers I have witnessed range from contingents of the homeless community, to ordinary housewives and old age pensioners, to flash wannabe  "James Bond" types [see the pic + paragraph "Who Is This Clown?" below], to even children, as well as - how can I put it - "ladies of the night" who have embarked in the "oldest profession" who have been recruited to provoke or entice me, in some trap or other. No, thanks very much - I do not wish to have a Sexually Transmitted Disease got from an old and ugly pathetic stalker plying her sexual favours added to the list of ailments that render myself a disabled person already. Minors of a highly questionable age have been sent too, to entice, provoke or trap me, I contend also. What is incredibly boring is that I would wager a great deal of those recruited to stalk me [and maybe other victims] think they're doing society such a great favour by doing what they do when, in actual fact, all they are doing is futile, and laughable with everything based on a rogue misfit's lies regarding someone who hasn't had a criminal record nor participated in anything even remotely illegal since 1984, and that is the God's honest truth.  They have also tried to stifle and censor anything I say or publish by getting “shadowbanning” performed on my online posts on my sites as viewing figures have revealed for those sites since March 2018 - and I know this censoring is happening daily because I kept and still keep a daily record of view counts on my sites. My computers and phones are hacked to the point of making the said appliances unworkable at times, with the need for whichever appliance to be replaced. Even my Royal Mail has been affected in the past, with even R. Mail employees getting in on the stalking [see​​​​ STALKING THAT FAILS:[My local postman’s involvement in my targeting]: https://butlincat.com/2017/10/11/the-shocking-carol-woods-coverup-stalking-that-fails-the-postmen-11-oct-17/ and much I do in my everyday life is affected to a smaller or larger degree. These rogue figures can control all aspects of society in my case [and probably many others, wherever they may be], involving agencies such as the NHS, to the DWP, to my town council, to my GP, along with many others I have no choice but to interact with - and I have much genuine bona fide evidence [and scores of pics of perps - stalkers] to back up all I claim, and even if 50% of that is questioned and claimed to be rubbish, then that leaves the other 50%...See the links at the end of this post which explain and describe much more of the harassment suffered since 2010 after I reported a serious case of child abuse to my local police – I had raised my head above the parapet, and have been a target ever since, and have accrued overwhelming evidence along the way since then




Update: Video, 2018: "Gangstalking: Police Misuse of databases and infiltration of confidential information" 
- see more comments: "and in the UK too. The rogue police involved in my targeting liase with my GP, the DWP, the local hospital where i have appointments compromised....and a whole lot more. Formal local police deny everything re: gangstalking, but it's really because they dont want to know about their officers operating their own agendas, mainly because it is criminal activity!" 


Video, 2018: "Policing 1" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGuPe5pPRp8&t=7s 
[see the comments] - this video describes how, allegedly, a smear campaign is enacted against a person - false rumours are spread about a citizen [who then becomes a "stalked victim" aka a "Targeted Individual"] to his neighbours in his community, along with others he interacts with eg. his GP, his hospital, his local council etc. - any agency or whatever he/she interacts with - or even the restaurant he/she frequents. It is a smear campaign against, in my case, a law abiding citizen who has no current criminal record. I have been told by one of my stalkers who was "befriended" that he was [allegedly] told by a certain individual [or by one of his colleagues] to monitor me at all times or whenever he could [as half a dozen other neighbours were also told who became stalkers too, judging by their behaviour towards me, some of which stopped but much continues] as I was "involved in criminal activity", even though I most definitely am not and my last arrest [on a minor drug offence of "possession"] was in 1984 - 35 years ago. I firmly believe this character in an authority position is responsible for instigating my stalking beginning in 2010. Apart from [unreplied to] letters of complaint regarding this harassment and victimisation already sent to the Chief Constable [to now ex-Chief Constable Ms. D. Simpson] regarding the harassment suffered during the past couple of years an 8-page letter to the Home Secretary and 5 other high-up government personnel [including eg. 2 local MPs and the local council's head solicitor] was sent on 06 Nov. 2018 informing them all of this black op. and longstanding gangstalking happening here, including the identity of the character I strongly allege originally instigated this black op. harassment originally way back in 2010 [who may or may not be still at where I reported my email a/c being hacked - my local police station] - my letter was acknowledged by most of those sent to, but this unwarranted and illegal surveillance upon myself continues unabated, in varying degrees unsurprisingly. After all, no police force or government agency is going to readily admit black ops of this kind are happening - clandestine surveillance of law abiding citizens who aren't involved in any crimes at present goes against Article 8 of the Human Rights Act [right to a private life] anyway, especially when the person targeted is most definitely not involved in crime of any sort and having no current criminal record - in any shape or form - either. The simple fact emerges that if one highlights particularly horrific crimes against another one will receive payback in the form of gangstalking and other sometimes severe harassment perpetrated by those supposed to PROTECT us from exactly this type of thing. Fact. 
STALKERS Sat. 15 Dec. 2018
These retard stalkers and their insane pathetic controllers think their “subjects” - the victims in whichever scenario who is being harassed by the constant surveillance of stalkers - are as stupid and demented as they are. A lot is done to provoke any subject into retaliation when the subject is being stalked, hoping the subject will break the law and get arrested for whatever, but once the subject realises this plan and pathetic agenda, all becomes meaningless and a waste of time. Who would do what stalkers do anyway, taking dirty money for their sordid behaviour, or being threatened to act as their controllers wish, feeding them a smear campaign against the victim - a story riddled with lies and other ridiculous stories to get the stalkers cooperation against, often, a perfectly law-abiding citizen who has done and is doing nothing wrong in the eyes of the law - in any country?
Saturday 15 Dec. 2018
After I got off the train, around 9pm, at Bournemouth rail station, after going to Cardiff to visit Maurice Kirk, I went to the bus stop directly opposite the train station. At this busstop i have often been accosted by strange people – this is common at this location, but not as bad as another other bus stop by my home, which has always been seriously worse with stalkers turning up when I'm awaiting a bus, even though I’ve made lots of this stalking data public. I find it easy to find odd behaviour by watching the body language of these characters, and, if they speak, by what they say, if anything. After things have been going on for so long - since 2010 originally [when I reported a very well-known case of child abuse to my local plod], certain things are easy to spot. Put simply, one learns from experience, and this rubbish here has been going on years.

The Stalkers Turn Up
As I awaited the bus by the usual train station bus stop around 9pm last night 15 Dec. 2018, after alighting the train coming back from visiting Maurice [Kirk] in Cardiff, a young woman, around 30 years of age, with a “Bournemouth University” cloth carry bag over her shoulder, arrived at the busstop. She was wearing noticible shoes, like high heeled stiletto shoes, jeans, jacket, and wearing a baseball-like cap. I sat on the bench by the busstop, and others were waiting close by in the rain shelter by this stop. As i sat there – the bus was due in around 5 minutes - and after arriving there she walked back from the direction she came, back to the other bus stop nearby, stopped there as if checking the bus times on the board there, and then turned and stood there for a minute or so, before walking back to the stop I was waiting at. A bus came along and stopped by the stop – but not the bus I was waiting for. This person joined the queue of around 6 people boarding the bus but oddly, in my opinion – turning round at the point she would’ve boarded the bus and walked back into the small rain shelter by the bus stop, presumably to await a different bus. My bus duly came along a couple of minutes after that, and I boarded it and this person did too, after myself, and sat close by in the seat directly adjacent to mine near the front of the bus. I hadn’t noticed then another older guy sitting in the very front seat, on the left, further up the lefthand side of the bus, directly by the bus exit.
As we approached the area where i usually alight the bus, 2 stops before my usual exit point, the female person rang the bell and alighted the bus. I was to get off the next stop – at a stop before the stop which is much closer to my home. The bus moved on after this person alighted and I rang the bell in good time and stood up and moved a bit towards the exit doors at the front of the bus, but it was clear by the speed of the bus it seemed it was not going to stop. So i immediately got much closer to the exit point by the doors so the driver could plainly see I was getting ready to leave the bus – even though I’d rang the bell and heard it ring, in good time. At the very last second the bus rapidly drew to a halt, and as I was standing by the exit point, waiting for the doors to open so I could alight the bus, the guy sitting in the very front seat, right by this exit point, suddenly got up and stood very close by me before the doors opened to let people get off the bus. I duly exited the bus, with, presumably this guy who was waiting to exit the bus also, directly behind me. I walked on towards my home close by, but I turned to see what was happening behind me and the guy who had exited the bus was just stood there, by the bus stop I had just got off at, just standing looking in my direction. I thought this was particularly odd – as why would a person stand there looking at me further up the road after getting off the bus? I'd never seen  behaviour like this in all the time I'd ben using the local transport there - since 2004 - people just don't do that. Normally people go home or whatever in similar circumstances – they do not just stand there in the middle of the pavement seemingly watching me, looking up the road at me. This bus stop this person was stood at was the very next stop on from where the female had alighted a very short while before, so I assumed they were together. I stopped walking and stood watching this person as he stood looking up the road at myself, and I then crossed the road to get on the opposite side of the road that we were on. I walked a few yards to the bus stop on this other side of the road, and turned and to look for any developments with this person. The guy had crossed the road too and now stood on the pavement, further down this side of the road opposite to the side we had previously been on, still staring up at me. I presumed this person was watching what I was doing, and was checking that I went to my home, and was watching me to confirm that. I stood by this other side of the road for a good minute or so watching this person who could be seen in car headlights as the cars passed him. I then simply went home close by to where all this was taking place. They could now confirm I had arrived home, and the woman living under me, in the flat below, could continue the surveillance - even telling if I was on the phone to anyone, as the walls  are ridiculously thin in these flats. One can hear conversations clearly even though there's a  ceiling inbeteen the flats. One can even tell which tv programme  one has on, it's that easy to tell.
So, I perceived - by these characters own actions - 2 characters who I presume to be stalkers. There could have been more on the train I was on previously too – it’s not hard to board a train and look for a person wearing a fluorescent green “safety” jacket as I was, and sit close by that person to surveille him – I was the only person I saw this day wearing a jacket the same as I was during the 10 hours of train journey that day to Cardiff, and back, so it would've been easy to find me on any train, or bus, come to that. My emails and, I allege, bank a/cs are routinely hacked so any government agent would know I bought a ticket for travel the day before, and had an entire day to make arrangements to stalk, getting these weird characters in place beforehand a "fait accompli". I cannot stress enough just how many times I have been accosted by, usually, strange women whilst at the bus / train station where I had been that night. Even when Carol Woods visited Bournemouth last winter I was accosted by a young female - around approx. 16 years of age [if that] - at this same location after I had just left Carol in the town centre, and was forced to engage with her when normally I do not start having conversations with people I’ve never met when I’m waiting for a bus. When I saw this person the very first time whilst at the bus station location after leaving Carol [who was being greatly harassed at the hotel she was at] she told me she “had been working hard and was going home and straight to bed”. I thought “how provocative a statement is that?”. An obvious trap I was having nothing to do with. Also I saw this same female a couple of times after too during the following couple of days, but I ignored her totally, of course. This person told me she was a “door-to-door salesperson for window double glazing”. Unbelievable. Were they having a laugh? During the following couple of days this person just turned up where I was, once in centre of town, and another time on the same bus I was on, coincidentally, which is a common part of their agenda. Persons accost you, and then you see them for the next couple of days, then they vanish but might turn up weeks or months later – this has happened so often. I have now a folder full of pics of these characters for reference, built up over time, stored at various locations with various persons.
On one occasion a retarded woman – she was really mentally challenged, about 50 years of age, came and sat right up close to me whilst I waited for the last bus at this same bus stop just described, around 11pm or so, on a weekday after i had exited the train when coming back from the RCJ, London. I was alone sitting in the rain shelter awaiting the last bus, sitting on the bench. She came right up close to me, and smiling broadly, said “hello” to me as she sat right up uncomfortably close to me, as if she’d known me all my life. I immediately got up and walked way down to the other stop close by. She followed me down to this other stop, some 12 or so yards away, came up to me and asked “has a no. 6 come yet?”. I replied “I don’t know” and moved away. There were others at this nearby stop awaiting a bus and I felt safer with potential witnesses. I moved away from this person and stood by myself close by, at this wrong stop, close by the right bus stop. This person remained close by. A few minutes later my bus came and I walked to the correct stop and boarded it, as did this person. The bus took off and at the University, some 10 minutes into the journey this person alighted. This Uni is open late, even around 11.30pm during term times, and seems to be busy even at that time.
There are many other events I could describe, eg. another time I exited the train and station and went to the same bus stop, much earlier in the day this time. A young woman, approx. around 25 years of age, acting like a student or someone studying, sat smiling to herself and was sprawled very oddly across the public seat, taking up at least 2 spaces where people could sit, right by where I had to stand by the shelter to await the bus – the same no. bus as always. She had books open and was writing on an A4 sheet of paper which was in a pad, but her diary-like book was open and easy to view and in big letters I could see “May 26” printed at the top of this book’s page. It was as if this item was wanted to be seen by anyone that was close by, and I was within 8 feet from this bench, and I was close enough to the book to be able to read this date “May 26” easily, as I stood there. May 26 was when I met the now deceased George Gretton outside the Hammersmith Odeon, London in 2016, for a chat. George was a whistleblower, regarding accountancy and the Institute therof. Some of his stuff is online on youtube under “George Gretton”. George died of apparently “heart related illnesses” a couple of months later, sadly, before major disclosures of his could finalise. I thought it was very telling thy were letting me know, via these weird methods, that all was recorded by them, just as all they do is recorded by myself. What a complete crock. 
Another time, around 11pm on a week day, after getting off a train and going to this very same stop, I was alone waiting for the last bus and a young woman, around 25 years of age approx., smartly dressed, came and sat at the very end of the bench I was sat on, the same bench as the previous events described. She sat on the very end of the bench with her back to me and, weirdly, began humming loudly. I thought this was very odd and it seemed to me she was trying to attract attention to herself. I immediately knew something was wrong and got up, crossed the road to where the taxis await by the station exit, got a cab home, away from the situation. 

There are many stalking neighbours who live close by me who have paid me outrageous amounts of attention beginning a couple of years ago - but before that paying me no attention whatsoever for the previous 12 years or so. One who takes part made out she had a son, a couple of years ago, who often would be there waiting for me outside the block as I arrived home from being out, or would be waiting on the corner of my road, or would even be by that bus stop close by me. This character would never look directly into my eyes when approaching or passing, but I knew what he was up to. When I went out to get on a bus, for example, he would be right behind me couple of minutes after I'd left my block to go to the bus stop 150 yards or so away on the main road by me, and get on the bus with me, and sit directly by me, all the time with a menacing, angry look on his face. This is what I mean by the provocation they dispense. This character disappeared as fast as he appeared a couple of years  ago, when his presence was chronic in the area  for about 4 - 6 weeks, and after that hasn't been seen since then [although, as stated already these weirdos have a habit of turning up later, sadly]. So, I'm surrounded by these weirdo stalkers. 2 elderly neighbours who were involved have actually died, through old age or illness or whatever. An elderly female, who lived next door used to follow me around the town centre and try and engage me in conversation often when there, whereas for the previous 10 years or so never said a word at any time to me whenever passing or seeing them outside of their blocks.  
Much began with these 6 or so neighbours around 2 years ago [see blow about then re: Carol Woods], all of these characters at the same time began acting very oddly, paying me untold attention - daily even, but, as stated earlier, the more public one goes exposing this trash, the more they cowardly back away, and tire, and become complacent and cease to be useful to their controllers - particularly if you let them see you taking photographs with your mobile phone eg. for use in a court case for harassment or similar later. I see the 2 deaths happening to these neighbour stalkers as karma. All the 6 or so  neighbours were acting completely normally before this period of intensive stalking began around 2 years ago, when, I believe, they were recruited to do the dirty work, being controlled by these evil types running it all. As they're using everyday citizens to do their dirty work, these neighbours were uncannily amateur in there stalking behaviour - it was really pitiful to encounter at times. And how inconsiderate of those 2 stalking neighbours to actually cease existing whilst engaged in their stalking "job" - is this not the height of amateurishness? you bet - but karma at it's best, as karma has an uncanny way of leveling any playing field, even when one has the might of a rogue government department against one. After all, the stalking begins to falter if the stalkers cease being alive - no? That kind of defeats the very dubious object, surely! Lol. 

And that's not even mentioning the guy who would appear every time I visited the local "Subway" joint - he'd always without fail turn up around 10 minutes after my entering that establishment. Every time, halfway through a veggie roll he'd turn up - he lives just round the corner to the joint. More recently he even had the cheek to nod and say "hello!" to me, which was met with serious indifference and complete silence on my part. The manager of that establishment - a young gay foreign puppet also plays a part in it all, as every creature involved in this nefarious stalking is told to watch what I do [make phone calls or whatever - my phones are monitored relentlessly and I've even had to replace a phone recently because their hacking and interference has destroyed it] and who I meet, if anyone - everything I do is watched closely - even when I take pics of them for my records they will see and make note of, and the town's cctv system only aids them in their crimes by recording everything wherever I am. The joke about visiting whichever "Subway" here [there are about 3 different establishments] is that I deliberately never met anyone there - ever. Do I look as stupid as they are? Well, I'm not. 

And there's the times I would comically throw their stalking perversions into complete disarray, eg. by making out I'd be waiting for a bus, then when it came along, I'd  go towards it, but then turn away at the last moment and walk away, and even cross the road and do all that over again at a bus stop opposite when a bus going in the opposite direction came along, or actually catch the bus going in the opposite direction for the original  preplanned meet with someone somewhere. In the end they had to have stalkers everywhere, anticipating my moves. But when I would go back home instead of going wherever after making out I was waiting for a bus - that then really laid their plans to waste. Now I do various unpredictable actions often when out to undermine these offences which is so easy to do too, when they think they're "James Bond" saving the country over the likes of yours truly. I believe they actually think they're doing society a great service, when, in actual fact, they're just being played bigtime for the gullible fools they are. The pity of it all is that all this recruiting of what amounts to be very stupid members of our society must be costing the poor taxpayer a small fortune, over time. Already a number of employed  stalkers must be active wherever and whenever I go out, prepared in advance - each must be paid, somehow, as who would do this trash day in, day out for nothing? Don't  they have better things to do in their lives than to watch me when I'm shopping or doing something as equally boring, or travelling on a long coach or train journey to somewhere? It's insane, but I tell no lies here - anywhere in this account, I swear to God, and not only do I have a statement from one person recruited, who gave me an affadavit some time ago about his interaction with these controllers regarding what he was told to do, after I told him the score when having a little chat onetime, but I also have the full  ID another, who made her presence chronic for a short while recently - turning up at different places I would go to, or being at bus stops or being on a bus when I boarded it, wearing her skirt up to her neck as if to entice me in some most provocative manner into whatever, naively [which, when thinking about it, has happened on a few occasions, on buses too] - sex being the commodity used that's seen many a person's downfall, from MPs that we read about in the newspapers, to other misfit's nefarious actions who got caught doing something they most definitely shouldn't. Using sex as a commodity to achieve an end is as old as the hills, but still they try it - this is the mentality we're dealing with here - to call these characters and their controllers "morons" is a compliment - these affected and challenged idiots are far, far worse.

They use lookalikes of their stalkers too, and even dress them the same but, as we're not as stupid as they are, it's easy to spot the lookalike.

They are evil.

This is a true sworn statement.

To be continued.

UPDATE:  Who is this clown?

 Dec 5

Stalkers always arrive at the same local busstops I use almost everyday. As I stand there awaiting bus they have time to assemble/act. Yesterday 4 Dec. '18 I was knocked flying by a guy who crashed into me on an empty pavement 25 feet wide, which for a normal person is nigh on impossible. I got the pic below after. He was  with another couple of recruited henchmen who remained close by - there descriptions are recorded. The main very cocky fool entered the shop opposite and watched me where I was standing when I got  this pic:


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