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Monday, 7 January 2019


Little Ash Campaign Appeal

Published on 1 Jan 2019

SEE THE Campaign Facebook Page herehttps://www.facebook.com/Little-Ash-C…

“Special Appeal on behalf of the little Ash campaign
Happy New Year all
I am John White, the lead admin of Aslan’s Army, and campaign admin for the Little Ash Campaign. 
Some of you will have heard of Little Ash before, some will not: Our message today, is that time is now running short, and Little Ash needs your help. The window of opportunity to get her kids back is closing, and its essential the fundraiser succeeds so the case can get into high court. The deadline approaches, January 17th, and more still needs to be done. I have been supporting little Ash over the last three months. During that time, many people, including many members of Aslan’s Army, have donated to help Little Ash win through two rounds of legal battles against two local authorities. Both times have been incredible triumphs, and the points of legal principle are clear, if the case can be brought to High Court, we can have a very high confidence justice can be done. Little Ash’s Barrister is a powerhouse who is dedicated to this cause and takes no prisoners! Little Ash has suffered through so much, to have her children literally defrauded out of her, to face a system that has betrayed her and worked against her while making 1000’s of pounds from her misery. Yet she has never given up, never stopped fighting for what is right, even with the full weight of the system doing its best to crush her. Her courage, her will, and her strength to just keep going no matter how hard it is, are an inspiration. It is my honour to do all I can to help her, to give this crusade for justice a chance. 
And yet, all of us are human. The stress of the campaign, including the strain of being caught up in controversies that had nothing to do with her, have taken a toll. And right now, Little Ash is poorly, and unable to make livestreams on her own behalf. Therefore, it falls to me to say: please help her! Never was a cause more deserving, nor better positioned to win a fantastic victory, one that can not just make a difference to Ash and her little ones, but to the hundreds, if not thousands, of other women suffering predation out there from a family court system gone rotten. This scandal MUST be exposed to the nation for there to be political action to stamp this corruption out, help Little Ash now, help many more in the future. We can all have opinions and spectate drama on the internet as entertainment. But sometimes, it really matters. Sometimes its about more than opening one’s mouth: its about putting money where your mouth is. So, donate to Little Ash’s Campaign today. Help get this case into High Court, help finish this, help make all that she has suffered worthwhile, help the suffering of countless other mothers out there. The fundraiser link is included in the description with this message, along with the link to the Little Ash Campaign Facebook Page. Every bit of help you give matters, time is pressing now, we can but ask: And NOW is the time: that’s why we’re asking. Let us unite together with this one aim, to give Little Ash this last chance she deserves. There are just over two weeks left to do it in. Make or break. Triumph or Tragedy. The choice is yours.
Thank-you for your kind consideration. John White, Out.”