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Thursday, 16 May 2019

UPDATED: MY STALKERS and the smear campaign they've made me part of 16/05/2019 VIDEOs

to be updated more with much new info.

There's an #evil black op happening in #UK by rogue #police + their hired cronies with many agencies collusion inc. town councils etc-#whistleblowers+connected are especially #targeted using smear campaigns/#hacking pcs+phones They are very evil #stalking #gangstalking #Bournemouth

THEY'VE NOW RUINED MY FORMERLY PERFECTLY GOOD LAPTOP WITH THEIR CONSTANT HACKING OF IT - I'D WILLINGLY SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE IN PRISON IF I COULD ONLY KNOW WHO AND WHERE THEY ARE, THE EVIL COWARDS! AND MY NEW DESKTOP FROM FEBUARY [which is now on it's way out now due to ENDLESS PROBLEMS NOW WHICH WEREN'T THERE AT FIRST - COUNTLESS SYSTEM RESTORES FIXED THE HARASSMENTS BUT THEN THEY MESSED THINGS UP AGAIN, AND AGAIN EVEN ADDING VIRUSES ONTO MY PCS VIA THE BACK DOOR AND BACKDATING UPDATES SO AS THINGS ARE MESSED UP - THINGS DON'T GET UNINSTALLED LIKE CHROME AND THE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE BY THEMSELVES - EVEN THE TIME IN THE CLOCK THAT WAS SHOWING WAS ALTERED AND NOT ONLY ON THE DESKTOP PC - 3 COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN INTERFERED WITH - NOT JUST THE NEW DESKTOP PC WHICH WAS FINE FOR WEEKS + WAS NEW TO REPLACE THE 2 YEAR OLD ONE THAT WAS COMPROMISED + MADE USELESS BY THESE RETARDS DUE TO CONSTANT FAULTS THAT RESTORES COULDN'T FIX. THIS CHRONIC HACKING GOT MUCH WORSE ABOUT A MONTH AGO TO BEING HACKED EVERY SINGLE DAY BY THESE GUTLESS RETARDED CRONIES EMPLOYED BY ROGUE POLICE - BOY AM I COMING FOR YOU FACELESS COWARDLY SCUMBAGS - SO STAY HIDDEN FOR YOUR OWN NEGLIGIBLE BENEFIT!!---> I don't believe in hating anyone but i do these sickos - and i'm being truthful when i say i would spend the rest of my life in prison - what they have done is terrible, including home burglaries and smear campaigns to every record shop in Bournemouth + Poole - owners of those shops [+ more] told me what they were told by these rogue police with their smear campaigns. Evil sick retards - for what? exposing their dishonesty and corruption - that's what! They have gained nothing through their 10 year long stalking program using their colleagues the local council too, who they fund - who have also badly shunned their responsibilities many times over the years - all seriously criminal losers who need a taste of justice - asap - which is not possible until they stop blocking my attempts at getting a solicitor.
I don't believe in hating anyone but i do these sickos - and i'm being truthful when i say i would spend the rest of my life in prison - what they have done is terrible, including home burglaries and smear campaigns to every record shop in Bournemouth + Poole - owners of those shops [+ more] told me what they were told by these rogue police with their smear campaigns. Evil sick retards - for what? exposing their dishonesty and corruption - that's what! And what have they gained from it all? Nothing - except I am much more adept at witnessing their absolutely criminal abuse of power - and see just how much they need to hide from the inevitable - they're being brought to book for the endless crimes committed over the years - and even very recently!!

05 April 2020

 Once again, my computers are hacked daily by cronies of the police, or police themselves. I believe - to keep themselves in the clear and “unconnected” to anything illegal they use 3rd parties to do their dirty work. All the time now there’s a hacker on my pcs, 24/7 – whether it’s desktop or laptop – and they love to show they’re there by constantly changing the page size from 100% – my normal setting – to 67% – their favourite setting, or by doing something very obvious that I'll notice immediately, such as deleting the entire page of an email I’m writing, – or something else, like stopping a youtube video halfway through or turning the volume off completely - not at the video itself, but via the little speaker symbol that is at the bottom righthand corner of the screen in the taskbar. This morning when I turned my desktop on earlier, the keyboard had been disabled and Chrome browser also - this has happened many times now within the past month alone. The laptops were unaffected - today - but videos have been removed but not many as I copied everything onto an external memory bank recently. Now everything has been removed on every device. Sometimes it’s the other way around with the laptops having things disabled as described, and the desktop left alone. Antivirus and antimalware does nothing, and vpn is a joke. 
After complaining again to the so-called main police complaints agency here in the UK - the IOPC - a few weeks ago they passed my complaint on to the local police Professional Standards who found my perfectly genuine complaint without merit, and all was dismissed via a letter with the statement that I was not on the list of the police / council's surveillance program, which can be seen here, from the council's official site:   https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/…/CovertSurveillance.aspx .
My reply to the police stating I was not on their official list of being "covertly surveilled" via their R.I.P.A. program was that of course I’m not officially going to be shown to be on the program, and stalked as I am, as which judge - who has to endorse officially anyone whose to be put on the program - would endorse and sign for anyone if that person doesn’t even have a criminal record, which I don't, nor mixes with known criminals. The council openly admits it's program is designed to watch active criminals, and to watch for criminal activity which, during the 10 years I've been harassed and stalked I have proved I’m not involved in either, having not even been spoken to by any police or anyone about anything under the sun since at least 1984 - a whopping 36 years ago!  So, they’ve all unconnected themselves from this program, but nevertheless still continue it, apparently "on the side" and illegally, as the police have stated their program is unconnected to myself. Unfortunately I have found the police to be very sadly lacking in it's job role and whose "officers" I believe and allege are very much behind or very much connected to the many crimes of stalking that I've experienced, which has been ongoing since 2010/2011, with burglaries to my home happening too not long ago. I noticed stalkers - and more - operating in 2010/2011 when I would be watched and followed when leaving home for London, and returning home again, using the National Express coaches mostly, or train if possible when visiting either Musa family parent who was on remand in prisons there. Note I was not mixing with "known criminals" or anyone involved in "criminal activity" as the police / council's RIPA surveillance dictates even though visiting friends in prison - the big difference being that the Musa parents had committed no crime and were victims of corruption - framed by that N. London council and their police in order to get their children, with the payback - thousands of pounds in bonuses for social workers etc. -  that kind of obnoxious crime is prone too. The Musa parents were and always will be totally innocent of any "mistreating their 7 children" charges - the removal of their 7 children bringing a pretty penny in for the corrupt social workers involved, and all aligned to the crimes - "council contact centres" and dubious legal representives included.  
Note the police are funded by local town councils, at least the one here is, and are therefore obliged to action any order  the council cares to present to them, being at their beck and call 24/7. The Dorset police chief constable has blocked my emails for some time and doesn't reply to written letters that even my MP replies to time + again. When I tweeted 2 Dorset Assistant chief constables a few weeks back re: the stalking + hacking crimes, my twitter a/c was actually closed down but reinstated 8 hours later after I appealed - the closing of the a/c perhaps being a warning to me not to tweet these local police high-ups with crimes as they don't wish to know, let alone investigate, perhaps. 
Coincidentally an unknown perp - a stalker and part of the gang here, I allege - made a death threat to myself verbally and to my face on the 18th November 2017, which was reported to the police within hour with a formal statement given and a crime number got, and an officer assigned to the case who called me a week after my making the statement. 2 weeks after the threat was made I saw the stalker again and followed him to a house nearby which he entered with a key he took from his pocket. I informed the officer dealing with the case immediately, giving him the address I'd found. After that I tried to make contact with this officer many times but it was impossible - he was always unavailable, and often "on holiday" an uncanny amount of times. Despite numerous promises from the police when calling them trying to contact the officer many times on the police 101 number during December 2017 and the whole of January 2018 - even waiting outside the police station building he was supposedly working from at times - I was totally ignored until he finally called me, out of the blue, 3 whole months later in mid-Febuary 2018, telling me he had nothing at all to report - 3 whole months from my first contact with the police about this matter, and 9 weeks since I'd spoken to this officer, telling him the perps address, a stones throw away. I couldn't believe what was going on here. The character who made the threat has not been seen again around here - yet, as many they regularly used for months haven't - many individuals recorded in film and photographs from numerous dates, but I know much more than I’m telling here. 

What is happening - stalkers being at destinations before I even get to them - can surely only be done by using at least the town councils CCTV system - hundreds of local cameras are listed here:  https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/communityliving/CrimeDisorder/CrimeDisorderDocuments/bcp-cctv-camera-locations-arcs-of-observation-2019.pdf  - that link's source with much more on the local cctv systems in operation here: https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/communityliving/CrimeDisorder/CCTVinBournemouth/CCTVinBournemouth.aspx . 
Who has the power to use the council's extensive cctv system? The council, obviously, and the police [who they fund], including any rogue police. The police Prof. Standards stated I was not shown listed in any surveillance programs, but a] were they being truthful, and b] what do they know, especially about neer-do-wells employed in the police and council here - rogue police possibly being paid by other parties. Coincidentally, the longrunning stalking and harassments i suffer bear a striking similarity to the longrunning stalking and crimes committed, allegedly, against one Carol Woods, a whistleblower in Lancashire who has described many similar occurrences happening to her as has happened to myself over many years by the same subjects - the local police and council - her hundreds of updates posted for nearly 3 years from 2016 shown here: https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woods ]. Regarding both the local police and council  ignoring my serious complaints for years - my MP is the only one who could get one complaint to the council resolved recently all was ignored after many notifications were made to the council but ignored completely regarding a faulty front street door entry system to my block of flats -  a security feature on the street door that had had it's time settings changed so that the feature didn't work at all - for at least 2 whole years until my MP intervened recently, despite my notifying the council many times from the beginning of those 2 years onwards.  Also i have an affadavit – a statement of truth – from a stalker i temporarily “befriended” in order to get info. It didnt take much for this person to tell me how they were contacted and told to go and watch me, them being told where i was. After this person turned up time after time near me, I knew something was wrong. On the final occasion when this person turned up, I confronted the person, in a friendly manner, and told them the score, and they then told me what they told me [some of which was what I suspected anyway] as they didn’t believe what was happening was right – that is, covert surveillance and the resulting harassment on someone who is no criminal, has no criminal record, and doesn't even know any active criminals in order to simply harass, and for no other reason. It surely must be costly on the public purse - the money got from UK citizens - to stalk someone since 2011 at least and getting no arrests or proof of any crime being committed by myself at any time - the stalking which even includes visits to other countries - Wales for example, which I have visited often since 2011, with very odd things happening en route on the trains and also whilst in Cardiff and elsewhere in Wales too!
They are VERY evil, out of control, and their stalkers rewards come out of the public purse, which is scandalous.


It states in this article on “Covert Surveillance” on the Bournemouth Borough website: “This Act allows us to use non-obvious methods to observe people who are suspected of committing a crime, this is known as covert surveillance. This helps us to protect the public and prevent crime” [from: “Covert Surveillance”   https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/Privacy/ProvidingandProtectingInformation/CovertSurveillance.aspx]. 

I am a subject of this dubious "surveillance" because, I contend, it is payback for having had cause to be a whistleblower after finding serious cases of malfeasance - courtesy of UK government employees - and I have supported others regarding many cases of similar, and what is happening to myself is not "Covert Surveillance" but rather a 10-year-long vendetta against myself, beginning after I began supporting the infamous "Hollie Greig" case, with it's infinite instances of illegalities, but how do these highly questionable “Powers That Be” justify their 10-year-long program against myself – the situation being that I do not have a current criminal record, that I’ve not even been questioned by police about anything since 1983, nor especially since I moved to this present address in 2004, let alone has any fruits of their surveillance in 10 whole years been able to confirm any criminal activity on my behalf - mainly because there hasn't been any! I put it to the Powers That Be in all UK government departments that these responsible for breaching various articles of the ECHR - as has happened continually to myself - should be held criminally responsible for their targeting and the wasting public funds and malfeasance and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because so many of these stalking controller's activities are hostilities that fall far outside the remit of the "R.I.P.A."Act and are illegal activities – the ECHR Articles broken being =

Article 2: Right to life

Article 3: Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment

Article 5: Right to liberty and security

Article 7: No punishment without law

Article 8: Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence

Article 14: Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms

Protocol 1, Article 1: Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property

NONE of these rights are achievable whilst rogues in positions of power enforce “covert surveillance” [gangstalking etc.] upon a law-abiding person who has no criminal record anyway, and is unlikely to gain one! These rogues responsible for acting in breach of their government employments need to be brought to book, and that is my aim as numerous records kept show clearly many actions undertaken in the guise of this project performed by the local council / police fall outside the remit of this “Covert Surveillance” black operation eg. the hacking of phones / computers, stalking/gangstalking to name just a couple of provable instances, and many more nefarious actions have been recorded whereby numerous agencies have taken part as part of this black program. 

I can say in absolute truth I have not wilfuly or knowingly committed any crime nor even been questioned by anyone over anything since 1984, especially during the period – 10 years nearly – of this rancid "covert surveillance" which began in earnest in 2010 by Bournemouth police / council, for I would surely have been brought to book for any type of crime I’ve enacted when being watched so closely – something that, in my opinion, grieves these program controllers greatly that I haven’t been arrested or even questioned over anything as 10 years of surveillance getting no results whatsoever shows. It shows just how their outrageous targeting program has failed, yet still smear campaigns have been enacted against myself and stalkers turn up constantly when out, along with other hostilities having been performed against me which fall far outside the remit of this dubious program which have nothing to do with "covert surveillance", eg. the destruction of my mobile phones because of interference to them by these government operatives, to much more.  
And, regarding the gangstalking - as I’ve already stated I have spoken to a recruited stalker who told me much he/she shouldn’t have! 
Known terrorist Osman Khan finished  serving his 8 years from a 16 year sentence recently only to go on to murder 2 non-muslims 12 months after his release at London's "Fishmonger's Hall" not long ago. Why aren't these characters controlling the abhorrent 24/7 targeting of myself for the past 10 years watching these thousands of jihadi terrorists in the UK 24 / 7 instead of myself? This example alone shows just how much this "Covert Surveillance" upon myself is out of place and isn't working, and this outrageous vendetta on my Human Rights and liberties needs to stop immediately!

Covert Surveillance

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 

update 30 Sept. 2019 - T.I. in Ireland - 




Update:  Friday 4 Oct. 2019:

Went to local town nearby - SIM card removed from phone hours before and still removed. Upon approaching post office noted female sitting on a wall outside the supermarket there looking at me trying to make out she wasn't - but she was actually watching me. Waited by busstop, continuing to observe her. She then went on her mobile, deliberately holding it out in front of her after typing a message. They would've picked me up on the many cctv cameras in that area because of her message. I disappeared myself into the actual busstop and 30 seconds later checked on this female to find she had vanished. She had confirmed where I was to her handlers. I then simply changed all plans and quickly hopped on a bus away from area to get off the bus where i know there was no cctv camera. They always give it away by staring too long and too often, and using their mobile phones - usually typing a message back to their handlers is the final proof.  MORONS! 

The following day Saturday 05 October 2019:

Sat 05 Oct. 2019 = STALKING - After yesterday - when i easily caught a female watching me after i arrived in a nearby suburb: - i made it so that they couldn't track me today by using back streets where they are no cctv cameras, and jumping on buses that went to a place i haven't used for a while. My SIM card was dislocated from my phone so tracking by that wouldn't work. All this was successful,I believe so their last resort to show me i was being stalked was to bring in the really amateur fat bloke stalker who lives opposite, who i caught on film waiting for my arrival back home , he leaves his window wide open + curtains drawn back, then when he sees me he quickly makes the curtains as they always are by drawing them back, making out nothing has happened.- see the update below from 12 / 08 / 2019 for more on the same stalker:  vid =

The same stalker: 

Update 12/08/2018:

DOMESTIC GANGSTALKING, UK: I have had to put up blinds on my kitchen window as this fat useless stalker stands by his window half naked staring at me when i am in my kitchen from his room in the house opposite - for instance, a couple of nights ago. Damn stalkers get everywhere these days. See the full report and backstory: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2353640351418150&set=gm.480888222480120&type=3&theater&ifg=1

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

ADDED 15 Sept. '19 - from Aug. 2019

from my records [sent to authorities]: " 12/08/2019 = the 2nd pic shown below of neighbour "Twitcher" by her window opposite me, surveilling all the time a short while ago for a few months but not seen twitching once during the entire previous 13 YEARS since 2004 when i moved here! Now she is not well enough to do much, let alone surveille yours truly. We used to get on fine - until she betrayed herself. God only knows what evil stories she was fed by these corrupt evil perps working outside and abusing the law, who need to be brought to book asap, using the most vulnerable in our society to do their dirty work - the perps being often old men, old women, homeless people even and even children and women who look extremely "loose" have been used. In the early days around 2010 I was waiting at a busstop further down the road by an Aldi supermarket by me when a tiny female child with a small brown and white terrier dog, on a lead, appeared and began waiting for the bus alongside myself and a couple of other members of the public who were also waiting. I'd already had an interaction with a middle-aged woman who had, with her husband, a tax consultancy business using a nearby shop premises. She had engaged me in conversation one day around this very time and kept telling me that her "husband was going away for the weekend". She repeated this a couple of times and, quite frankly, was a bit taken aback - was this strange woman propositioning me? i didn't bother finding out, and within a short while the business had closed and moved. Anyway, re: the child and her dog: I noted how i'd never seen this small person before in the 6 years i'd been using that busstop, since 2004 - i'd been going to this supermarket location almost every other day to get food. I got on the bus when it arrived as did this child but the deliberate and preplanned provocative stare this minor gave me whilst preparing to alight the bus at the very same stop I was to alight at a short way up the road made me recoil in horror - the look this child gave me being completely out of the ordinary which one would only expect from a "loose" female of an adult age towards a "prospective" male pertaining to a "potential lewd business encounter" - to put it politely. I recoiled in horror at her come-on stare and can still recall the horrific enticement / entrapment vividly as if it happened yesterday. I'd heard about things like this but now was experiencing it first hand. I noted the time and date as this child walked away from the bus exit point, down the same road opposite so many stalkers have appeared from even recently - it was 11.15am i recall still, and originally - standing a few yards further up from the busstop was an old guy on a mobile phone, leaning against a wall, wearing overalls, staring into the sky away from the busstop, in a very odd fashion - I deemed him this child's witness, no doubt, if anything should occur, such as any verbal between the child and myself. I'll never forget that act of entrapment that day, courtesy of the ne'er-do-wells working outside the law and was onto everything in a split second - using that tiny child as bait. This event has already been reported in posts on my site ages ago and needs to be reported formally to the Police Chiefs Org, for example. Was this tiny child of 8 or 9 years old related to one of the local police officer's involved in the grotesque stalking I was beginning to realise was happening? I mean - surely not any child could've been used in such a serious scenario. That was my conclusion then but of course we'll never know regarding what I consider to be a clear CASE OF ENTRAPMENT USING A MINOR! So many other instances have occurred, even recently, using older women acting very weirdly which defy logic, but definitely don't defy the sick stalkers agenda. Often during stalking scenarios lookalikes are used afterwards too [really poor ones lol], whether male or female.This entrapment event occurred in 2010 before the 2 Hollie Greig posters i had made in the local print shop [which also closed down shortly after] and were put up and were taken down, mysteriously, 4 days later - one in the post office's front window [see pic taken at the time directly below], where I'd paid to have it shown for 2 weeks [before it was removed in the guise of the p.o. "having a new shop front"] 

and the 2nd poster being put on a nearby telegraph pole that also was removed at the same time. Everything in these comments made by myself are true sworn statements and are stored at safe addresses" [ends].

PIC OF TWITCHER - just one early pic, but there could've been loads.

Update 13 Sept. 2019:

Friday 13/09/2019 - Earlier this afternoon i went to a nearby suburb where there's a record shop that i used to go to - i used to chat with the owners and last time, about 2 years ago i was chatting with the owner when 2 plain clothes police burst in and the female PC, shouting her ugly head off, took over everything. She was shouting about "Meatloaf" records, clearly wanting to disrupt our conversation [which she did] while her male cop colleague kept his head down trying not to show his face, but, chum, you were well spotted... My conversation with the owner was forcibly and abruptly cut off - as was their intention. I knew these were cops who had been told to go to this shop by the rogue local cop stalking controllers just because they could. So - that was that and i havent been inside that shop since as everything there is scrutinised + compromised [for no reason]. Also, at around the same time as this last event described with the overzealous and loud-mouth misled female plain clothes cop I used to visit a room under a cafe near to this shop that did healing sessions every Thursday afternoon with a trained healer - I went along twice until, on the 3rd time, 2 stalkers turned up clearly drawing me out to blabber on about conspiracy theories - directly targeting me with their commonly known theories. Then I knew these healing sessions were compromised to by these idiot local controllers. Today i went back to the suburb and sat having a cup of coffee in the coffeeshop opposite this record shop and after a few minutes the owner of the shop appeared from his shop and walked past in front of me as I was sat in the coffeeshop opposite - he looked directly at me before he went off, pulling a kind of face as he left. He didn't return. I would bet a very great deal that these local stalking controllers actually called this record shop owner up, in his shop, to tell them I was in the area, because this is exactly what they do too, CCTV in the location would've shown exactly where I was too, as well as the GPS tracker in my mobile phone. This is a true sworn statement by myself 17.03BST Friday 13/09/2019


Stalking here:  The Bikeman  04 August 2019:

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  STALKERS HERE! - 28 June 2019 07.45BST 



Video of a stalker:  11th July 2019 


later at same location:

AND: many pics + video here: 



Update 17 May 2019 –  STALKERS EASILY CAUGHT 17 May 2019 13.48GMT: 
I arrived home on the bus but waited at the exit point bus stop because a perp was there [1st pic of male] so i waited at the busstop to observe him. This creep is a regular perp who is often found waiting at the same busstop I get off at when arriving home probably waiting to see if I’m with anyone or whatever. As I stood there, I took his pic [pic 1 below] making out I was waiting for the same bus he was waiting for, but really observing him. “Fats”, an old stalker who lives in my street with 2 other perps [“Fatbloke” [who clocks me thru his window constantly] and “Fats2”] turns up standing by an opposite busstop, and just stands there making out she is awaiting a separate bus. “Fats” has even waved at me thru my kitchen window before, oddly, as i’ve been standing by my sink! Weird. I take pics [pic 2] of “Fats”. Then the bus comes along and the 1st male gets on bus where I am standing, but i don't get on the bus - i go home which is nearby. Fats is still by the busstop. But when I get in, after a couple of minutes, I see her – through my kitchen window opposite – arrive back at her home opposite me, entering it. She wasn’t waiting for a bus at all, but was sent to watch me, and I caught her.