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Sunday, 21 July 2019

John Lear - 25 reasons why we couldn't possibly have gone to the Moon - 20July2019

John Lear

On this propitious day, when, 50 years ago, NASA pulled off the second greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind I submit:
25 Reasons We Couldn't Possibly Have Gone to The Moon in 1969
Ron Howard’s and Tom Hank’s re-creation of the Apollo 13 hoax notwithstanding there is just no way the Apollo missions could have orbited or landed on the moon in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s regardless of NASA’s ever-present and dishonest protestations which seems to have increased in the past couple of years in a futile attempt to resurrect the gigantic hoax on mankind.
The reason NASA murdered 4 astronauts January 27, 1967 was because Virgil 'Gus' Grissom' couldn't keep his mouth shut from telling the truth. His last public comment (he was standing next to the Apollo 1 Command Module), was “This thing ain't going to the moon in 2 years, this thing ain't going to the moon in 10 years.”
You see, Gus was a brilliant engineer and he could see clearly the Apollo Moon Mission was a scam. Nothing worked because it wasn't supposed to work. The plan was always to fake the Apollo Moon Mission and steal the taxpayer funded $40 billion for their own Space Command. The 'perps' (actually the Nazi/Zionist Alliance) needed lots and lots of money. That’s why they faked the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident' to get Congress on board with the 'Save Viet Nam' from the ‘commies’ fiasco. They just need to sell helicopters to the military, thousands of them, at an inflated price, from their asset Bell Helicopters. They were happy to sacrifice 58,000 U.S. Servicemen for their agenda and their agenda was to scam taxpayer money for their 'Space Command'.
So, here are 25 reasons why NASA couldn't have possibly gone to the moon in 1969:
1. The Saturn V never worked. What the pubic saw launched was a Saturn IB dressed up to look like a Saturn V. Proof? Out of the 200 government and public films of the launch not a single one showed a second stage ignition. Without a second stage they couldn't possibly have gotten into orbit much less gotten to the moon. What they did see was an explosion to simulate the 2nd stage firing. But there was no real second stage ignition because there was no second stage. The fake Saturn V never went into orbit and never went to the moon.
2. The Van Allen belt which, extends in three layers, from 500 miles altitude to 25,000 miles altitude, discovered with 2 of the 3 Explorer rockets launched in 1959, detected massive and lethal radiation. NASA's answer to the problem was “We just flew around it.” Utter crap. Flew around it? How? It would be like getting out of the inside of a coconut without breaking the husk. Or the inside of an orange without breaking the peel.
3. Not enough computer data storage for the Lunar Lander to take off from the moon and rendezvous with the Command Module in orbit. All the astronauts had was 30K which was not near enough for a rendezvous with their orbiter.
4.The moons gravity is 69.71% that of Earths. (Pari Spolter author ‘Gravitational Force of the Sun’ Grenada Press 1993. Computed as a 3-body equation for July 20, 1969.) Spolter scientifically proves both Newtons Law of Gravitation and Einstein’s theory of relativity both general and special) were wrong. All fuel calculations were for a gravitational force of one sixth that of Earths. They would have needed significantly more fuel for a lunar landing and takeoff.
5. The daytime color of the lunar sky is saffron yellow (Howard Menger, guest of the moon inhabitants 1956). Menger wrote the book ‘From Outer Space to You’, in 1956 and became a lunar adviser to the Pentagon. All alleged Apollo (and Chinese and Israeli) lunar photos showed a black sky.
6. No visible 'condensation, fog' from the astronaut’s back pack indicating a cooling pack. The temperature at 10 am in the morning according to NASA would have fried the astronauts in 5 minutes in those 'space suits'.
7. No seats or anywhere to sit in the lunar lander for the alleged 18-hour de-orbit to the lunar surface. Standing up 18 hours?
8. Door in Lunar Lander not large enough to exit with a fully inflated 'space suit'. No Apollo photos show any astronaut inside the door frame. They show ‘inside’ or after exiting on the ladder.
9. In the Lunar Lander no cockpit audio, no sound coming from the 10,000-pound thrust rocket (18 inches from Astronaut) engine allegedly braking for landing.
10. While on the moon the Lunar Lander hatch was opened several times including just before takeoff to toss their boots to get rid of weight. Where did the replenishment of the oxygen come from, twice?
11. No indication of soil depression under the Lunar Lander landing strut pods. Astronaut boot made a depression why not the struts?
12. No dust from landing thrust on the Lunar Orbiter landing strut pods. Pods didn't show one speck of dust as we can see from the hoaxed landing film blowing dust.
13.The sides of the Lunar Lander were not aluminum. To save weight NASA says they used a 'thin film' mylar-type material the thickness of the foil around a pack of cigarettes. So how did this contain 6 pounds of atmospheric pressure so the astronauts could breathe in the vacuum of space?
14.NASA claims all of the Apollo technical data was misplaced or lost so follow on moon mission could not be launched. Lost all of it? The Saturn V, Command module and Lunar Lander data was all lost? Was it all stored together? How was it lost?
15.The moon has a breathable atmosphere (Howard Menger “From Outer Space to You” Copyright 1956) so why did the astronauts need a space suit?
16.Mountains in background of different alleged moon missions to different areas show identical mountain ranges with identical shapes proving film was made on a movie set.
17.NASA claims: “The Apollo 11 crew splashed down safely at 12:50 p.m. EDT on July 24 about 900 miles southwest of Hawaii in the North Pacific Ocean”. An airline passenger claims he saw something being pushed out of a military cargo jet that had 3 parachutes, while en route to Japan (between Hawaii and Wake Island). All three Apollo astronauts spent their lunar mission days on Johnston Island in the Pacific 825 miles southwest of Hawaii at the end of which they in their Apollo mission capsule were loaded into an Air Force cargo jet and pushed out at the appropriate time, 3 large parachutes blossoming above.
18.There was not enough fuel in the Saturn IB dressed up as a Saturn V to achieve orbit much less a trip to the moon and back.
19.Despite several modern lunar orbiters with highly advanced cameras that have taken thousands of photos of the surface of the moon none have shown any of the Apollo mission landers and associated equipment other than 2 or 3 pixels of light.
20.Several photos from various alleged moon missions show an identical landscape, one with a lunar lander and one without further proving the gigantic lunar mission hoax.
21. The only powered flight of a lunar lander before his Apollo mission ended in Neil Armstrong bailing out and the lander crashing. If it didn’t work on Earth, how was it going to work on the moon?
22. With the alleged Lunar Lander walls or sides being a thin film why do the lander photos on the moon and photos, allegedly taken from the lunar orbiter, show what appears to be bent and wrinkled cardboard on the sides of the Lunar Lander.
24. Stanislav Pokrovsky – Russian general director of a scientific-manufacturing enterprise Project-D-MSK calculated that the real speed of the alleged Saturn V rocket at Stage-2 staging time, was only half of what was claimed making it impossible to reach orbit.
25. Neil Armstrong’s speech on the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission about ‘removing truths protective layers’. What ‘protective layers’ was Armstrong talking about? At no time after his alleged lunar flight did Armstrong ever state he has been to the moon. There is no photo of Armstrong on the moon because he wouldn’t allow it. When Armstrong said, “One small step for man” that is what he meant. He did not forget to say ‘a man’. He was telling us the mission was faked, but “For the benefit of all mankind”, which is arguably correct.
In his first written accounts Buzz Aldrin writes that he would become violently ill, vomiting when trying to recall his lunar walk. This was due to unperfected mind control. Later the technique was improved which didn’t cause such a violent reaction to the recall attempts.
The moons population is over one quarter of a billion humans (not from Earth).
The moon has a breathable atmosphere which extends to 15,000 feet and therefore not visible during an occultation.
Our solar system has 40 planets not 9 as NASA says.
ET put the 3 layer Van Allen belt in place specifically so that ‘we’ could not contaminate the solar system until we learn to live with integrity, without envy, hate or greed.
Until we can learn how to place the equivalent of five feet of lead to protect our astronauts from the Van Allen’s belt of deadly radiation no Earth human is going to the moon.
Many ask why NASA continues to push the lie about the Apollo moon missions. It is the same reason the human belief in god continues to be fostered: there is infinitely more money to be made in jesus and his flying plasma ships than Van Allen and his deadly radioactive belts.
And please don’t bother texting me because I know, I know, jesus loves me anyway, you friggin’ morons." [ends].

Oh.  morons.  OK John.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

The hacking of my mobile phone, past and present by J. Graham butlincat + MY STALKERS and THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN I'M MADE PART OF 05/2019 - VIDEO




Update:  Friday 4 Oct. 2019:

Went to local town nearby - SIM card removed from phone hours before and still removed. Upon approaching post office noted female sitting on a wall outside the supermarket there looking at me trying to make out she wasn't - but she was actually watching me. Waited by busstop, continuing to observe her. She then went on her mobile, deliberately holding it out in front of her after typing a message. They would've picked me up on the many cctv cameras in that area because of her message. I disappeared myself into the actual busstop and 30 seconds later checked on this female to find she had vanished. She had confirmed where I was to her handlers. I then simply changed all plans and quickly hopped on a bus away from area to get off the bus where i know there was no cctv camera. They always give it away by staring too long and too often, and using their mobile phones - usually typing a message back to their handlers is the final proof.  MORONS! 

The following day Saturday 05 October 2019:

Sat 05 Oct. 2019 = STALKING - After yesterday - when i easily caught a female watching me after i arrived in a nearby suburb: - i made it so that they couldn't track me today by using back streets where they are no cctv cameras, and jumping on buses that went to a place i haven't used for a while. My SIM card was dislocated from my phone so tracking by that wouldn't work. All this was successful,I believe so their last resort to show me i was being stalked was to bring in the really amateur fat bloke stalker who lives opposite, who i caught on film waiting for my arrival back home , he leaves his window wide open + curtains drawn back, then when he sees me he quickly makes the curtains as they always are by drawing them back, making out nothing has happened.- see the update below from 12 / 08 / 2019 for more on the same stalker:  vid =

The same stalker: 

Update 12/08/2018:

DOMESTIC GANGSTALKING, UK: I have had to put up blinds on my kitchen window as this fat useless stalker stands by his window half naked staring at me when i am in my kitchen from his room in the house opposite - for instance, a couple of nights ago. Damn stalkers get everywhere these days. See the full report and backstory: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2353640351418150&set=gm.480888222480120&type=3&theater&ifg=1

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

ADDED 15 Sept. '19 - from Aug. 2019

from my records [sent to authorities]: " 12/08/2019 = the 2nd pic shown below of neighbour "Twitcher" by her window opposite me, surveilling all the time a short while ago for a few months but not seen twitching once during the entire previous 13 YEARS since 2004 when i moved here! Now she is not well enough to do much, let alone surveille yours truly. We used to get on fine - until she betrayed herself. God only knows what evil stories she was fed by these corrupt evil perps working outside and abusing the law, who need to be brought to book asap, using the most vulnerable in our society to do their dirty work - the perps being often old men, old women, homeless people even and even children and women who look extremely "loose" have been used. In the early days around 2010 I was waiting at a busstop further down the road by an Aldi supermarket by me when a tiny female child with a small brown and white terrier dog, on a lead, appeared and began waiting for the bus alongside myself and a couple of other members of the public who were also waiting. I'd already had an interaction with a middle-aged woman who had, with her husband, a tax consultancy business using a nearby shop premises. She had engaged me in conversation one day around this very time and kept telling me that her "husband was going away for the weekend". She repeated this a couple of times and, quite frankly, was a bit taken aback - was this strange woman propositioning me? i didn't bother finding out, and within a short while the business had closed and moved. Anyway, re: the child and her dog: I noted how i'd never seen this small person before in the 6 years i'd been using that busstop, since 2004 - i'd been going to this supermarket location almost every other day to get food. I got on the bus when it arrived as did this child but the deliberate and preplanned provocative stare this minor gave me whilst preparing to alight the bus at the very same stop I was to alight at a short way up the road made me recoil in horror - the look this child gave me being completely out of the ordinary which one would only expect from a "loose" female of an adult age towards a "prospective" male pertaining to a "potential lewd business encounter" - to put it politely. I recoiled in horror at her come-on stare and can still recall the horrific enticement / entrapment vividly as if it happened yesterday. I'd heard about things like this but now was experiencing it first hand. I noted the time and date as this child walked away from the bus exit point, down the same road opposite so many stalkers have appeared from even recently - it was 11.15am i recall still, and originally - standing a few yards further up from the busstop was an old guy on a mobile phone, leaning against a wall, wearing overalls, staring into the sky away from the busstop, in a very odd fashion - I deemed him this child's witness, no doubt, if anything should occur, such as any verbal between the child and myself. I'll never forget that act of entrapment that day, courtesy of the ne'er-do-wells working outside the law and was onto everything in a split second - using that tiny child as bait. This event has already been reported in posts on my site ages ago and needs to be reported formally to the Police Chiefs Org, for example. Was this tiny child of 8 or 9 years old related to one of the local police officer's involved in the grotesque stalking I was beginning to realise was happening? I mean - surely not any child could've been used in such a serious scenario. That was my conclusion then but of course we'll never know regarding what I consider to be a clear CASE OF ENTRAPMENT USING A MINOR! So many other instances have occurred, even recently, using older women acting very weirdly which defy logic, but definitely don't defy the sick stalkers agenda. Often during stalking scenarios lookalikes are used afterwards too [really poor ones lol], whether male or female.This entrapment event occurred in 2010 before the 2 Hollie Greig posters i had made in the local print shop [which also closed down shortly after] and were put up and were taken down, mysteriously, 4 days later - one in the post office's front window [see pic taken at the time directly below], where I'd paid to have it shown for 2 weeks [before it was removed in the guise of the p.o. "having a new shop front"] 

and the 2nd poster being put on a nearby telegraph pole that also was removed at the same time. Everything in these comments made by myself are true sworn statements and are stored at safe addresses" [ends].

PIC OF TWITCHER - just one early pic, but there could've been loads.

Update 13 Sept. 2019:

Friday 13/09/2019 - Earlier this afternoon i went to a nearby suburb where there's a record shop that i used to go to - i used to chat with the owners and last time, about 2 years ago i was chatting with the owner when 2 plain clothes police burst in and the female PC, shouting her ugly head off, took over everything. She was shouting about "Meatloaf" records, clearly wanting to disrupt our conversation [which she did] while her male cop colleague kept his head down trying not to show his face, but, chum, you were well spotted... My conversation with the owner was forcibly and abruptly cut off - as was their intention. I knew these were cops who had been told to go to this shop by the rogue local cop stalking controllers just because they could. So - that was that and i havent been inside that shop since as everything there is scrutinised + compromised [for no reason]. Also, at around the same time as this last event described with the overzealous and loud-mouth misled female plain clothes cop I used to visit a room under a cafe near to this shop that did healing sessions every Thursday afternoon with a trained healer - I went along twice until, on the 3rd time, 2 stalkers turned up clearly drawing me out to blabber on about conspiracy theories - directly targeting me with their commonly known theories. Then I knew these healing sessions were compromised to by these idiot local controllers. Today i went back to the suburb and sat having a cup of coffee in the coffeeshop opposite this record shop and after a few minutes the owner of the shop appeared from his shop and walked past in front of me as I was sat in the coffeeshop opposite - he looked directly at me before he went off, pulling a kind of face as he left. He didn't return. I would bet a very great deal that these local stalking controllers actually called this record shop owner up, in his shop, to tell them I was in the area, because this is exactly what they do too, CCTV in the location would've shown exactly where I was too, as well as the GPS tracker in my mobile phone. This is a true sworn statement by myself 17.03BST Friday 13/09/2019


Stalking here:  The Bikeman  04 August 2019: 



see videos: "MY STALKERS and the smear campaign they've made me part of 16/05/2019"


My mobile phones, and other targeting:  I am a T.I. [Targeted Individual] - by J. Graham [butlincat] 

I am targeted and stalked daily because, I contend, amongst other things I dare to support Carol Woods [with others] and show just how numerous crimes were and are occurring against her, especially in Lancashire where now retired Carol resides and was formerly employed by Lancs. County Council as a former top social worker and child protection officer, and formally a probation officer, amongst other notable employments before making public certain very serious revelations she became aware of that affected a great many citizens - usually very negatively, too... 

One feature of the targeting / gangstalking I am and have been experiencing for ages [since 2010 after i reported the Hollie Greig case to my local plod] is that my mobile phone was hacked for months on end at various times in the past, and even recently. Calls would constantly be cut off mid call, also sounds of an "office" could be heard in the background often during calls [people talking, and odd noises that shouldn't be happening at where my call taker was eg. the sound of persons using a keyboard or typewriter] - even those very persons I was calling noticed this and commented on it more than once and we would discuss it as it was happening, and "beeps" would be heard at regular intervals during calls [also audio recorded by myself at the time] and many other strange events occurred that never happened before 2010 or since this period of intense surveillance, when the stalking was at an intense level. My laptop and desktop computers were also hacked mercilessly with items disappearing completely or being rearranged, or keylogged even, [when they record what you're typing on the keyboard, eg. in emails you're creating before they're even sent so they get immediate intel on anything - before even the recipient of the email gets the info!] or things would appear in my pc files or folder that weren't put there by myself, or even appear in my bookmarks bar, or desktop screen, where the icons are shown. I  was lucky enough to have my mobile phone with it's video capturing service close at hand a couple of times around 2016 or so when I was fortunate to film events happening as they occurred eg. this example of keylogging on my pc - not Oscar-winning footage as it was filmed unprepared but I was able to record what was happening - the event only ever lasting for a few minutes, but this time I was lucky to capture enough of the event as it happened a few years back, and this type of thing only ever happened 2 or 3 times in total, and hasn't happened since, I might add:  "Hacking: Being Keylogged in 2016" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7amQNgNjgc&feature=youtu.be

By the way - having VPN doesn't   work either, as any VPN can easily be hacked, especially by any hacker worth his salt. Very weird behaviour when trying to speak with the "customer services" of a popular VPN provider gave the game away that this particular firm I was with were surely compromised by the neer-do-wells who are paid to protect us, not surveille us. I shut down my subscription with the VPN firm and erased all signs of it minutes after realising what was going on - and hang the months I had left in the subscription - it had become worthless as the VPN paid for wasn't stopping the hacking in any way I had been noticing a number of times, but the tech guy simply reiterated time after time that VPN stops such hacking. I am reliably informed our UK govt. uses the hackers in the UK military for such indiscretions as hacking any Big Shot's computers, whereas little minnows such as myself get their trained employees when slaughtering any law-abiding citizen's human rights.

 More recently my phone was made inoperable many times, my having to do a "factory reset" each time on numerous occasions, losing all messages, contacts and call history and most of everything else on the phone until i learnt, too late after about the 2nd hack, to back up everything. I still have lost much info through backing up everything way too late. Finally, I had to get a new phone a few months ago as the final hack made the phone inoperable. I still have this phone, and it will turn on, but nothing comes up. When the follow-up phones were broken in, the hacking still continues to lesser or higher degrees. I resorted to getting 2ndhand used Nokia or similar phones that can be got from a well known site for even £5, if one is lucky. These, coupled with PAYG sim cards from the many outfits available, which can be got for free, and worked on a £5 or 10 "bundle" and can be used if need be, for, say. meeting arrangements with one's partner, or not use them at all - if one is going to be harassed by these "f-cktards", as Tim Rifat would label them, then make them work for their wages! I just hope that something like they're inflicting on people happens to them one day, as we know how their controllers act, and throw their own villainous workforce under the bus time after time - that's old news and will never change...

"The Visit", July 2017 is a post which details how I was stalked when I visited the very seriously targeted individual who is suffering outrageously every day - Carol Woods - a whistleblower and former top social worker and child protection officer and probation officer for Lancashire County Council, now retired. Carol had her home stolen by authority figures acting criminally many years ago, and is stalked every time she leaves her home and uses her car, which has a GPS tracking device in it, installed by Lancs. police, who claim it is there for "covert police tactics" - complete rubbish. This device goes against the ECHR human rights laws, and the Data Protection Act - everything ignored by Lancs. police. Many other irregularities exist. See:



Carol is stalked in every way imaginable every single day of the year by recruited yob locals and others who are, it is very strongly alleged, rewarded by the local police and other authorities, who, it is very strongly alleged also, are controlling CW's stalking, which no authority will do anything about, and believe me, many have tried protesting about this awful situation which began around 2000 with supporters sending scores of protest letters to the government elite from the Prime Minister down, but all is ignored. Lancashire police force especially ignore my many formal complaints to them on many of what should be considered nefarious actions by themselves, as do many other so-called "responsible" agencies ignore everything sent to them by way of protest also. See also the archive of 130+ posts of updates from Carol, beginning in Febuary 2015 [when she was kidnapped and locked away for no reason, for the 5th time, again] telling what is happening and has happened to Carol, here: https://butlincat.com/?s=carol+woodswho has been put in a closed hospital in efforts, it is very strongly alleged, to silence or even murder her [there have been many murder attempts upon her life], as sadly happened to  Arnold MacCardle, for example, who was helpless and had no choice but to succumb to the shocking and terminal hostilies forced upon him:  http://www.butlincatsblog.com/2017/06/andy-arnold-...

But why would Carol Woods be targeted so badly for so long by so many UK government connected agencies? Carol is a whistleblower, and, I strongly allege that someone high up somewhere, who had a good knowledge of, or was even an organiser in the [failed] "supercasino" project in Lancashire lost a lot of money investing in that illegal [in many ways] project that never came to fruition that even ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown was involved in helping getting stopped - the "supercasino" project - one of the main reasons behind why Carol Woods is targeted so badly all the time. This is her testimony, in her own words:  http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.com/.

More is described by Carol Woods herself here: “Harassment as punishment for whistle-blowing: Lancashire” http://criticalreader17.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/   

and this video, with Brian Gerrish of the "UK Column" includes details of what Carol discovered as a social worker employed by Lancs. County Council prior to her leaving the employ when, for months, outright hostilities by her   former amicable colleagues made her job impossible - the video also details what happened after she left the job and what's happened to her since: 

Child Stealing By The State - A Social Worker Speaks [2016]

More background  specific to Carol's harassment - authored in updates by Carol herself - can be found in any of the posts in the archive:     


It is truly shocking how these characters controlling and committing these crimes are paid luxurious salaries from OUR public  funds made up of taxpayers tax money and how they get away with their constant criminality against lone vulnerable citizens who can't even get an honest solicitor to help them counter anything - it results in a very real public scandal that no one in so-called "authority" will do anything about as they should! See what happened to Arnold MacCardle, for example - who died after discovering a drugs ring connected to a certain police force [allegedly]:  http://www.butlincatsblog.com/2017/06/andy-arnold-...

As well as my phone being hacked much hacking has taken place in many other areas - eg. my computers, the electricity to my home also, my  snail-mail ["Royal Mail"], my being followed about when i'm out, or characters already in place waiting for me at locations I go, pre-arranged appointments are compromised with the persons I'm to interact with being fed  often totally false info about myself beforehand [eg. that i'm a troublemaker or insane, or whatever] and much more - everything created to intimidate or provoke or whatever by these characters who are able to do this type of thing, eg. rogue elements in our authorities, especially in the police, as who else has the power or ability to do such hostile and antisocial surveillance as is happening? Only the police, I contend, working with others such as the local town council who use - for their surveillance - down-and-outs, teenagers [and even younger I've witnessed on occasion] "loose women", elderly male and female characters and more who they've "recruited" - identical to the types who stalk and harass Carol Woods so often up there in Lancashire. My folder is  full of pics of these recruited around here - especially the 6 or so close neighbours who live by me, who have ignored me for 12 out of the 14 years I've been at this address, but all of a sudden became part of my daily life - overnight - a couple of years back, acting so bizarrely one couldn't help but notice the strangeness, and when it was realised what was going on, everything was recorded as best I could in the folder - audio recording as much as I could, or video recording, or simple snapshots being taken. That folder is now thick with data, and kept in half a dozen safe locations with trusted confidantes.
 And what really did happen to David Kelly, the weapons expert who mysteriously died because he had - it is claimed so often - unfortunately given too much info away on a certain subject to a "popular rag" reporter? Because if the subject of poor Kelly's death is anything to go by, anything could happen to anyone of us. Is anyone saying the authorities weren't involved in the passing of this man, because the circumstances and aftermath tell a very different story? Normally whenever a high-ranking "government man" - such as the weapons expert Kelly was - meets his death in such bizarre circumstances as is claimed [again] everything is rigorously investigated to the hilt - but all we have here is one big nothingness and a gag order placed upon the case for SEVENTY YEARS, with not much being done about anything, it seems.The only thing we can be certain of is - in my humble opinion only, of course - is that multifold villainy is afoot - and if they can do what occurred at Harrowdown Hill, close by Kelly's Oxfordshire home, and passing, then they can do literally anything to anyone at anytime, especially tiny minnows in the pond such as myself, and other even massively bigger fish amongst us I am very well aware of who have also had their lives turned upside down by these monsters...and with little or no justification whatsoever for the outrageously hostile actions by these "f-cktards"as superwizard Tim Rifat might put it...


Nov. 2018 - the reply from local mp CHRIS CHOPE re: the 8 page letter sent to many UK govt. highups inc. the PM, the then chief constable for Dorset + more regarding the continuing targeting that's gone on here since 2010:




The above first published here 11/09/2018.


Monday, 8 July 2019

MUST-SEE VIDEO: The West Should Cut Ties With #SaudiArabia

"With friends like these, who needs enemies? Saudi Arabia is out of control. After the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, most likely on direct orders from the Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler Mohammed Bin Salman, it’s time for the West to sever ties with this regime of criminal despots. The House of Saud assassinates journalists and imprisons dissidents. Its military indiscriminately bombs civilians in the cruel war against Yemen, which has led to a massive humanitarian catastrophe with an estimated 85,000 children dying of starvation. And that’s not to mention the Saudi regime’s oppression of women and religious minorities, or its troubling support for Islamist fundamentalism around the world. Saudi Arabia has long been accused of backing terrorist organisations and funding the extremist schools that provide them with recruits and influence. Saudi Arabia is a menace, and the West should end its alliance with this pernicious regime. That’s the high-minded reasoning of the Saudi-bashers. But no matter how much we abhor the behaviour of the Saudi government, shouldn’t we consider our own interests before ending a hugely beneficial decades-old partnership? After all, as more pragmatically-minded people point out, Saudi Arabia is a crucial bulwark against the dangerous influence of Iran, which threatens the region with its expansionist ambitions. Saudi Arabia also provides the West with vital intelligence in the fight against groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. And while we may not like the conservative form of Islam practised in the Kingdom, is that any of our business? If it is, shouldn’t we support its reform-minded Crown Prince? After all, he has lifted the ban on Saudi women driving, allowed cinemas to reopen for the first time in 35 years, and has promised to introduce a more moderate form of Islam to the Kingdom. Shouldn’t the West give him a chance? Tthe BBC’s star international correspondent Lyse Doucet chaired a line-up of Middle East experts. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Hear the arguments and decide for yourself."

The West Should Cut Ties With Saudi Arabia

Published on 12 Mar 2019

Monday, 1 July 2019

Update: Targeted: Edward W. Ellis, equity lawyer: Letters to MPs – 30 June 2019 + archive

Concerning Edward. W. Ellis, Equity Lawyer, targeted:
“6th Assassination Attempt 10am on 26 June 2019 under pretence of Mental Health Fraud to discredit the work and cause slow kill from denying Dialysis with Fistula in place for 7 months
at 13.44 you will see the officer pull out a Tazer to use on Mr Edward Ellis whilst the nurse smiles – lucky he was out and the others including me, Neelu
On Sat, 29 Jun 2019 at 06:03, Frances Heywood <f.heywood@outlook.com> wrote:
——– Forwarded Message ——–
Date:Sat, 29 Jun 2019 06:00:23 +0100
From:Frances Heywood 
Dear Mr Hunt.  
I am forwarding to you the email I sent to Mr. Duncan Smith and Mr. Johnson.  In addition to this, I would like to address you personally and this matter is vitally urgent.  Mr. Edward Ellis is being pursued as a victim of political corruption.  He has been denied his right of access for urgent medical treatment for both kidney failure, now at a very serious stage, and he cannot even access his warfarin clinic as he has had to go into hiding to avoid the arrest warrant for a mental health fraud on him.  Mr Ellis is very much of sound mind but has been a leading whistle-blower of long term corruption.  I am sure you will know that he has spent 15 sacrificial years at his own expense exposing fraud and corruption within the court system and beyond.  His work has been legitimate and sound and he has been the ‘voice’ of many citizens who have been seriously oppressed for daring to raise safeguarding or corruption issues.  Now he is paying the ultimate price from political oppression and the imposition of deprivation of his citizen rights. Now the NHS is compliant in destroying him.  The doctors have followed instructions to make a fraudulent mental health assessment, which would result in an illegal sectioning of him, as part of a bargaining power before they will treat his longstanding condition of poly cystic kidney failure.  He has not had any dialysis and has been taken off the kidney transplant list until he agrees to the mental health test which he obviously won’t agree to as he does not have any mental health issues and is not a danger to anybody but the corrupt judges and politicians who wish to obliterate him.
I am appealing to you, very urgently, to get the fraudulent mental health assessment and warrant for his arrest lifted so he can access urgent healthcare.  His life is now in danger because of this gross neglect and it is a terrible reflection on our government that they should be guilty of such deprivation of liberty.  When I appealed to both Elizabeth Truss and yourself when you were Health Secretary to support my safeguarding efforts for both residents and staff in the nursing home I worked in you both refused to help, apart from yet another referral to another department by which time I was too exhausted and demoralized to carry on.  I ended up losing my job and then being victimized by my employers who nearly took me to my grave.  Mr Ellis was the only professional person to support me through that cruel and destructive period.  All government agencies let me down and it cost me dearly.  I am still suffering the consequences of ill health.  Likewise, the compassion in care organization who have campaigned tirelessly for over 20 years to raise the protection of whistle blowers have still not been recognized by Parliament and were also unable to gain your support at that time.  There have been too many victims of genuine people who have sought to raise standards but have all been treated as ‘the enemy’.  Mr Ellis has become the most prominent victim of this state mentality and I absolutely beg you all to rally round and do the right thing to save his life.  Please respond to this email to let me know you will act urgently.  I will be sending a copy of these emails to yourself, Mr Duncan Smith and Mr. Johnson in the post today.
Yours sincerely.  Frances Heywood.
——– Forwarded Message ——–
Date:Thu, 27 Jun 2019 21:56:14 +0100
From:Frances Heywood 
Dear Mr Duncan Smith and Mr Johnson.  
I have forwarded this document to you both again simply to affirm my close connection with Mr Edward Ellis.  You will know how brave and dedicated he has been in trying to overthrow the corruption of the Protection Fraud Network.  Now he is really ill and cornered by the very officers who should protect him as a citizen.  They had an arrest warrant to arrest him and section him on 26th June, breaking down the door only to find nobody there, following a failed attempt do so when he visited the nephrologist at Redbridge Hospital on 19th June.  He had to run away to escape them, followed by the arrest warrant.  Fortunately, he wasn’t there but if he is in hiding he is unable to access medical help which is very urgent because of his progressive kidney failure.  His creatinine levels are very high but instead of focusing on that they have only focused on the Mental Health Fraud which is totally fabricated as Mr Ellis is totally sane and capable.  Please, please help him by calling off the ‘wolves’ and guaranteeing a safe passage for him to a private kidney facility where we hope they would be outside the fraudulent practices of the NHS.  Both the Brighton County Hospital and the Redbridge Hospital have been compliant with the mental health fraud and both have neglected his kidney failure and he has been taken off the transplant list.  This is a complete disgrace and I am so worried about him as I don’t know where he is and cannot communicate with him except, possibly by email.  Mr Ellis has always spoken so highly of Mr Duncan Smith, feeling that he is sympathetic to the work he has done in providing corruption proof over the last 15 years at great cost to himself in regard to his health and his safety.
Mr Ellis was the only professional person to stand with me when I applied ‘safeguarding’ by writing to my employers about the abuse of patients and the bullying of staff in the care home I worked in.  They ignored it for six months then, following an inquiry from me, they turned the whole thing round to blame me and threaten me with dismissal if I ever broke any of their rules again!  From then on I was a sitting target and they eventually dismissed me on the fraudulent charge of breaching confidentiality which I hadn’t as I had only communicated with the union and my employer, having previously been ignored by the CQC, the Social Services and finally by the Nursing and Midwifery Council who chose to believe my employers’ lies.  They only cancelled my case because I was very, very ill and they made the excuse that it wouldn’t look good to the public if they pursued me.  They were trying to avoid the information I had given them regarding neglect.  They make the rules for nurses to report malpractice by law, but then do not uphold them when they are regarded as whistle-blowers and ‘executed’. I also saw my local mp at the time, Elizabeth Truss, who said she could not help and could not pass my papers to Jeremy Hunt who was the Health Secretary.  I then wrote to Jeremy Hunt who brushed me of with a polite referral which led nowhere.
Without the support of Mr Ellis, I believe I would have died of a broken heart, if not from my illness.  Please, it is now he who needs help and you are the only people we can appeal to. I beg you to activate support and protection for him as we are convinced they want to put his life at risk and it already is seriously compromised.  Please respond to this email and act on behalf of all the citizens Mr Ellis has dedicated his life to.
Yours very sincerely, Frances Heywood.  
——– Forwarded Message ——–
Subject:2019 06 26 Mass Remedies Proposal Notice from the Equity Lawyer to Parliament for the Crown and Lord Bishops
Date:Wed, 26 Jun 2019 00:24:05 +0100
From:Edward Ellis 
To:Prime Minister Mrs May , Opposition Leader MP Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn , Labour Party Leader , Conservative Party Leadership Candidate Mr Hunt , Conservative Party Leadership Candidate MP Rt Hon Boris Johnson , Chingford and Woodford Green MP , Haltemprice ad Howden MP Rt Hon David Davis , North East Somerset MP Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg , Leicester East MP QC Mr Keith Vaz , Citizen Mr Atkinson , Redbridge Hainault Ward Councillor Mr Roy Emmett , Citizen Mr Wilson, Redbridge Hainault Ward Councillor Mr Jo Hehir , Redbridge Hainault Ward Councillor Mr Mark Santos ,housing.benefits@redbridge.gov.ukclerks@lambbuildings.co.uklawyers@acalaw.co.uk
All MPs,
Honourable MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith will please ensure the Crown gets this Remedy Process Email as evidence for the Lord Bishops. The Equity Lawyer is recovering from Influenza and Hay Fever.
The Remedy Process needs action against the Protection Fraud Network in Parliament. They can start with Baroness Smith.
It needs Total Immunity and Contempt Fraud Remedies for her Daughter and Maternal Grand Children. When she was in her teens Baroness Smith had twins, a boy and a girl. She deserted them and has a Child Desertion Criminal Conviction. She married Scottish Lawyer Mr John Smith. Baroness Smith procured Identity Fraud against the Daughter Twin and then Family Sabotage Frauds. It reveals how the Protection Fraud Network functioned.  
The Maternal Grand Daughter will be in the Old Bailey got a Murder Acquittal and then submitted to Plea Bargain Blackmail to enter a Guilty Plea to Justice Perversion. The Sentence Hearing is at the Old Bailey on Thursday 27th June 2019. The Court Frauds against her include Identity Fraud by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Crown Court for the benefit of Baroness Smith.
Attached is 2019 06 25 Remedy Process + Judicial Office Unfitness Cases + New Evidence Notice + Appeal Grounds Notice of Ms Stacy Doherty v State  
Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

SEE MORE - the Background:

Egregious Sectioning and Kidnap Attempts on Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis As the Completing Mass Corruption Remedy Process Exposes Pervasive Crime & Corruption in UK Courts, Police Departments, and Hospitals


Friday, 28 June 2019

Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer, to be wrongfully sectioned? 28 June 2019 + VIDEOS


“to enquiries, mps, et al








BELOW FROM, and SEE THE SITE + VIDEOS = www.icj3.webs.com

Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis seeks Interview Invitations from Social Media, and particularly, Mainstream Media.

This is a unique opportunity to interview the voice of the Honourable UK Lord Bishops and Crown, namely, Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis, who had managed the Mass Remedy Process on behalf of the Equity Monarchy Trusts which places Citizens above the Crown, which is above Parliament.
Email: edward.w.ellis@gmail.com
Mobile: 07788371717 Text only to notify when email sent.
Corrupt UK Judges, Law Courts and Parliament have provided massive evidence of corruption over the last 15 years, in which Citizens allowed their cases to be used as a Litmus Test for Judicial Corruption and denial of Remedies.  In particular, the persecution of whistleblowers who have witnessed State Terrorism who by being denied State Protection, proved that the UK is a Dictatorship.
The Mass Evidence now deems the UK Parliament having to undergo a Forced General Election – this means Theresa May is out and many candidates are being replaced in a complete Election Candidate Overhaul.  More Suitable Candidates from outside the Organised Crime and Protection Fraud Networks are being recruited from the growing network of Honourable Whistleblowers.
A website is being constructed whereby Precedences of Mass Remedies may be applied and Local Community Networks headed by Mass Remedy Mentors could Facilitate the New Database of Grievances for smooth and swift recovery, rehabilitation, restitutions, especially where children, homes and vehicles have been stolen from Whistleblowers who should have been Protected by the State.  Many Whistleblowers imprisoned in False Prosecutions and Ruin Frauds will be subjected to Immediate Release on Grounds of the evidence of State Dictatorships and State Terrorism against Whistleblowers.
Previous interviews given by Mr Ellis are below

14th May 2019: Four
Ramola D Reports 
with Ramola 
Article on the Mass Reme

10 April 2019: One

16 April 2019: Two

30 April 2019: Three

Andy Devine Live With Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis, 5th May 2019 2hr 8min

 CONTINUES AT:  www.icj3.webs.com

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