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Sunday, 21 July 2019

John Lear - 25 reasons why we couldn't possibly have gone to the Moon - 20July2019

John Lear

On this propitious day, when, 50 years ago, NASA pulled off the second greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind I submit:
25 Reasons We Couldn't Possibly Have Gone to The Moon in 1969
Ron Howard’s and Tom Hank’s re-creation of the Apollo 13 hoax notwithstanding there is just no way the Apollo missions could have orbited or landed on the moon in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s regardless of NASA’s ever-present and dishonest protestations which seems to have increased in the past couple of years in a futile attempt to resurrect the gigantic hoax on mankind.
The reason NASA murdered 4 astronauts January 27, 1967 was because Virgil 'Gus' Grissom' couldn't keep his mouth shut from telling the truth. His last public comment (he was standing next to the Apollo 1 Command Module), was “This thing ain't going to the moon in 2 years, this thing ain't going to the moon in 10 years.”
You see, Gus was a brilliant engineer and he could see clearly the Apollo Moon Mission was a scam. Nothing worked because it wasn't supposed to work. The plan was always to fake the Apollo Moon Mission and steal the taxpayer funded $40 billion for their own Space Command. The 'perps' (actually the Nazi/Zionist Alliance) needed lots and lots of money. That’s why they faked the Gulf of Tonkin 'incident' to get Congress on board with the 'Save Viet Nam' from the ‘commies’ fiasco. They just need to sell helicopters to the military, thousands of them, at an inflated price, from their asset Bell Helicopters. They were happy to sacrifice 58,000 U.S. Servicemen for their agenda and their agenda was to scam taxpayer money for their 'Space Command'.
So, here are 25 reasons why NASA couldn't have possibly gone to the moon in 1969:
1. The Saturn V never worked. What the pubic saw launched was a Saturn IB dressed up to look like a Saturn V. Proof? Out of the 200 government and public films of the launch not a single one showed a second stage ignition. Without a second stage they couldn't possibly have gotten into orbit much less gotten to the moon. What they did see was an explosion to simulate the 2nd stage firing. But there was no real second stage ignition because there was no second stage. The fake Saturn V never went into orbit and never went to the moon.
2. The Van Allen belt which, extends in three layers, from 500 miles altitude to 25,000 miles altitude, discovered with 2 of the 3 Explorer rockets launched in 1959, detected massive and lethal radiation. NASA's answer to the problem was “We just flew around it.” Utter crap. Flew around it? How? It would be like getting out of the inside of a coconut without breaking the husk. Or the inside of an orange without breaking the peel.
3. Not enough computer data storage for the Lunar Lander to take off from the moon and rendezvous with the Command Module in orbit. All the astronauts had was 30K which was not near enough for a rendezvous with their orbiter.
4.The moons gravity is 69.71% that of Earths. (Pari Spolter author ‘Gravitational Force of the Sun’ Grenada Press 1993. Computed as a 3-body equation for July 20, 1969.) Spolter scientifically proves both Newtons Law of Gravitation and Einstein’s theory of relativity both general and special) were wrong. All fuel calculations were for a gravitational force of one sixth that of Earths. They would have needed significantly more fuel for a lunar landing and takeoff.
5. The daytime color of the lunar sky is saffron yellow (Howard Menger, guest of the moon inhabitants 1956). Menger wrote the book ‘From Outer Space to You’, in 1956 and became a lunar adviser to the Pentagon. All alleged Apollo (and Chinese and Israeli) lunar photos showed a black sky.
6. No visible 'condensation, fog' from the astronaut’s back pack indicating a cooling pack. The temperature at 10 am in the morning according to NASA would have fried the astronauts in 5 minutes in those 'space suits'.
7. No seats or anywhere to sit in the lunar lander for the alleged 18-hour de-orbit to the lunar surface. Standing up 18 hours?
8. Door in Lunar Lander not large enough to exit with a fully inflated 'space suit'. No Apollo photos show any astronaut inside the door frame. They show ‘inside’ or after exiting on the ladder.
9. In the Lunar Lander no cockpit audio, no sound coming from the 10,000-pound thrust rocket (18 inches from Astronaut) engine allegedly braking for landing.
10. While on the moon the Lunar Lander hatch was opened several times including just before takeoff to toss their boots to get rid of weight. Where did the replenishment of the oxygen come from, twice?
11. No indication of soil depression under the Lunar Lander landing strut pods. Astronaut boot made a depression why not the struts?
12. No dust from landing thrust on the Lunar Orbiter landing strut pods. Pods didn't show one speck of dust as we can see from the hoaxed landing film blowing dust.
13.The sides of the Lunar Lander were not aluminum. To save weight NASA says they used a 'thin film' mylar-type material the thickness of the foil around a pack of cigarettes. So how did this contain 6 pounds of atmospheric pressure so the astronauts could breathe in the vacuum of space?
14.NASA claims all of the Apollo technical data was misplaced or lost so follow on moon mission could not be launched. Lost all of it? The Saturn V, Command module and Lunar Lander data was all lost? Was it all stored together? How was it lost?
15.The moon has a breathable atmosphere (Howard Menger “From Outer Space to You” Copyright 1956) so why did the astronauts need a space suit?
16.Mountains in background of different alleged moon missions to different areas show identical mountain ranges with identical shapes proving film was made on a movie set.
17.NASA claims: “The Apollo 11 crew splashed down safely at 12:50 p.m. EDT on July 24 about 900 miles southwest of Hawaii in the North Pacific Ocean”. An airline passenger claims he saw something being pushed out of a military cargo jet that had 3 parachutes, while en route to Japan (between Hawaii and Wake Island). All three Apollo astronauts spent their lunar mission days on Johnston Island in the Pacific 825 miles southwest of Hawaii at the end of which they in their Apollo mission capsule were loaded into an Air Force cargo jet and pushed out at the appropriate time, 3 large parachutes blossoming above.
18.There was not enough fuel in the Saturn IB dressed up as a Saturn V to achieve orbit much less a trip to the moon and back.
19.Despite several modern lunar orbiters with highly advanced cameras that have taken thousands of photos of the surface of the moon none have shown any of the Apollo mission landers and associated equipment other than 2 or 3 pixels of light.
20.Several photos from various alleged moon missions show an identical landscape, one with a lunar lander and one without further proving the gigantic lunar mission hoax.
21. The only powered flight of a lunar lander before his Apollo mission ended in Neil Armstrong bailing out and the lander crashing. If it didn’t work on Earth, how was it going to work on the moon?
22. With the alleged Lunar Lander walls or sides being a thin film why do the lander photos on the moon and photos, allegedly taken from the lunar orbiter, show what appears to be bent and wrinkled cardboard on the sides of the Lunar Lander.
24. Stanislav Pokrovsky – Russian general director of a scientific-manufacturing enterprise Project-D-MSK calculated that the real speed of the alleged Saturn V rocket at Stage-2 staging time, was only half of what was claimed making it impossible to reach orbit.
25. Neil Armstrong’s speech on the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission about ‘removing truths protective layers’. What ‘protective layers’ was Armstrong talking about? At no time after his alleged lunar flight did Armstrong ever state he has been to the moon. There is no photo of Armstrong on the moon because he wouldn’t allow it. When Armstrong said, “One small step for man” that is what he meant. He did not forget to say ‘a man’. He was telling us the mission was faked, but “For the benefit of all mankind”, which is arguably correct.
In his first written accounts Buzz Aldrin writes that he would become violently ill, vomiting when trying to recall his lunar walk. This was due to unperfected mind control. Later the technique was improved which didn’t cause such a violent reaction to the recall attempts.
The moons population is over one quarter of a billion humans (not from Earth).
The moon has a breathable atmosphere which extends to 15,000 feet and therefore not visible during an occultation.
Our solar system has 40 planets not 9 as NASA says.
ET put the 3 layer Van Allen belt in place specifically so that ‘we’ could not contaminate the solar system until we learn to live with integrity, without envy, hate or greed.
Until we can learn how to place the equivalent of five feet of lead to protect our astronauts from the Van Allen’s belt of deadly radiation no Earth human is going to the moon.
Many ask why NASA continues to push the lie about the Apollo moon missions. It is the same reason the human belief in god continues to be fostered: there is infinitely more money to be made in jesus and his flying plasma ships than Van Allen and his deadly radioactive belts.
And please don’t bother texting me because I know, I know, jesus loves me anyway, you friggin’ morons." [ends].

Oh.  morons.  OK John.