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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Carol Woods phone call 15 September 2019 after not being heard of since 06 September after being kidnapped without correct paperwork to a closed unit on 3 September

Received 15 Sept. 2019 = Carol Woods phone call 15 September 2019 after not being heard of since 06 September after being kidnapped without correct paperwork to a closed unit on 03 September 2019:


Carol Woods: Affadavits: kidnapped to closed unit on 3rd Sept. without proper documentation – not heard of since 6 Sept. VIDEOs – 11 Sept. ’19 + archive1

Received:  Re: Carol Woods, former top social worker / Child Protection Officer, and Probation Officer in Lancashire, UK:
“University Hospitals of Morecombe Bay 0152465944 is a secret Research & Training Facility providing old Whistleblowers like Carol Woods for Assassin Training…
This is her affidavit
She feared for her life when she was kidnapped by force on 3rd Sept 2019 from 28 Fell View LA2 9RP
No-one has seen her or spoken to her in 5 days
Affidavit of Child Protection Whistleblower, Citizen Ms Carol Woods, dated 6th Sept 2019, by Telephone from Orchard, Mental Health Secure Unit, Lancashire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to demand Witness Protection for Whistleblowers in Mass Remedy Process managed by Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis
See attached audio and Youtube link
I am Carol Woods and I am in Lancashire. Mostly I live – my home address is Lancaster. Currently I am rehoused on the east side of Lancaster in 28 Fell View, Caton area LA2 9RP, where I live under duress.
My case started in the year 2000, when I began to make complaints against management handling of cases in Lancashire County Council of Social Services child protection. My complaints were ignored. I was taken to one side and told, you are making enemies. I pointed it out I was not there to make friends.
I then discovered more and more and more, and finally, in the year 2001, after warning of serious events if they did not cease doing what they were doing in the way they were doing it, that they would be looking at really serious incidents – which is what happened, and a pensioner ended up murdered: Mrs. Sheila Bridge.
I then wrote and said, I warned you that would happen, and you should be charged with corporate manslaughter. That was when the first senior police officer was on my doorstep, very pleasant but offering threats to me about my health and my children. I don’t know how he knew I had children. He was Bill Ralphson, who will have retired by now. At the time Paul Stephenson was chief constable of Lancashire County Police and he refused to investigate the murder of Sheila Bridge. I could not understand it. I had no knowledge of how all these agencies were intertwined and worked together and covered for each other. I was naïve. I was not stupid.
I then begin court proceedings, after I am hounded out of my job, and I couldn’t accept that the court, seeing evidence of serious tampering of files of small, vulnerable children and their families, serious tampering to discredit the work I had done but also to malign my clients – that was seen, and it was totally ignored.
I then continue trying to raise higher profile court cases. It is all ignored. My first court hearing, where I challenged the judge and told him that I was going to press charges for his contempt of court, and seeing what he had seen and ignored it – I then was allocated a crime number by the London Metropolitan Police after about four or five weeks of their investigations. Their words to me were, “This is serious isn’t it?” But then Paul Stephenson, chief constable of Lancashire Police was promoted to the deputy commissioner’s job in the London Met, and I knew then that everything the Met was doing would come to a halt: which it did.
However one officer, Nicholas Wood, who was an investigating officer, then started to threaten me, and in fact he travelled up to Lancaster to continue that threat, and he introduced in that a person, a member of public – he claimed that she was a senior detective of the Met, when she wasn’t . Sir Ian Blair was looking into that matter under Regulation 9 of the Police Reform Act 2002, because I suggested that bribery may have been involved.
Meanwhile, Greater Manchester Police become involved, because I initiated a request for investigation into what happened more locally in Manchester: and again I was assigned an officer, Detective Sergeant Andrew Rigby, and on the 27th May, 2004, Rigby sent me an email he was coming to see me to proceed with matters. That email was read illegally and then Rigby turned against me. There has to be bribery involved, but then greater Manchester police started harassing me, so it wasn’t just Rigby.
I then started to receive letters saying if he ever saw me again, he would arrest me. I went to Manchester on the train and invited him to arrest me. He could not arrest me, because the warrant was a secret warrant. And I’m supposed to accept all this. In that I was physically assaulted by his colleague, who was forcing me out of the police station before a more senior officer heard the matter, there has to be bribery involved.
That then went to more senior police in their professional standards department who then started to arrive in Morecambe, threatening my brother, attacking my brother, threatening me, attending at my house mob-handed, Greater Manchester Police. They then started to set up various escapades in Lancaster to pretend they had bona fide reasons to be in Lancaster . One of them was with the Catholic Church in Lancaster. It was bogus, and I know that because I went to check it all out. I check everything out
Meanwhile, of course, their attentions were turned to my house and my documents. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal under Charles Clark, the home secretary, had started a full inquiry into my case in 2006. I was then seen by a police officer who was posing as somebody else, threatening me of something happening to a close relative, if I did not cease my case and stop the enquiry. I told her that I would not stop my case, so they did go after certain family members, which is why I do not seek my family members unless they choose to see me, because that way the police leave them alone.
The inquiry started. It was given out on the news on the 7th April 4, 2006, at 6 pm: “The government has ordered an inquiry into how Lancashire conducts its affairs.” I had to be stopped.
The enquiry stopped rapidly, without an explanation. There was nothing. It took me to March, 2008, the very same week that Mike Todd was murdered. He was murdered on March 18th, 2008, because by then he had seen my file. He had been passed the file from Judge David Williams on 22nd November, 2007, because Judge David Williams was a good person. He had seen a file of evidence of mine. He was furious at what he saw. He saw the involvement of Greater Manchester Police. He knew Lancashire police could not possibly investigate their own officers, given that the chief constable then at the time, Steve Finnegan, was one named in the file. Mike Todd, passing the file to Ian Rushton, chief crown prosecutor, Quay Street, Manchester, was murdered on March 18th.
The Investigatory Powers Tribunal wrote to me, and I found out that Lancashire police had told them to cease the enquiry, because they said I was not me: they had never heard of me; I have never lived in my house, and I was my sister, living in the Manchester area. My question was, why did nobody ask how did they know I had a sister and where she lived, if they had never heard of me ? Nobody asked that question. It was 2010 before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal found out that they had been lied to by Lancashire Police, and since that time they stopped their enquiry again, and Lancashire told them that I had signed a compromise agreement never to prosecute for fraud and extortion, and never to disclose my documents, destroy all computer equipment – USBs, disks, anything – and destroy all paperwork. I have never signed a compromise agreement: but after that – and this happens still now, after all these years, week in, week out, when I have thugs in big fancy cars stalking, following me, parking outside wherever I happen to be – they are pretending they have met me and they have secured my signature. They have not.
So time passes on. Nobody’s doing anything, I continue with all the court cases. I try various channels It ends up with three judicial reviews in the High Court. Now the first judicial review was on the illegal land seizure. That was – I initiated that in 2002. I have some success. I was going to apply for an oral hearing, which I was given the right to, and that was when I was hauled into another court, to be told, you cannot have two cases running at once, you have to abandon one of them: and because I was told in a court of law I believed it – that is how naive I was.
I halted that judicial review. I then initiated over the time, as the years went by, I initiated three other judicial reviews, all in relation to court corruption and police corruption, gross violations of human rights etc: and every single judge saw what evidence I had, and not one single case of mine has any record of ever having been heard. There are no records. The only records that exist are my records and, within all that, that was when I found out that Cherie Blair had represented the county – Lancashire County Council – on 8th August, 2003, seeking permission to seize the land in Blackpool, 134 acres, close all the homes for disturbed adolescent boys on the site, close the farm, close the working school, evict all the families from the homes on the site: and what Cherie Blair forgot to tell the court, was that they had already done it two years earlier. That was so they could back take everything, and pretend that Sheila Bridge was not the victim of corporate manslaughter.
And that is the history of everything they do now. Nothing is new, everything is history revision. It involves a lot of gas-lighting, because a lot of things that happened to me I cannot tell people, because I do sound to be mentally unstable: but a good witness, my sister (……???), the last time we went out together, on the second day she said, “Carol, I am sure we’re being followed.” And I said, “We are. Ignore it.” On the third day the same happened, and she said, “I’m sorry, this is not directed against me,” she said, “but I cannot stand it. I cannot ever come out with you again.” And I have, since then, had nobody to go out with. They cannot stand it. So it’s gas-lighting, it’s brainwashing, it’s revision history, and everything they do, and what is happening now to me today, everything they’re doing now, they are cramming all the other illegal detentions of me into one event, so that all the other events then become the one event, which is now.
Interviewer: So just to go back to that 3rd September now.
Carol: Right, 3rd September, totally without warning, without any suggestion that anything was untoward, I heard knocking at the door. There’s an ambulance outside, the police are there, with the equipment they were going to smash their way in with, and I opened the window …
Interviewer: The battering-ram ?
Carol: Yes the battering-ram. I opened the bedroom window because I’d just got up quite early, and they started to say that I had to leave with them. And I said – I was very pleasant, I was calm, I was collected – I let them in, I said no, I am just getting up, I need to get washed and changed, I need to have a drink, etc, etc. Pamela Duncan – that is the second time she had presented herself to me as a psychiatrist, and she is not – she then said that I was in need of a mental health assessment, which she could do in my property – well, it’s not my property, it’s the property I rent from the council – or she could do it at The Orchard. With her was a man who I had never seen before, but he waved about a white piece of paper which didn’t look as if it had anything on it, but a folded piece of the paper he let me see which said “Peter Thornton”.
Now Peter Thornton I remember from being involved with the attempt on my life in August 2011 in a mental health institution, so I referred to this man as Peter. And then, after a little while, he told me he wasn’t Peter at all, he was called Pete. I then discover later he is Keith Knapton. I said fine, we can have the assessment here. No, they decided, it had to be in The Orchard. At the time they wanted me to go in an ambulance, and I said, “Why ?” I said to Pamela Duncan, “You are an essential car user, you have to be insured to have passengers in your work. I am your passenger.” “No,” she said, “I have no insurance.” And I said, “I don’t believe you.” I said to this man I only then knew as Keith, I said, “You are an essential car user, you have to be insured to carry passengers. I will come in your car.” “No,” he said, “ I can’t do that.” I said, “Yes, you can. I have been a social worker. I know about essential car users.”
They both left, but then the police seemed to leave and it went very quiet apart from the ambulance man, who sat in the ambulance. I knew it was a trap. They wanted me to attempt to hurry out to get to my car and rush away and the police were actually hiding around the corner by number 26 Fell View, because then they could say I was absconded, resisting arrest or whatever phrase they wanted to use, and they could be seriously heavy-handed. I did not try to run away. They have pulled that stunt so many times. I know exactly what they want, and I have never given it to them. But I then had to go in an ambulance, and I was brought up to The Orchard in Lancaster.
I was left to stand about, I was led to believe it’s a Section 135, which gives them a 24-hour time slot to assess me. I stood about waiting, expecting, well, this will happen quickly, they will see there is nothing wrong with me and I will be going back home. I stood about, stood about, and then I was called in and it was Dr Nallapuneni, and it took less than five minutes – the time frame was approximately three to four minutes – where she decided that I needed to stay to be assessed. And I said, “On what do you base that ? What have you seen of me, to make you concerned about me, and you – I need to stay here for 24 hours ?” Of course, I got no answer. They got a room ready for me and then I thought – well, after 24 hours – nobody spoke to me, I wasn’t provided with anything at all. I have no soap, no washing facilities. I have nothing. And I thought, well, it’s because they’re not going to keep me and they’re just going to say, well, you can go now.
And then, of course, persons turned up to remove me, and the police were called, and the matron was told that she should – could tell me that I had been made the subject of a Section 2, under the Mental Health Act. She couldn’t possibly have done that any other time than within the three to four minutes on my admission on 3rd September. It was all planned. It was never going to be a 24 hour assessment. So I asked the matron for a copy of the warrant. She didn’t have one but she could get one: “I will print it off .” So she printed a sheet of paper off that doesn’t even have my address on it. It has no suggestion of any incident that involved me that created such a fuss the police thought they had to apply to the magistrates court. It is rubbish basically. I know what a Section 135 warrant looks like, I know how many copies there have to be and what colours they are. This is something that has been typed up, to be then printed off and presented to me as if I am an idiot. The matron, when I said that this is not a warrant, she said all the real ones will be downstairs where they have offices. So I said, “Well, why can’t I see it, if you’ve got them here ?” – “ Oh well – well …” And then, just blustering. They can’t show me, because there aren’t any.
Interviewer: So just about the CQC phone call ?
Carol: Right. I phoned CQC very quickly, and they wanted to know what was on the warrant. He said, “There has to be a crime number.” And I said, “There is nothing on the warrant.” He said, “It’s not a warrant,” and I know it’s not: but this is where we started before, where people – solicitors are impersonated, I have judges impersonated, I have psychiatrists impersonated. They are alerted to the fact that they have been impersonated, offered proof, and nobody bats an eyelid: and that is my problem.
Interviewer: So Carol, just tell us, who do we indict out of all these people that are responsible for all the crimes that are committed ?
Carol: I think, we’ve had the police: all the names I mentioned before, including David Fairclough, Ian Michael Fisher, Paul Stephenson, Steve Finnegan. Yes Clive Grimshaw, but I want judges: Lord Justice Peter Gibson; Justice Bean; there is Justice Richards; Judge Crane; there is the manager of Lancaster County Court , Stephen Sainsbury, who has issued to me at least 200 false court documents, some even have the king’s crown as a seal, they are so false; then, of course, we’ve got Patricia Allen, former social services manager, perjuror; we have various from the NHS medical profession including Melanie Forest; Janette Carr; psychiatrist Susan Bradbury. Some of the staff involved right up to recent all left the post so it’s pointless naming them, I’ve no idea where they would be now.
Interviewer: And what would they be criminally charged with ? All of these: would they be conspiring criminally to cover up their crimes ?
Carol: Yes. It is participation crime. In other words, they intend to take part in something that covers something up. They are participants, so it is participation crime. It is conspiring to pervert the course of justice for me and many others, including the most vulnerable families. And then, of course, because of the false court documents, we have the perjury. We have extortion, fraud and embezzlement of public funds.
Interviewer: And on top of that the abuse of office, and then the abuse of power.
Carol: Yes, yes, all that.
Interviewer: And impersonating a public officer.
Carol: Yes. I’ve had Mohammed Asif, of Cobden House Chambers, Quay Street, Manchester impersonating Harry Narayan, who is – who was a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority chairman who is – from 2007 started to deal more with immigration cases.
Interviewer: And what did he do ?
Carol: I had a case for criminal injuries and Mohammed Asif impersonated the chairman Harry Narayan to spoil my case for me. Asif is not a chairman, he was a clerk. I have – the four in particular from Greater Manchester Police are: Detective Sergeant Andrew Rigby; Sergeant White; Chief Superintendent Brian Davis; another detective sergeant, Sergeant Hines. We have the perjury of PC Andrew Massingham, which led to the four-month illegal detention of me from the 7th November 2015, and the list goes on and on and on.
Interviewer: So if we were to go with maybe a handful of these criminals: if you could start with the top guy, and then give the charges, and then, you know, the date and time and place of the crimes, and then their names – if you just start with the top and then go down, then we know priority-wise.
Carol: Right. Some of them will all be equal rank in the Masons, which is what we’re looking at, but I think the top man is David Michael Fairclough. I have his perjured document; I have his assisting offenders in obstructing justice with Patricia Allen; I have his threat to me and a writer; he is party to the extortion and fraud generally. And Lord Justice Peter Gibson is in contempt of his own court for seeing evidence of serious crime including perjury and contempt of court under the Criminal Law Act, 1977, Section 1a, and he did nothing, so he is a participant in serious crime. and the participation crime of assisting offenders and obstructing justice, Criminal Law Act, 1967, Section 4.1, covering up perjury, covering up child abuse.
And then, we’re coming down really again, the Greater Manchester Police, very significant in this. So we’ve got D S Andrew Rigby for threatening me as a member of the public, conspiring with others, and, I believe, bribery and corruption, misconduct in a public office – Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act is relevant. Sergeant White, Chief Superintendent Brian Davis and Sergeant Hines. And they all – the police I have named, including Fairclough – will be parties – they will be accessories to the murder of Michael Todd, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.
Ian Young, who, with various others, has been responsible for creating so many false court documents to give to Steven Sainsbury, the manager of Lancaster County Court, to issue as real bona fide documents when they are not. Ian Young is seriously dangerous in that and I believe that they have been defrauding people out of homes and land for years and years between them. So we have fraud, embezzlement, misconduct in public office, perjury, issue of false court documents – which is a criminal offence; contempt of court, fraud, forgery of my signature, impersonation of others to make me believe something has taken place when it has not. And the other person that we must not forget in there who’s been instructing such as Lord Justice Peter Gibson, Justice Bean, Justice Richards, Justice Crane, etc, is Lord Falconer, because Lord Falconer was covering for Tony Blair’s wife in her perjury in August – of 8th August, 2003, in relation to the illegal land seizure.
Interviewer: Okay, Carol, just give me your date of birth and your address – the home that was stolen and your address that you’re in temporary accommodation.
Carol: Right. My house that was stolen was called Beechroyd until 22nd November, 2007, when I changed its name to Cherry Tree. That is on Sunnyside Lane, Lancaster, LA1 5ED, with a police officer Tracey Kennedy claiming they had bought it from me. It’s not been sold. The temporary accommodation I have from the council is 28 Fell View LA2 9RP, which is about five miles east of Lancaster.
Interviewer: And your date of birth ?
Carol: Alright, my date of birth is 4th of July 1948.
Interviewer: Okay. And so are you happy for us to hold just say that you would like to put this information to a jury to convene to look at the charges of the crimes that have been committed against you and others ?
Carol: Oh – I think we should mention – you see, Subramanyam, while she was struck off ,she’s still a person in her own right, but because she claimed to be employed by the NHS and was allowed into an NHS establishment at night with the intention of either causing serious harm to me or in fact murdering me, as she’d already murdered a patient with the same method by lethal injection: Subramanyam – I do not know her first name offhand, but that would be Lancashire Health Care Trust.
(For full name and details of case, see https://www.chorley-guardian.co.uk/…/chorley-gran-killed-by…)
Interviewer: And what’s the name of the patient she murdered, do you know ?
Carol: No, I don’t, offhand. It was Christmas Eve 2008, in Chorley Hospital – Chorley is, oh, about 35 miles south of Lancaster.
Interviewer: Okay. And how did you find out about that ?
Carole: Because I was suspicious of her, and as soon as the tribunal released me the first thing I did was checked her out.
Interviewer: And it was in the news, was it ?
Carol: It was on the internet, which then also gave the news: “Chorley gran killed” – you know, from 2008.
Interviewer: That’s why she was struck off ?
Carol: Well, she was suspended at first, and then she was struck off. –
Interviewer: Right, ok Excellent Boys, is there any other questions from you to Carol ?
Male 1: Not at this time No
Male 2: Is she ok for this to go out then
Interviewer: Are you happy for this to go out in the meantime Carol?
Carol: Yes why not?
Male 2: In that case I shall put this out
Carol: Try and ring the police again for a crime number. I said I’ve tried just over three hours today, and I can’t – I’m beginning to wonder if the line is deliberately blocked. All I get is a message saying, “Please ring later. Please ring later.”
David: I just thought of one question.
Interviewer: David’s got a question, Carol. One second.
David: Who showed up at your house to get you by name ? What are the names of the people who showed up to arrest you ?
Carol: They told me they didn’t need to give me their names.
David: Were any of them uniformed ?
Carol: Yes, two of them. All four of them, actually, the police.
David: Like Lancashire Police ?
Carol: Yes.
David: Okay.
Carol: I asked them, I said, “Where are you based ?” and they said, Lancaster based. The other two, of course, were the National Health, in paramedics uniform.
David: Okay. Alright. After we discuss this for a while, if we have any more questions we’ll come back to you, of course. Would you approve if we took a copy of this audio and sent it to the police?
Interviewer: David is asking if we can send the recording of this affidavit of yours, audio file, to the police ?
Carol: Certainly. Why not ?
What is stated above in the audio and 8 Page transcript is true to the best of my knowledge and belief
………….………….………….……. .………….………….…
Citizen Ms Carol Woods Date”
Archive continues =

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Carol Woods = “It is a highly complex matter which the police organise where they try to make me someone I am not. They have in fact tried to invent me as the reverse of myself using numerous characters, including “neighbours” who live alongside myself, and others elsewhere – the entire situations going back years. I find things out because I am not stupid. See my original w’blowing blog York LGO Blog re Lancashire CC http://criticalreader2006.blogspot.aeyou will see why I am hounded by lowlife RECRUITED to do that by the Gestapo.
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Child Stealing By The State – A Social Worker Speaks




Carol Woods, former top social worker + probation officer Lancs UK: kidnapped [6th time] to that closed unit again 04 Sept. 2019

Received from a 3rd party on 03 Sept. 2019 @ 21.24BST, and shown in the interests of justice and human rights =
From: carol woods
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2019 at 19:02
To: many – [mps etc]
 To all, this morning 2 cops, 2 NHS and ambulance with 2 NHS staff with them claiming they had a warrant from the mags court for me to be assessed. This was a rewrite of the SAME 3 Aug 2011 when there was no warrant then and THERE IS NO WARRANT NOW, A PIECE OF A4 with name PETER THORNTON waved about one involved Aug 2011 but the holder was not him, Forced to go to ORCHARD again with a 4 mins assessment by a rewrite of SUBRAMANIAN used in 2011 (the struck off psychiatrist they want to cover for)female name I cannot say begins with N ends in …I liar saying she had read the files (what files?) and I was deluded, BUT not the same delusions as last time! Bullying liars tried to get me to say I did not trust GP’s when I told them why see a GP if I am not unwell. I have nothing with me, no clothes, washing stuff etc and the bullying liar N—-i says I cannot go for anything, this is part of he thuggery, I have contacted CQC and a solicitor but this is an outrage, THERE IS NO WARRANT so the sleazy think because she says I am deluded then she can keep me here anyway.   Pamela Duncan bullying liar was involved but she is not in the Orchard, The plan I am sure was to say I took things as I admitted myself so that’s back-fired.this is a lap top I have this use of for just this, gross violations Human Rights as well again. My son went abroad yesterday, how odd that they waited for him to be out of the way.Please remember Agnes Jackson admitted herself into the hospital when  it was called Ridge Lea, she claimed then 5 6 7 July 2014 to be me, that is also to be rewritten in this. Even the NHS ambulance staff queried the  sudden bed space for me. So I have no clothes and nothing else which is part of the thuggery and INTENT to cause harm harm again. I know what a warrant looks like and it was  not what the lowlife waved about this morning. Bev Craw who admitted Jackson was admitted as me in 2014 is no longer here, she was a manager. No one can say how Jacksons unemployed son late 50 a Neanderthal was loaned a paramedics uniform only a few weeks ago to stand outside me in 28 Hell View and PRETEND he was NHS.Staff here cannot show it to me. Carol.HAVE NO IDEA IF I WILL BE ALLOWED CONTACT”

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