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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

UPDATED: Melanie Shaw: Paul O'Callaghan 18 Sept. 2019 + archive - whistleblower held in Rampton High Security Hospital, UK

UPDATE 18 Sept. 2019 - from Paul O'Callaghan:

(with thanks to Linda Lauderdale).
Linda Lauderdale has supplied 7 computer pages of links to UK Column, (7 links per page) covering 5 years, reinforcing that the UK Column have failed to report WHY Melanie Shaw has been persecuted and locked up (Gravestones and Rigby – see below).
These few reports also confirm my context of how little attention Melanie has received in UK Column output compared to EU/Brexit, Syria, Russia and UK military, (which UK Column team mostly consist of people with interests in these areas).
These UK Column reports put up by Linda Lauderdale (both typed and broadcast reports/comments within other reports) have proven how LITTLE substance there is about Melanie (reduced number of reports since 2017). UK Column are hot in describing court room judicial corruption (except in 2018 when Melanie was dragged screaming from the court room – the “Rev Simon Sideways and others did a better job) and the abuse she has endured in prisons, but REPEATEDLY fail to report WHY Melanie is persecuted (the late Robert Green even asked to camera on his own video why Melanie had been singled out amongst the Beechwood victims for such persecution).
In some reports UK Column’s Brian Gerrish refers to M.P.s/officials reaction to Mel Shaw’s plight but Gerrish also exposes his own failure to them in letters they are reacting to, to say WHY Melanie is persecuted.
Why saying why Melanie is persecuted is important can be explained like this: on the 11th July 2016 UK Column’s Gerrish said Melanie’s “knowledge highly dangerous to UK political establishment” – yet BY Gerrish not reporting that “knowledge” is making it WORTH WHILE for the establishment to keep Melanie locked up! Idiot Gerrish!
Lets look at some more of these reports from Linda Lauderdale links, (most of which I already knew of).
The nearest UK Column/Gerrish comes to revealing WHY Melanie is being persecuted (the “dangerous knowledge” the Authorities want suppressed) is the 8th April 2015 report (which I already knew about): Gerrish said “she discovered that they (Notts Police) had lied over their interviewing of witnesses” Gerrish failed to report it was by Melanie DISCOVERING THE GRAVES OF WITNESSES proving they had died years before they gave their Witness statements. Gerrish won’t reveal the gravestones – Melanie did in 2016 on her facebook – WANTING THIS and Rigby (on her facebook) reported. So if Gerrish says she doesn’t want the graves and Riogby reported he would be lying, (you got that Gerrish?).

On 11th June 2015 Gerrish stated, “Melanie discovered Nottingham Police had lied about the conduct of the investigation”. Proof please, Gerish? None was forthcoming, (no gravestone image even), so denying mass public support as the public need the evidence to know Melanie is a real whistle blower persecuted for this. This failure by Gerrish also helps Hoaxted Research (possibly some of whom are judiciary and/or paedophiles – they have faith in the evil Law) attack Melanie on their Hoaxtead Research blog.
Reference to a minibus "to transfer children to dolphin Square” is made (14/9/16) but not who drove it even as “Beechwood boss” (Rigby – who Melanie reveals in her own Posts drove it 4 times a year to Westminster).

Last Autumn (2018) Rigby gave testimony via video link from Australia to the IICAS child abuse inquiry which had refused to hear Melanie’s testimony in prison and said she had to contact them when she had tried to get to be heard by them before being locked up (what a co-incidence) for so-called harassment of Notts Police (which she had been doing since 2014 at least). By not hearing from Melanie IICAS were able to AVOID asking Rigby about Melanie’s recollection of him telling her he “used to rape the children” and drove the boys to Westminster for sexual abuse. Gerrish had claimed rightly that IICAS didn’t want to hear from Melanie, and now with Rigby appearing before the IICAS was the proof they were ignoring Melanie to protect the Westminster paedeos. BRIAN GERRISH FAILED TO EVEN REPORT RIGBY GAVE TESTIMONY. A disgusting failure by UK Column.
Another report shows the UK Column finds time to report Melanie’s back stabbing M.P. Chris Leslie was a Chairman of a parliamentary Tennis Group, yet UK Column can’t report WHY Melanie is locked up (Rigby/Gravestone).
The 15 minute live interview (yes I saw it years ago and met Melanie 2 weeks after) was 15th June 2015: Gerrish says in the interview: “Tell me what happened to the boys?” Melanie replied, referring to a “minibus” taking the boys to London, but Gerrish doesn’t ask who drove the bus. When Melanie begins to say who were killed, one can hear her start to then go into, “Norma Nort...” (appearing to about to refer to the dead Social Worker Norma who’s grave Melanie discovered and who’s Witness Statement was falsified by Notts police), but Gerrish stops her by saying, 2lets stick to the basic facts”!!!!!!!!!!!!
The basic facts and WHY Melanie is locked up/persecuted INCLUDES the grave of Norma. Idiot!

The 16th November 2017 report on Melanie Shaw is a classic example of Gerrish blaming everything on Theresa May when she is just one of the bad guys.
Another opportunity to say WHY Melanie is persecuted and locked up was on UK Column (28th July 2015) when Gerrish reports a letter he wrote to IICAS then Chairwoman, Goddard he did – but in reporting this letter he reveals he didn’t prove to her Melanie is a whistleblower being persecuted for this: no reference to the graves she found proving Notts Police fabricated dead witness statements and nor did he reveal Rigby was whom Melanie witnessed driving the boys to Westminster and back for abuse (and Rigby's admittance he use to rape the children). Every time Gerrish refers to Theresa May to blame for everything he could easily instead had referred to the Rigby and graves.
At best Gerrish can’t be bothered to do a proper job in reporting even once WHY Melanie is locked up. Whilst locked up of course he can give snippets of info on her and keep people watching and funding UK Column’s main output of military/EU/Bexit news.
The output on Melanie Shaw and it’s quality is VERY LIMITED AND POOR compared to EU/Brexit, Syria and UK military. Limited output is correct (and has been reduced since 2017).
Gerrish told his viewers to contact M.P.s about Melanie but his viewers need the PROOF Melanie is whistleblower/ victim of injustice to make M.P’s and other groups react.
Melanie WANTED Rigby (at least as “Beechwood Boss, but preferably his name) exposed (which Anna Bragga in her video interview features – superior to UK Column’s interview) and Melanie wants the Gravestone and it’s implication fully reported as she PUT BOTH facts (Rigby and Graves) on her facebook Posts (picture. Text, video). [ends]

Melanie Shaw – by Paul O’Callaghan 18 Sept. 2019 +archive

Tuesday 17 September 2019 “On UK Column 13th September 2019 Brian Gerrish ended the last report on the BBC describing the BBC as, “having the news every hour simply giving you sound bites, rather than true information and fact”.
Sounds like Gerrish is thinking of his own limited output on Melanie Shaw: soundbites without the key facts: WHY Melanie Shaw is locked up (locked up for trying to expose Graves which proves Notts Police faked dead Witness statements, which in turn was used (branded harassment of cop Helen Chamberlain) to lock Mel up to prevent her attending IICAS inquiry so to help IICAS protect Beechwood boss Ken Rigby who they didn’t want to ask about Melanie witnessing him saying he “used to rape the children” and drove the boys to Westminster 4 times a year for child abuse.
Gerrish then proceeded to say this on the demo outside Rampton asylum where Melanie is locked up for protesting in prison at being wrongly locked up: “I would just like to end on the fact that I’ve been informed that there is a planned demonstration at Rampton Hospital – thats a Melanie Shaw demonstration apparently, but I’ve got to say this is, err,. Extremely disappointing and indeed delicate because Melanie Shaw at the moment, is being extremely well looked after in Rampton Hospital. She hasn’t asked for people to be collecting money on her behalf and indeed a protest at Rampton could have serious adverse effects for Melanie’s progress and hopefully, errm, release from the system.
So if you’ve come across any of this material and I’m saying now as someone in contact with Melanie, this protest will probably not be helpful”.
Gerrish was joined in this condemnation by the Hoaxtead Research commentator Ghost of Sam (a possible paedo who cowardly doesn’t give his/her real name) as this ‘Ghost’ doesn’t accept any of the facts about Melanie finding the Gravestone then persecuted for this, followed by her campaign to expose this being used to help IICAS protect Ken Rigby who gave testimony to IICAS last Autumn, enabling IICAS to avoid asking him about Melanie’s recollection of what he Said to her (“use to rape the children” and drive boys to and from Westminster for abuse). Gerrish doesn’t say this.
Hoaxtead Research commentators also ignore these facts, (possibly because they are paedophiles). They too joined Gerrish in attacking the demo: commentator Crotchety Auld Woman on Hoaxtead said, “ 15/09/2019 at 6:06 pm “The demonstration is off-putting though – people can campaign about something without acting like rent-a-mob”. Another coward (because they don’t give their real name), Ghost of same added on Hoaxtead, “This is just mob action. Cannot possibly help anyone. People have a right to think whatever they want about Melanie Shaw but the claims she is somehow being incarcerated as a ”cover-up” is ridiculous. Nonetheless if they want to demonstrate they should do it outside whatever government office they think is responsible”.
No you cowardly “Ghost” – it’s not ridiculous. Melanie is locked up initially to suppress her evidence (Gravestone photos) that Nottingham cops faked dead witness statements, then her campaign to expose this, was used to lock her up again (wrongfully therefore) to prevent her from telling Alexis Jays IICAS inquiry about Ken Rigby telling her he used to “rape the children” and drive the boys 4 times a year to Westminster for abuse. IICAS refused to visit her in prison because they only wanted to ask Rigby if he “witnessed” any abuse – Jay and co are in with the paedos. Ghost of Sam should stop relying on Gerrish for facts, and instead investigate for him/herself (such a coward Ghost of sam doesn’t even give if they are male or female). My message to Hoaxtead Research is simple: stick to Hampsatead, Scarth and Hofschroer BUT LEAVE MELANIE ALONE. How controlled Gerrish’s visit to Melanie was, Gerrish doesn’t say, or if he has been blackmailed (with bluff threats to harm Melanie) if he doesn’t comply in saying what he’s saying. In comparison to Gerrish’s claim her supporters (Jimmy The Hat) read out messages FROM MELANIE of supporting the demo, eg Melanie said, “I’ve got to put things in as clear a way for you: The campaign group is essential in putting pressure on the right people to do the right thing. I want to reiterate until I’m released in the flesh…. Please don’t quit”.
A demo outside Rampton as I stated in late Spring, IS a good action, because it sends a clear message that Melanie has real supporters who will react if she is harmed by staff. But to get her released, demos must occur outside BBC Nottingham and outside IICAS itself, advertising (using THIS attached factsheet) and demo boards, showing Rigby’s face alongside the Gravestone, Rigby, Chamberlain and BBC reporters, and headline they protect Rigby/Paedeos which will only be effective in getting her free.
I’ve only just looked at this Group page when I heard demo at Rampton went ahead after ceasing using this Group page after abuse by Madam Ego. Pleased that Madam Ego didn’t hijack this demo (so not surprised she’s attacking it and now attempting to hijack another case). If Benny Dipp wants to get angry he should try to unmask Ghost of Sam who undermines/hurts Melanie from ever getting free. Please circulate this, as my specs are broke giving me a headache, typing this up.” [ends]
Paul O’Callaghan  Tuesday 17 September 2019

See the Youtube archive "Melanie Shaw" 


"Rampton Hospital is one of three high security hospitals in England and Wales. The Hospital's mission is to work with commissioners, patients, carers and staff to lead the development and provision of high quality, cost effective, secure forensic health care. Find out about Rampton Hospital by watching this film " 


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