Maurice’s call from HMP Parc 11 Oct. ’19: The targeting continues mercilessly – still he is refused a cell change AS PROMISED by the G4S “staff” to get away from the condoned bullying, and the health hazard that is his cell now after buckets of urine were poured under his cell door, and eggs were thrown onto the cell walls – everything out of range of the prison landing cctv cameras as the staff deliberately put him in a cell not covered by the cameras. Cons walk in and brazenly steal items right in front of him, and Maurice reports it, yet nothing is done about the criminals are doing the stealing – food also has been stolen as well as personal items. See the earlier updates with phone calls about this bullying – it is truly outrageous for a 74-year-old disabled man to be bullied daily by a gang of convicts who are allowed to continue this harassment.

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