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Sunday, 17 November 2019

DISGUSTING! Paypal's ties to Neo-Nazis...and silencing any opposition

This is an emergency, so I’m asking for your help. 
PayPal is pressing charges against us for exposing its ties to German neo-Nazis. 
This could ruin our small organization.
I know you care about fighting hate -- will you rush a donation to fight back?
If you've saved your payment information with SumOfUs, your donation will go through immediately:
Thanks for all that you do,
Anne and the team at SumOfUs
Here's my original email:

PayPal is pressing charges against us for telling the truth about its connections with German neo-Nazis.
Can you make an urgent donation so we can fight back?
If you've saved your payment information with SumOfUs, your donation will go through immediately:
We’ve just been hit with a big libel charge from PayPal.
The reason: we protested outside PayPal’s HQ and told the tech giant to end its business relationship with a neo-Nazi group in Germany.

Here’s is what you need to know: More than 100,000 SumOfUs members signed a petition to get PayPal to shut down the account of Pro Chemnitz, a neo-Nazi group responsible for refugee hunts and attacks on Jewish restaurants. Pro Chemnitz uses PayPal to raise money to finance their hate.

Today we tried to bring your voices to the PayPal HQ in Berlin -- and were greeted by the police. PayPal is pressing charges for libel -- even though all we did was state the truth.

This is big. PayPal is a multi-billion dollar corporation with unlimited resources to intimidate us and thwart our battle against hate. But we have unlimited power in members like you.

A heavy-weight lawsuit like this could be ruinous for a small organization like SumOfUs. They are trying to scare us, John. But we won’t let them get away with it.
Can you chip in now so we’re ready for a lawsuit?
If you've saved your payment information with SumOfUs, your donation will go through immediately:

A mobile billboard exposing PayPal’s ties to neo-Nazis has been circling the HQ since 8 am this morning -- paid for by SumOfUs members like you. And lucky for us PayPal’s HQ is made out of glass -- so all its employees couldn’t hide from our message.

That’s why PayPal’s execs are so furious. They don’t want to be associated with neo-Nazis.
When we arrived the police were already there to inform us that we’d been charged with libel by PayPal for associating them with neo-Nazis.

It’s clear: PayPal would rather use its financial might to scare us away with legal action than face up to its shameful ties with neo-Nazis. It’s a low blow to silence the likes of you and me, and anyone who speaks truth to power.

The police made us tape over the PayPal logo on our billboard, but the message is still there for everyone to see. Our lawyers think the next step is for PayPal to slap us with a gag order.

We have the facts and lawyers to back our case. But fighting PayPal in court will be costly, and could drag out for months or even years. Your donation right now could be the difference between giving up and beating PayPal at its scare game.

Can you chip in to fight back against PayPal’s scare tactics?

If you've saved your payment information with SumOfUs, your donation will go through immediately:
Thanks for all that you do,
Anne and the team at SumOfUs

More information:
Terror-Anklage gegen Chemnitzer Rechtsextreme, Süddeutsche, 25 June 2019 (in German language).Neo-Nazi admits deadly Germany synagogue attack, The Independent, 11 October 2019

Received via email on 17 Nov. 2019