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Monday, 6 January 2020

SHE WAS RIGHT BACK THEN + SHE’S RIGHT NOW! Sabine McNeil: “Britain’s “worst troll” complains beds aren’t “comfy” enough in prison” + more + HAMPSTEAD SRA archive 06 Jan. 2010

Pensioner, 75, branded 'Britain's worst troll' after claiming four mothers 'drank babies' blood' in satanic cult moans about her 'uncomfortable' jail bed in prison magazine

  • Sabine McNeill, 75, claimed there was a satanic cult operating in north London
  • She accused four primary school mothers of abuse, murder and cannibalism  
  • Last year jailed for harassment and six counts of breaching a restraining order
  • Now complained beds aren't comfortable and prison is a 'toxic environment' 
Sabine McNeill, 75, is currently serving time at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey where she has moaned about uncomfortable beds and a 'toxic environment'
Sabine McNeill, 75, is currently serving time at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey where she has moaned about uncomfortable beds and a 'toxic environment' 
A pensioner branded 'Britain's worst troll' after falsely accusing four mothers of running a satanic cult has complained prison is 'toxic' and her bed is uncomfortable.
Sabine McNeill, 75, was sentenced to nine years behind bars after claiming four primary school mothers 'drank babies' blood' and cooked up children's bodies as part of a twisted cult in Hampstead, north London
She is currently serving time at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey after being found guilty of harassment and six counts of breaching a restraining order last year between 2014 and 2018.
But she says conditions at the prison, which is also home to serial killers Joanna Dennehy and Shauna Hoare, are substandard. 
Writing in the prisoners' magazine Inside Time she moaned that she should be able to buy her own mattress after getting a sore hip. 
She also claimed it took six weeks to get a wheelchair to ease her chronic pain syndrome. 
Describing jail as 'toxic', she added: 'Once again, prison creates problems and totally avoidable stress that nobody 'out there' would imagine.
'What happens to the pain I've been feeling every single night, except for three-months when I slept on two mattresses.
'Healthcare were told by the Prisoners Advice Service (PAS) that they are required 'to make reasonable adjustments' so a new mattress was delivered without taking the old one away.
'Health & Safety say the mattress could slip (if there were two) even though it didn't for the three-months I had them.' 
McNeill claimed four primary school mothers cooked their babies' bodies in a secret room in the McDonald’s restaurant in Finchley Road, north London (pictured)
McNeill claimed four primary school mothers cooked their babies' bodies in a secret room in the McDonald's restaurant in Finchley Road, north London (pictured)
She continued: 'In my attempts at getting my Chronic Pain Syndrome recognised so that I can survive in this toxic environment, I have already acquired a wheelchair thanks to my friends and supporters.
'That took six-weeks of begging for permission and the threat of being handcuffed on my back while being carried.
'That was when I sat on the floor because my hip was hurting too much. I was forced to crawl with my crutches.
'Ever since I had my hip dislocated in a car accident I wish I could make my pain visible.
'But here, rules matter and their happiness, not our relieving of pain.'  
Before she was jailed in January 2019, Southwark Crown Court heard how McNeill harassed four mothers, who cannot be named, by claiming they were members of a cult who cooked babies and ate them.
She made a series of baseless allegations against the innocent parents which sparked a police enquiry.  
The pensioner published details of the cult online saying: 'They would drink the blood of babies and then dance around wearing the skulls on parts of their bodies.
'They would put them to sleep by injecting them, slit their throats, cook the babies and eat them.'
She was jailed for nine years at Southwark Crown Court (pictured) in 2019. Judge Sally Cahill said it was one of most serious cases of stalking and harassment she'd seen
She was jailed for nine years at Southwark Crown Court (pictured) in 2019. Judge Sally Cahill said it was one of most serious cases of stalking and harassment she'd seen
McNeill even claimed babies were cooked in a secret room in a McDonald's restaurant in Finchley Road, north London.
Judge Sally Cahill, QC, told the weeping pensioner as she jailed her: 'This case has to be one of the most serious cases of stalking and breach of a restraining order that there can be.
'The direct consequences of your actions, is that for the four families concerned you have ruined all normal family life.
'Their children have been unable to attend school normally, and are either home schooled or have to carry tracking devices and alarms.
'The families have escape routes planed in case of attack, mothers have slept on the floors of their children's bedrooms to protect them.
'They have had to move home; they have had businesses ruined as a result of being unable to have an online profile.
'As if that is not bad enough, for the children they will never, as things stand at the moment, be able to go online and put in their own names without seeing the vile filth that you have peddled over a period of years.
'The allegations were of murder, cannibalism, satanism and sexual abuse. They could not be more serious or vile.
'The children's lives have been blighted forever. In my judgement you are an arrogant, malicious, evil and manipulative woman.'
One of her victims told how her life had been affected by the claims in a statement read out in court.
The family have been forced to change their child's name and carry out what police call 'special measures,' changing their route to school and practicing panic drills.
The mother said McNeill's campaign of abuse has affected every part of her life.
She said she is unable to concentrate at work and her marriage has come under strain.
'I now feel like I'm failing on every level, as a mother, wife and worker,' she said.
'To this day my daughter is fearful and worries that our family will be attacked in our home - my husband keeps a crowbar under our bed.
'She struggles to understand why adults post material of a sexual nature about her online for the world to see.
'My daughter has had to assume an alternative name in certain aspects of her life, which is something that no child should have to do. We may have to consider fully changing our daughter's name by deed poll.
'She may have to live with the stigma of being branded a satanic sexual abuse victim for the rest of her life.
'I can't tell you how it breaks my heart,' told the, at times, visably upset mother.
'Our family was placed under special measures by the police.' 
Meanwhile the pair whose lies and abuse led to two children making the false claims which inspired McNeill's campaign of hate remain at large.
Ella Draper, 45, is believed to be in Spain having evaded arrest in February 2015 when she escaped from police via the back window of her Hampstead home.
Her former partner Abraham Christie, who along with Draper forced the eight- and nine-year-olds to peddle fabricated tales of child murder and blood-drinking to police, also remains on the run.  [I'm crying now...ed.]

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