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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Sacred Medicine pt. 1 / 4 - Richard D. Hall + film archive

Sacred Medicine  Part 1 / 4
Today Richard speaks to alternative health advocates Danielle and Lloyd Bryant who have been running their small business selling alternative health products for over 15 years and over that time period have researched many different products and practices aimed at promoting good health. Early in 2019 they discovered the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935-2017), and were so impressed by his findings about what cancer and 'disease' really are, they set about learning everything they could about his work.
Dr Hamer was a medical doctor who was in charge of cancer patients in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1978 when he was 43 his 19 year old son was shot and killed. Shortly after his son died, Dr Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Hamer was a healthy man who had not suffered health issues previously, and wondered whether his cancer could have been caused by the psychological conflict shock that he endured following his sons death. He set about using his own cancer patients to conduct research and find out the answer to this question. He discovered that ALL cancers and many other so called 'disease' are caused or triggered in the psyche.
The role of the brain and the psyche is the most important element in understanding so called 'disease'. Danielle remarked, "How on Earth have we not come across this work before now", and "finding out about Dr Hamer's work has more or less taken over our lives".
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280Danielle & Lloyd BryantThe ground breaking medical discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.10-01-2020Watch
279Rendlesham WitnessesRendlesham UFO case, statement analysis of witnesses27-12-2019Watch
278Dr Nick KollerstromPrince Andrew, London Bridge "attack" & the Salisbury poisoning Skripal affair13-12-2019Watch
277Andrew JohnsonIsrael and its influence over America29-11-2019Watch
276John AsprayThe wrongful arrest of Tommy Mair and the staged attack on Jo Cox. Where is Tommy?14-11-2019Watch
275Andrew JohnsonRichey Edwards, ancient aliens, evidence of E.T.s on Earth, alien abduction01-11-2019Watch
274Andrew JohnsonUFOs & Evidence for alien visitation of planet Earth18-10-2019Watch
273Richard FryAn investigation of the disappearance of Richey Edwards, of the "Manics".04-10-2019Watch
272Richard D. HallManchester Arena bombing, Worldwide animal mutilation study, Croydon Cat Killer02-08-2019Watch
271Madeleine HypothesisMadeleine McCann cover up, a new hypothesis19-07-2019Watch
270Fake Assange & BrexitThe Wikileaks pantomime and the battle for Brexit05-07-2019Watch
269Richard D. HallBrexit, Jo Cox, Manchester Arena "bombing"18-05-2019Watch
268UK Tour Video DiaryRichplanet activities update & a light hearted video diary25-04-2019Watch
267Jo Cox Bent CopsStatement analysis of the corrupt Jo Cox investigating police officers08-03-2019Watch
266Jo Cox AssassinationMP Jo Cox Assassination investigation, Brexit, Thomas Mair01-03-2019Watch
265Adrian GilbertThe Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, new science23-11-2018Watch
264Andrew JohnsonHidden technology, secret space programme, Rendlesham UFO09-11-2018Watch
263Adrian GilbertThe Orion Mystery, Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Bitcoin,26-10-2018Watch
262Dr Larry O'HaraLondon nail bombings, MI5, MI6, Gareth Williams12-10-2018Watch
261Andrew JohnsonArcheology on Mars, the Moon and the rest of the Solar System28-09-2018Watch
260Adrian GilbertKing Arthur - Wilson and Blackett, Holy Grail, British History, Avalon14-09-2018Watch
259Richard D. HallPhone hacking, Milly Dowler, police corruption10-09-2018Watch
258Dr Larry O'HaraMI5, MI6, Searchlight, Notes from the Borderland, David Shayler31-08-2018Watch
257Mike KeeganSelf sufficiency, , nature, growing food, Anastasia books, fake reality17-08-2018Watch
256Chris HamptonJo Cox, Birmingham 6, Sex, climate, 9/11 technology01-08-2018Watch
255Alan WilsonJo Cox, Tommy Mair, LGBT, Birmingham Six, Alan Wilson20-07-2018Watch
254Richard D. HallCover up of discoveries in space & secret space vehicles26-06-2018Watch
253Richard D. HallHiding from Terror, 2018 UK Tour15-06-2018Watch
252Jill Dando MurderKill Jill : The Dando Assassination Explained05-06-2018Watch
251Richard D. HallThe Assassination of Jo Cox20-05-2018Watch
250Richard D. HallHistory of Richplanet02-12-2017Watch
249Andrew JohnsonMoon Landings & NASA18-11-2017Watch
248Neil SandersThe Manson murders04-11-2017Watch
247Johnson & KollerstromProtocols, Julian Assange the fake truth seeker.21-10-2017Watch
246Richard D. HallMadeleine truth campaign, Bridgend "suicides"07-10-2017Watch
245Neil SandersSocial Media Psychological Operations23-09-2017Watch
244Mark Conlon & A. Johnson9/11 disinfo and lack of evidence of planes09-09-2017Watch
243Andrew JohnsonMedical cover ups, AIDs, Cancer, Vaccines26-08-2017Watch
242Dr. Nick KollerstromRecent terror attacks, how fake are they?12-08-2017Watch
241Andrew JohnsonStarchild Skull, NATO UFO tracking facility29-07-2017Watch
240Andrew JohnsonWikileaks and Julian Assange15-07-2017Watch
239Richard D. Hall2017 UK Speaking Tour01-07-2017Watch
238Richplanet TourRichplanet 2017 roadshow video diary16-05-2017Watch
237Madeleine film 8Madeleine : Why The Cover Up?19-04-2017Watch
236Madeleine film 7Robert Murat & The Madeleine McCann Cover Up19-04-2017Watch
235Peter HyattStatement analysis of Gerry & Kate McCann25-11-2016Watch
234Richard D. HallBen Needham, Llantrissant Mint, Seal mutes, UFOs01-11-2016Watch
233Richard D. HallPuppets, Middle East & 9/11 Video Analysis21-10-2016Watch
232Richard D. HallCelts, Middle East Politics, ISIS07-10-2016Watch
231Andrew JohnsonDavid Icke's work, the CIA, 9/11 & disinformation23-09-2016Watch
230Tony BennettDidcot Deception - film update, Freedom of Speech03-09-2016Watch
229Didcot murdersDidcot Deception, Jed Allen : Not Guilty26-08-2016Watch
228Barrie TrowerEffects of microwaves & microwave warfare12-08-2016Watch
227Andrew JohnsonThe Mars Rover Hypothesis Update29-07-2016Watch
226Andrew JohnsonAgenda 21, "sustainability" global fraud.15-07-2016Watch
225Dr Nick KollerstromJo Cox, Paris attacks, Fabricated Terror, Auschwitz01-07-2016Watch
224Richard D. Hall2016 Tour, Mars rovers, NASA, animal mutilation,17-06-2016Watch
223Richard D. HallMadeleine, EU, News, Subversion, LGBT, Hawking.03-06-2016Watch
222Madeleine film 6When Madeleine Died?29-03-2016Watch
221Dr Judy WoodDirected energy weapon used on 9/1124-01-2016Watch
220Neil SandersSocial Media behaviour, slacktivism & the CIA12-01-2016Watch
219Neil SandersManipulation behind social media05-01-2016Watch
218David CaytonAnimal mutilation in Leicestershire29-12-2015Watch
217Richard D. HallAnimal theft & UFOs in Lincolnshire22-12-2015Watch
216Richard D. HallRichplanet films & Lincolnshire UFO's15-12-2015Watch
215Gary HeseltineUFOs, disclosure, Travis Walton, the media08-12-2015Watch
214Gary McKinnonInterview with computer expert Gary McKinnon01-12-2015Watch
213Andrew JohnsonIs there a link between crop circles & 9/1124-11-2015Watch
212Andrew JohnsonA new theory for the formation of planets17-11-2015Watch
211Carl JamesNASA Puppets, space travel & perception management10-11-2015Watch
210Carl JamesStanley Kubrick & The Moon Landings03-11-2015Watch
208Gough & KollerstromMcCann, Energy, UFOs & Nato, Kollerstrom24-08-2015Watch
207Richard D. HallFake Terror & Extremism, MH370, Mar Rovers07-06-2015Watch
206Richard D. HallMadeleine McCann & Media Subversion01-06-2015Watch
205Derrick Bird murdersPatsy Driver - An Investigation into Cumbria Massacre28-04-2015Watch
204Madeleine film 5The Phantoms14-04-2015Watch
203RDH & Andrew J.Over unity energy devices research21-03-2015Watch
202Max BurnsThe 1997 Sheffield UFO Incident17-03-2015Watch
201Richard D. HallWhat's the real purpose of DEBT?07-03-2015Watch
200Neil SandersWhy are drugs criminalised?02-03-2015Watch
199Tony DoddAn update on UFO's & NATO - Human Mutilations24-02-2015Watch
198David CaytonUFO spotting & unexplained seal mutilations17-02-2015Watch
197Horse mutilation caseSilent Killers in Sussex08-02-2015Watch
196VariousAlan Wilson update. UFO witnesses.10-02-2015Watch
195Roger AndertonDid Boscovich discover a unified field theory?07-02-2015Watch
194Derek WillisHypothesis of an alien satellite around Earth26-01-2015Watch
193Johnson/GibsonMore evidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?16-01-2015Watch
192Johnson/GibsonEvidence of a NASA's Mars Rover deception ?06-01-2015Watch
191Tony BennetISIL, Peppa Pig, Religion vs Evolution12-11-2014Watch
190Richard D. HallThe Secret Space fleet13-10-2014Watch
189Richard D. HallWorld domination, modern slavery & more28-09-2014Watch
188Richard D. HallThe most subversive shows on TV22-09-2014Watch
187Richard D. HallMadeleine McCann & the establishment cover up10-09-2014Watch
186Gary HeseltineBrazilian UFO case, UFO dis-information22-08-2014Watch
185Madeleine films 1 to 4Buried : True Story of Madeleine McCann08-08-2014Watch
184Andrew JohnsonEd Fouche, the TR3B & the U.S. secret space programme21-06-2014Watch
183Richard D. HallImplants?, Derrick Bird did not kill 1230-05-2014Watch
182Tony BennettMedia subversion tac-tics, police corruption22-05-2014Watch
180Richard MelbourneThe Discovery of King Arthur in Glamorgan10-05-2014Watch
179Tony BennettAppeal for missing persons, plus T.B. on the E.U.03-05-2014Watch
178Richard D. Hall2014 Lecture - Perfidious Planet26-04-2014Watch
177Morgan ReynoldsEvidence which shows planes were not used on 9/1129-03-2014Watch
176Human MutilationsUFOs and NATO : The Human Mutilation Cover Up - PART 218-03-2014Watch
175Human MutilationsUFOs and NATO : The Human Mutilation Cover Up - PART 118-03-2014Watch
174Rev Anthony WilliamsObject resembling a pyramid underground in Wales04-03-2014Watch
173Andrew JohnsonComets, Planet X, Electric Universe09-01-2014Watch
172Lloyd PyeMilitary charities, UFO Truth Mag, Lloyd Pye07-12-2013Watch
171Dr. Nick Kollerstrom7/7 London bombings, MP's responses22-11-2013Watch
170Scott FeltonNews + The Berwyn UFO Cover Up : Exposed24-10-2013Watch
169Richard D. HallControl of TV, Search for Secret UK Bases01-10-2013Watch
168VariousRichplanet TV pulled from Sky 19116-08-2013Watch
167Richard D. Hall2013 UK Tour: The UK UFO cover up09-08-2013Watch
166Richard D. Hall2013 UK Tour: 9/11 cover up, media & money02-08-2013Watch
163John HansonUK UFO sightings & Haunted Skies19-07-2013Watch
162Elaine WaiteThe mystery artifact from a womans nose12-07-2013Watch
161Colin SaundersUFO sighting, highly credible witness06-07-2013Watch
159David McCannBBC "Madness in the Fast Lane" documentary21-06-2013Watch
158Black Triangle UFOsAlmost Identified Flying Objects08-06-2013Watch
157Kollerstrom & HeseltineWoolwich fake terror, UFO Citizens Hearings14-06-2013Watch
150Andrew JohnsonEvidence of life on Mars19-04-2013Watch
149Ian R. CraneDangers associated with Fracking, 91112-04-2013Watch
148Gary HeseltineUFO Truth Magazine, Nick Pope, Rendlesham film script05-04-2013Watch
147Historical ExpertsIndisputable evidence of King Arthur in Wales29-03-2013Watch
146Andrew JohnsonLooking at inconsistencies in the Apollo missions22-03-2013Watch
145Andrew JohnsonApollo moon missions, did they go to the moon?15-03-2013Watch
144Richard D. HallHorse psy-op, Saville psy-op, Horsham, Twins & UFOs!08-03-2013Watch
143Dr Judy WoodA lecture about WHAT happened on 9/11 - Part 201-03-2013Watch
142Dr Judy WoodA lecture about WHAT happened on 9/11 - Part 122-02-2013Watch
140Dr. Judy WoodEnergy weapon used on 9/11 & the cover up08-02-2013Watch
139RDH + GuestsThe Crown, murder attempts & extreme bizzarreness01-02-2013Watch
138Dr. Nick KollerstromState sponsored terrorism & Sandy Hook shootings25-01-2013Watch
137Bill MaloneyInstitutional child abuse in the UK18-01-2013Watch
136Neil SandersCIA media infiltration & mainstream propaganda11-01-2013Watch
135Neil SandersWas Saville part of an MI5 child sex entrapment operation?21-12-2012Watch
134Best of Richplanet 6The pyramids, Christianity and hidden history14-12-2012Watch
133Best of Richplanet 5Hidden power agendas and manipulation of the masses07-12-2012Watch
132Best of Richplanet 4UFO cases over the last 70 years30-11-2012Watch
131Best of Richplanet 3Humerous moments of 201223-11-2012Watch
130Best of Richplanet 2Who was really responsible for 7/7?16-11-2012Watch
129Best of Richplanet 19/11 & the technology behind it09-11-2012Watch
128Richard D. HallWas Raoul Moat a Programmed Killer?02-11-2012Watch
127Wilson & BlackettThe Wilson & Blackett Conspiracy26-10-2012Watch
125RDH's 2012 TourFake power politics, and a woeful corrupt media12-10-2012Watch
124Animal disappearancesThe Lincolnshire Triangle05-10-2012Watch
123Andrew JohnsonDevices which may replace Earths fossil fuel technologies28-09-2012Watch
122Andrew Johnson9/11 energy weapon & the cold fusion cover up21-09-2012Watch
121Jim KellyMI5 framing an innocent man & used as a patsy14-09-2012Watch
120Silverman & BiggerstaffThe Work of Nigel Kerner07-09-2012Watch
119John HansonHaunted Skies & The alleged alien implant31-08-2012Watch
118John HansonHaunted Skies24-08-2012Watch
117John HansonRaoul Moat, appeal for information.17-08-2012Watch
116John HansonHaunted Skies, British UFO encyclopedia series10-08-2012Watch
115Dan ShermanSecret N.S.A. E.T. communication project03-08-2012Watch
114RDH & GuestsFake terror threats at the Olympic Games27-07-2012Watch
1117/7 Ripple Effect 2The truth behind the 2005 London Bombings06-07-2012Watch
110Anthony BeckettExopolitics 2012 Conferences, false flag Olympics22-06-2012Watch
109Muad'Dib7/7 Ripple Effect 2, The Hill of Tara15-06-2012Watch
108Andrew JohnsonComparing video and radar evidence on 9/1115-06-2012Watch
101Paul SinclairUFOs in Yorkshire, Big Brother & Kevin Annett27-04-2012Watch
100Ben Emlyn-JonesSacked for blogging on "controversial" subjects20-04-2012Watch
99Neil SandersPopular music, who is controlling it and why13-04-2012Watch
98Neil SandersPsychostronic technology and mind control06-04-2012Watch
97Richard D. HallAbduction Phenomenon & Crop Circles30-03-2012Watch
96Richard D. Hall2011 Tour, filmed at Weston Super Mare - Part 223-03-2012Watch
95Richard D. Hall2011 Tour, filmed at Weston-Super-Mare16-03-2012Watch
94Dr. Nick KollerstromThe Falklands War and Censorship of it09-03-2012Watch
93Wilson & BlackettThe books of Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett02-03-2012Watch
92Wilson & BlackettBritains true ancient history and possible finds24-02-2012Watch
91Wilson & BlackettEvidence of King Arthurs burial sites17-02-2012Watch
90Wilson & BlackettCorrupt Welsh Authorities and their grotesque crimes10-02-2012Watch
89Wilson & BlackettMedia smear campaigns against historical research03-02-2012Watch
88Wilson & BlackettA suspicious fire suffered by Historians27-01-2012Watch
87Tony Farrell7/7 London bombings & Tony Farrells's appeal hearing20-01-2012Watch
86Anthony BeckettExopolitics UK Conferences13-01-2012Watch
85Andrew JohnsonDirected energy weapons and the 9/11 cover up06-01-2012Watch
83Phil AthertonMonarchy, 2011, the media and smut23-12-2011Watch
82David CaytonRendlesham UFO, Belgium UFOs & Night Vision16-12-2011Watch
81Ian R. CraneThe Monetary System & the debt based economy09-12-2011Watch
80Norman ScarthLondon "riots", phone hacking "scandal", crooked judges02-12-2011Watch
79Richard D. HallExopolitics UK 2011, University of Leeds lecture25-11-2011Watch
78Dr. Judy Wood - Part 29/11, "Where Did The Towers Go"18-11-2011Watch
77D.C. Gary HeseltineUFOs and the media04-11-2011Watch
76Dr. Judy Wood - Part 19/11, "Where Did The Towers Go"11-11-2011Watch
75St Bede's SchoolUFOs, Aztec, Socorro, Rendlesham, Concorde21-10-2011Watch
74Jemma KingPopular music, mind control & the Monarch programme14-10-2011Watch
73Ian Crane/Neil SandersAgendas of the Global Elite23-09-2011Watch
72Nick Kollerstrom7/7 London bombings, live audience16-09-2011Watch
71Belinda McKenzieThe Monarchy, Hollie Greig, Family Courts02-09-2011Watch
70Muad'DibThe Stone of Destiny, The Monarchy26-08-2011Watch
69Scott FeltonMetal detecting in Wales, UFOs19-08-2011Watch
68Mike Freebury, D. CaytonAnimal mutilation, Dartmoor cases & more29-07-2011Watch
67Muad'DibMuad'Dib talking about his May 2011 trial.22-07-2011Watch
66Anthony BeckettUniversity of Leeds, 2011 Exopolitics Conference15-07-2011Watch
65Tony Farrell7/7 London Bombings, Intelligence Analyst speaks out08-07-2011Watch
64George TuckHAM Radio, Pirate Radio, Lockerbie disaster05-08-2011Watch
63Keith HunterNuclear weapons, earthquakes, military bases01-07-2011Watch
62Keith HunterAncient knowledge, 360 day calendar, pyramid placement24-06-2011Watch
61Dave HodrienAbduction/Contact cases reported to Richplanet17-06-2011Watch
60Dave HodrienUFO cases reported to Richplanet.net & BUFOG10-06-2011Watch
59Osama Bin Laden7/7, Bin Laden, Lawful Rebellion03-06-2011Watch
58Andrew JohnsonDr. Judy Woods Book: Where Did The Towers Go?27-05-2011Watch
57Richard D. HallWhat the Bible tells us about UFOs01-09-2009Watch
56Nick Kollerstrom, Part 27/7 London Bombings06-05-2011Watch
55Nick Kollerstrom, Part 17/7 London Bombings29-04-2011Watch
53James CasboltMind Control, MKUltra, Super Soldiers13-05-2011Watch
52Charles James HallTall White E.T.s, Grey E.T.s & "Norwegian" E.T.s22-04-2011Watch
51S. Campion & M. CockingWhat is the truth about "The Recession"15-04-2011Watch
50Richard D. HallThe economic crisis, central banks & money08-04-2011Watch
49RDH & Kevin WestIslamic Uprising, 7/7 bombings & "Beyond Knowledge II"25-03-2011Watch
47Dave MarrowMkUltra, Mind Control & UK Victims, Super Soldiers18-03-2011Watch
46Tony KilvertThy Pyramids, the holy grail, hidden knowledge11-03-2011Watch
45Rupert Sheldrake, PhdFalse Flag Terrorism & How the mind works04-03-2011Watch
44Dr. Rauni KildeMaking the Starship "Studio" & Dr. Rauni Kilde (Pt2)25-02-2011Watch
43Scott FeltonThe Phobos UFO & Scott Felton's UFO interest18-02-2011Watch
42Bari ChohanTurkish academia's knowledge of UFOs & Vimanas11-02-2011Watch
41Richard D. HallThe control of mainstream media and information04-02-2011Watch
40Roy DuttonCrop circle analysis, abduction28-01-2011Watch
39Neil SandersMind control programmes, "creating" celebrities21-01-2011Watch
38Roy DuttonThe Astronautical Thoery of Strange Aerial Craft14-01-2011Watch
37Lloyd PyeHuman Origins & The Star Child Skull07-01-2011Watch
36Samuel R. West2010, Ulysees, The gay alien from Gateshead25-12-2010Watch
35Gary HeseltinePolice UFO cases, Rendlesham UFO incident, Disclosure17-12-2010Watch
34Mark HallThe Disclosure Project 2001 Press Conference10-12-2010Watch
33Richard D. HallAnimal Mutilation & The Government Cover Up03-12-2010Watch
32Muad'DibLondon 2005 bombings, justice, Muad'Dib hearing26-11-2010Watch
31Mark HallThe Disclosure Project Press Conference 200118-11-2010Watch
30Dr. Rauni KildeOut of body experiences, UFOs & mind control12-11-2010Watch
29Miles JohnstonUFOs, mind control & military abductions05-11-2010Watch
28Ben Emlyn-JonesNew World Order, media manipulation, UFOs29-10-2010Watch
27Richard D. HallAnimal mutilation, terrorism, UFOs, religion21-10-2010Watch
26Tom ArnetOrigins of man, religion, Freemasonry15-10-2010Watch
25James CorbettFalse flag terrorism, scalar weapons08-10-2010Watch
24David CaytonAnimal Mutiilation & Human Mutilation01-10-2010Watch
23Ian R. CraneGulf of Mexico oil disaster & Peak Oil scam24-09-2010Watch
22Murphy, Toms & TurnbullEvolutionary theories, 1983 UFO case & Heapey Depot17-09-2010Watch
21John UrwinCovert 1950s assasination team & hidden technology10-09-2010Watch
20Andrew JohnsonReporting on evidence of chem trails03-09-2010Watch
19Professor John SearlThe Searl Effect Generator27-08-2010Watch
18Neil SandersMedia mind control, Manchurian candidates20-08-2010Watch
17Crop CirclesCrop Circles : The Hidden Truth01-06-2010Watch
16Neil SandersMind control, MKULTRA, psychotronics, implants, hypnosis06-08-2010Watch
15Animal MutilationSilent Killers : UK Animal Mutilation01-06-2009Watch
14Ged & Dale 21973 helicopter UFO case, Aztec UFO, & LA 194223-07-2010Watch
13Anthony BeckettEvidence for life on Mars16-07-2010Watch
12Ged & Dale on UFOsUFOs cases, Malstrom '67, Stephensville '08, Alaska '8602-07-2010Watch
11Muad'Dib7/7 London bombings, false flag terrorism02-07-2010Watch
10Andrew Johnson9/11 Physical evidence, what happened to the towers25-06-2010Watch
9Andrew Johnson9/11 TV footage and amateur video analysis18-06-2010Watch
8John DuffieldPhysics, light, gravity, space, time and dark matter19-05-2010Watch
7John DuffieldPhysics, space, energy & particles12-05-2010Watch
6Robert HallThe Gateshead Grey01-11-2008Watch
5North East TruthThe truth movement. False flag terror & more28-04-2010Watch
4Alan TurnbullUK military bases and intelligence agencies21-04-2010Watch
3Mark CockingSecret knowledge and the Central Banking scam14-04-2010Watch
2Alan WilsonAncient history & The Ark of the Covenant07-04-2010Watch
1David Cayton20 years of British Ufology06-04-2010Watch
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