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Monday, 3 February 2020

Conspiracy Journal #1038 - UFO: US's new undisclosed drone - Life after death in a parallel universe? - Nepal's yeti - Florida besieged by Herpes B-ridden monkeys on the loose

2/2/20  #1038
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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such brain-draining tales as:

A UFO Or America's Newest Stealth Plane? -

Mysterious Stones and Tadpoles Fall From Sky -

- Infinite Universes Could Mean Life After Death is Real -


Ghost Hunter Calls Police After Hearing Eerie Call For Help

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A UFO Or America's Newest Stealth Plane?
By David Axe

Iran is the only other country besides the United States to operate arguably history’s most powerful interceptor aircraft, the F-14 Tomcat. And the Islamic republic has worked the twin-engine, swing-wing fighters hard.
The F-14s played a major role in Iran’s war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988. Iranian Tomcat pilots were the only ones to successfully employ the F-14’s long-range, heavyweight AIM-54 Phoenix missile to shoot down enemy planes.
In the decades after the war, Tehran repaired and upgraded the surviving F-14s, scouring the globe for parts in defiance of a U.S. government embargo.
The Americans retired their F-14s in 2006, but around 40 of Iran’s Tomcats remain active. Their main role is defending Iran’s nuclear sites. It’s a mission that has brought the interceptors in close contact with some very mysterious aircraft, according to a bizarre and fascinating 2013 story in Combat Aircraft magazine by reporter Babak Taghvaee.
The Iranians believed the objects were spy drones belonging to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, sent to sniff out Tehran’s suspected atomic weapons program. But they attribute to these alleged unmanned aerial vehicles flight characteristics and capabilities far beyond what any known drone can achieve.
And in 2012 one of the alleged flying robots reportedly also shot down an F-14 attempting to intercept it. Or at least some Iranians seem genuinely to believe so.

Over the decades Tehran has built three major nuclear facilities that could, in theory, be used to assemble atomic weapons: reactors at Bushehr and Arak and an enrichment plant at Natanz.
This infrastructure became public knowledge in 2002. No doubt the CIA took a strong interest, potentially long before that date. “A number of reconnaissance UAVs were sent to collect intelligence to prepare for a possible attack” by Western forces, Taghvaee wrote.
To protect the nuke facilities, in 2004 Iran deployed a task force composed of eight F-4E fighters and eight F-14s plus a former 707 airliner and a C-130 cargo plane outfitted with sensors and radios for command and control. The task force encountered what it believed were CIA drones with “astonishing flight characteristics.”
The UAVs could jam radars and disrupt interceptors’ navigation systems. They flew “outside the atmosphere” at speeds of up to Mach 10. They could hover. Flying at night, they emitted a telltale blue light that led to their nickname: “luminous objects.”
“In several cases … F-14s faced them but were unable to operate their armament systems properly,” Taghvaee wrote. One Tomcat taking off to intercept a luminous object on Jan. 26, 2012 mysteriously exploded, killing both crewmen. Taghvaee implies the alleged UAV was somehow responsible, as the F-14 in question was “one of the fittest” of the 40 or so Tomcats then in service.
It should go without saying that the CIA and the Pentagon most likely fly reconnaissance aircraft near—and even over—Iranian nuclear sites. In 2012 and 2013, Iranian fighters tried to intercept American Predator drones outside Tehran’s airspace. In the 2013 incident, a U.S. Air Force F-22 stealth fighter blocked the intercept with some Top Gun-style theatrics.
In 2009, the Air Force copped to the existence of a new, previously secret drone operated in conjunction with the intelligence agency. The RQ-170 Sentinel was based in southern Afghanistan within short flying distance of Iran. In December 2011, a Sentinel crashed on the Afghanistan-Iran border and was captured by Iranian troops.
Neither the Predator nor the Sentinel is particularly high-flying nor can hover or glow blue. And neither has the electrical power to scramble radars and navigation gear.
Rumors abound that the Air Force and CIA operate a stealthy new drone that has not been disclosed to the public. Even if they do, it’s unlikely that the new UAV is capable of Mach-10 hypersonic flight—the Pentagon is still struggling to reach Mach five.
So if Iranian F-14s truly are chasing around super-fast, super-high-flying and lethal UFOs, what exactly are they? Who knows.
Source: National Interest


Mysterious Stones and Tadpoles Fall From Sky

Mr Anil Hota of Ichchbatipur, under Baruna gram panchayat, in Kamakshanagar subdivision of India, was carrying a palm leaf sheet over his head, while moving around in the village.

Scorching heat, is not the only reason for such protective measures adopted by Mr Anil and other villagers, as all of them resort to leaf sheets or umbrellas, at the dead of the night, these days too. Much to the disbelief of the outsiders, the villagers of Ichchbatipur claim that, for last few days they have been witnessing bizarre and mysterious incidents like dropping of stone pieces and splinters from above and other directions.

Hence, it was no surprise that at the Pandua outpost and Kamakshanagar police station police officers, were taken aback yesterday when the villagers came in large numbers and narrated the “disturbance” in the village, which is taking place from Saturday night, while requesting them to take “necessary action”. The police, however, were helpless too and could do nothing except visiting the village and starting an inquiry.

Saturday night June 6 was as like any other night for Mr Hemant Mohapatra. But at about midnight, his slumber was disturbed by a strange sound. He woke up and realized that stone pieces were falling on his roof. Though, he immediately could not figure out what exactly had happened or who was doing it, he saw similar “attack” on the verandah and roof of many neighbours. They too could not understand what was happening and with utter disbelief, fear and confusion, all started searching for any clue, but in vain.

Mr Srikant Hota, a fellow villager informed the curious and confused neighbours that one big stone had fallen from above injuring him. He showed the injuries marks on his body.

As the news spread in the morning, thousands of people from nearby areas rushed to the village. Though the whole incident is still wrapped in mystery, the villagers preferred to remain indoors.

“We searched extensively for the origin of the stones, but found no answer for the mystery,” said Mr Hemant Mohapatra, who has sustained injuries.

Many villagers feel that it is a supernatural phenomenon, while some maintain that this was the handwork of a sorcerer. Kamakshanagar MLA, Mr Prafulla Mallick, visited the village and discussed the strange incidents with the residents.

Meanwhile, the villagers are getting ready to offer mass prayer before Lord Hanuman, seeking divine intervention to ward off the evil power.

Meanwhile, in the Japanese city of Nanao, around 100 tadpoles were seen mysteriously falling from the sky around 08:00 on the morning of June 7.

Otsuki Yoshihiko, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University, believes the creatures might have been swept up from a river or lake by a gust of wind before being dumped on a parking lot in the community.

Another alternative, he suggests, is that the tadpoles were first scooped up by a heron or black-tailed gull. Such birds often eat tadpoles in paddy fields and herons have been known to spit out their meal when attacked by a crow.

However, one witness to this fortean event says there was no birds present in the sky at the time.

Source: The Statesman/


Infinite Universes Could Mean Life After Death is Real

Life after death could in some form be possible if the infinite universe theory is proved to be true, one physicist has claimed.

Theoretically, this could mean there are an infinite number of versions of you based on infinite combinations of decisions taken during a lifetime.

And this would not only apply to you, but every other person, animal plant, atom, molecule and everything else which has ever existed in the history of the universe.

Every time something happens, there is a new branch created.

This could mean there are an infinite number of branches and multiverses stemming from the Big Bang – possibly even before.

Now, one expert believes this could be the key to life after death.

Physicist Adam Jacholkowski, former particle physicist at CERN from 1983-2015, believes that if the infinite universe theory is correct, then there is bound to be an exact carbon copy of your brain where the quantum processes are the same too.

Having the same quantum processes is the main constraint behind cloning a person’s mind, as there is no way to induce the same reactions.

However, in an infinite and eternal universe, it could be possible that an exact remake of your consciousness is created, which would allow you to live again, according to Mr Jacholkowski.

He wrote on Q+A site Quora: “Life after death exists as a global phenomenon, but my life ends when the entropy of the system of atoms forming my body is subject to a drastic rise.

“Life is an emergent property of complex systems and goes away if the opposite process to emergence takes place (collapse of complexity).

“Of course some information of my existence will survive for some time in a similar way as paleontological traces of past life are still visible.

“Hopefully it will be possible in the future to clone our minds but it is rather a kind of science fiction as this cloning will be never perfect due to possible quantum processes in our minds, impossible to reproduce.

“There is also another possibility that if the concept of an infinite multiverse is correct, sooner or later a copy of myself will be realised somewhere else.”

Astronomer Royal Martin Rees has previously said the next major breakthrough will be realising there are many universes, and ours is just one particular patch in space and time.

He theorised there could have been more than one Big Bang which leads to many universes, and ours was simply lucky.

Dr Rees writes in his new book, ‘On The Future: Prospects For Humanity’: “What we’ve traditionally called ‘the universe’ — the aftermath of ‘our’ big bang—maybe just one island, just one patch of space and time, in a perhaps infinite archipelago.

“There may have been many big bangs, not just one.

“Each constituent of this ‘multiverse’ could have cooled down differently, maybe ending up governed by different laws.

“Just as Earth is a very special planet among zillions of others, so—on a far grander scale—our big bang could have been a rather special one.”

Source: Express


How the Yeti Has Divided Nepal

A row over the yeti has pitted experts against officials - and, for once, it is not about whether or not the mythical creature actually exists.

Instead, it is how the creature looks.

"This is not right. The government can't just do as it wants," passer-by Reshma Shrestha says, shaking her head in front of the 7ft (2.1m) tall statue at the centre of a row.

"If you did not tell me, I would not have known that it was a yeti."
'It's a sumo wrestler'

The arrival of the first of more than 100 statues emblazoned with the words "Visit Nepal" was supposed to be the start of a year-long celebration of what the small Himalayan nation had to offer to the outside world.

They will soon be popping up across the country - at popular tourist attractions, trade centres, airports and some of the base camps in the Himalayas - as well as travelling further afield to act as mascots in cities around the world.

But the launch of the tourism drive, which aims to bring two million tourists to the region, has been somewhat overshadowed by the row over the statues' appearance.

"In folk tales, the yeti has been described as a big monkey-like creature," Ram Kumar Pandey tells the BBC. "However, the recent logo depicts it as a sumo wrestler. This does not at all match with the mythical character that has been described in many folk tales."

And Pandey should know: the author of several books on the subject, his objections are supported by other Nepalese cultural historians.

In fairness, most Nepalis are experts when it comes to the yeti, a mythical beast which lives in the Himalayas and features in many of the country's folk tales. And they are unimpressed.

"What I know about the yeti is that it is a monkey-like creature, which walks around in snow," Reshma continues, analysing the figure in front of Kesar Mahal in the capital Kathmandu, unconvinced by what has been created.

Krishna Lama is more blunt.

"It looks like a wrestler - not a yeti," he tells BBC Nepali.

However, the Yeti Art Committee - a subdivision of the Visit Nepal Year secretariat - is standing by its yetis, which don't come cheap at a cost of 500,000 rupees ($4,414; £3,380) apiece.

The group's co-coordinator, Prem Prabhat Gurung, says because the yeti is a mythical character, there should be creative freedom.

"Our aim is to produce the yeti as an emblem of peace, reconciliation and humility rather than a fear-creating feature," he tells the BBC. "People around the world should not only know Nepal as the land of Everest or Lord Buddha or Gurkha. The yeti can represent our uniqueness as well."

Ang Tsherin Sherpa - the man responsible for the controversial design - is equally defiant.

"I did not make yeti's sketch by reading any book," he explains. "On the basis of stories that I heard in my childhood, and having Lord Buddha at the back of my mind, I made the design."

There was, however, at least one more practical reason behind his choice: Sherpa says he did not make it furry as depicted in yeti-related literature in order "to make it easier to paint".
So.... what exactly is a yeti?

The yeti - otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman - is a mythical beast said to stalk the Himalayas.

It has appeared in tales told on both sides of the mountains, in India, Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, but features most strongly in the legends of the Sherpa, the communities that live at an average altitude of 12,000ft in eastern Nepal.

The creature is said to live up high in the eternal snows and be bigger than a human, with long hair covering its entire body. It walks upright on two bare feet.

Importantly, it is not friendly. Stories include ones where the yeti blocks all the doors to a village's homes while the men are away, another one where the humans try to trick yetis into destroying each other but only succeed in enraging the creatures into vowing revenge on people.

There are also female yetis: one in particular caught a man, with whom she had two children. When he escaped with the son, she killed and ate her own daughter.

"Perhaps folktales of yeti were used as a warning or, likely, for morality, so that kids wouldn't wander far away and they would be always close and safe within their community," Shiva Dhakal explained to BBC Earth in 2015.

Of course, modern day depictions of the yeti are often a little nicer. Last year's DreamWorks film Abominable saw a little girl make friends with the (very fluffy) yeti she found living on her roof.

Source: BBC


Herpes-Ridden Monkeys Roaming Neighborhoods in Northeast Florida

A band of herpes-ridden monkeys are roaming across northeastern Florida after escaping from a state park miles away, threatening the locals and the environment.

The rhesus macaques were living at the Silver Springs State Park near Ocala, Florida, but the creatures, native to south and southeast Asia, escaped the area and have since been spotted in Jacksonville, St. Johns, St. Augustine, Palatka, Welaka, and Elkton, Florida, according to First Coast News.

While the monkeys tend to keep to themselves, over a quarter of the 300 feral creatures counted at Silver Spring State Park carried Herpes B, according to a 2018 survey by National Geographic.

While it's extremely rare for herpes B to spread from monkey to human, when it does it can be fatal.

The rhesus macaques were first introduced to Silver Springs State Park in the late 1930s when a tour boat operator named Colonel Tooey released 12 of the furry animals onto a man-made island as a tourist attraction.

The creatures ended up swimming away from that man-made island and proliferated at an alarming rate. By the 1980s there were nearly 400 macaques reported.

However, to this day most are confined to the park and forests along the Ocklawaha River, but some are now showing up in residential areas.

So far a dozen of monkey sightings have been confirmed over the past eight months, with locals sharing grainy videos and photos of the animals sitting on front lawns and dangling from tree branches. 

'That is definitely a concern because I walk the dogs at like 5:30 in the morning and its pitch blackout,' Julington Creek resident Carrie Bennet said. 'If they bit me, if they came after and bit you, you don’t know what they have, what they’re carrying.'

The monkeys also present a major threat to the local ecosystem, and experts say the creatures could be potentially dangerous.

'The potential ramifications are really dire,' University of Florida primate scientist Dr. Steve Johnson said. 'A big male like the one in that video in Jacksonville -- that’s an extremely strong, potentially dangerous animal.'

'I was shocked, totally shocked -- it was a bigger monkey than I thought it would be,' Julington Creek woman Paula Farmer said upon seeing video footage of a dog-sized monkey eating oranges that fell from a tree. 'I love the wildlife. I would like to see one [in person].'

Eight-year-old Jason Parks reported seeing one of the monkeys out and about and described it as being about chest high with 'sharp claws and stuff'.

'My sister named him "George,"' he said.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials say the monkey reports are credible and it's the result of a likely expansion of the feral monkey population in Central Florida.

In 1984 the then-Florida Game and Freshwater fish Commission allowed licensed trappers to cull the monkey population by trapping and hunting them. As a result over a thousand monkeys ended up in zoos or research facilities or were killed.

However, it was a unpopular program with the public and since 2012 there has been no active management of the monkey population.

Two years ago due to a surge in the macaque population and the presence of Herpes B, state wildlife managers released a statement in support of population control.

'Without management action, the presence and continued expansion of non-native rhesus macaques in Florida can result in serious human health and safety risks, including human injury and transmission of disease,' FWC Assistant Executive Director Thomas Eason said in a statement.

'Additionally, macaques can negatively impact Florida native wildlife and pose potential risks to agriculture and recreation. Therefore, the FWC supports active management to remove these threats,' he added.

However, as the macaque population grows, there is still not any strategy to slow their growth as wildlife regulators continue to battle with other invasive species like Burmese pythons and feral pigs. 

Source: Daily Mail


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Fish Farm Plan Rejected Because of Fairy Danger

Controversial fish farm plans were rejected - after campaigners warned fishermen could be lured to their deaths by fairies in the deepest part of the ocean.

Ancient folklore was cited as a reason for planners to turn down an application to build a 12-cage salmon farm at a magical site off the coast of the Isle of Skye.

Objections to the Organic Sea Harvest salmon farm were also lodged by the Scottish Fishermen Federation in conjunction with other industry lobby groups, and residents raised concerns about the impact on Skye’s £1.8 million tourist industry.

But a bizarre objection letter was sent to Highland Council planners by a group called Friends of the Eilean Fhlodaigearraidh Faeries, which signed the missive "on behalf of the Flodigarry Fairies".

The letter raised concerns about the fate of the mystical ‘ashrai’ - a sea fairy similar to a mermaid - which it was claimed have lived off the coast of Skye for 1,000 years.

Once a century, the mystical creatures are said to be drawn to the surface of the water to bathe in moonlight.

But campaigners claim the sea sprites ‘fear for their lives’, and that the cages would draw the fairies to the surface of the sea, causing them to melt.

And a stark warning was issued that workers’ lives could be put at risk by the creatures, who could ‘lure them with promises of gold and jewels into the deepest part of the ocean’.

The letter said: "Ashrai live for hundreds of years and will come up to the surface of the water once each century to bathe in the moonlight which they use to help them grow.

"It is proven that the steel of the fish farm cages draws many ashrai to the surface, with only one result: they melt."

It warned that male fishermen would be in danger as the fairies "will attempt to lure him with promises of gold and jewels into the deepest part of the ocean to drown or simply to trick him".

The eccentric letter also claimed seals living on the island are actually roanes - water elementals or mermen who take the form of seals.

Famous ‘magical misty’ Skye landmarks were also mentioned, including its Fairy Pools, Dunvegan Castle's Fairy Flag and the Fairy Bridge.

And it was warned that water spirits - called the ‘Blue Men of the Minch’ - and water birds called ‘broobries’ may also be in danger.

The proposals were rejected after a six-hour meeting.

A joint objection from the Scottish Fishermen Federation, Scottish White Fish Producers Association and the Mallaig and North West Fishermen's Association said the worry remains for the "safety" of local fishermen.

Concerns were raised about chemicals used in the salmon farming industry.

Scottish National Heritage said that the farm would have an impact on the coast nearby but it was for the council to decide whether any environmental effect would impact on local policies.

Source: Derby Telegraph


Ghost Hunter Calls Police After Hearing Eerie Call For Help
By Tim Binnall

In a strange story out of Pennsylvania, a paranormal investigator made a frantic call to 911 after he allegedly heard an eerie voice crying out for help at a graveyard.

The bizarre incident reportedly occurred Wednesday morning in the community of Springhill Township when an unnamed ghost hunter was visiting a cemetery there. Suddenly, their investigation took a troubling turn when a disembodied voice caught his attention.

According to state trooper Johnathon Mosier, who was tasked with investigating the case, the paranormal investigator told the 911 dispatcher that "he heard a female's voice screaming, 'Help. Help, I'm buried alive.'"

The bewildered witness went on to explain that the chilling cry came from "within a pile of dirt that was inside a shed at the cemetery."

Amazingly, when Mosier arrived on the scene, he discovered that the ghost hunter was apparently not content with simply waiting for the authorities to look into the matter as he actually left the cemetery and bought a shovel so that he could, presumably, save the distressed woman. As such, when the trooper got the graveyard, he found the paranormal investigator digging up the ground near the shed.

Fortunately, a quick check of the area by the trooper failed to find anyone in trouble, much less a woman who had been buried alive. Mosier subsequently sent the shaken paranormal investigator on their way without issuing a citation for what one assumes had been unauthorized digging at the graveyard by the ghost hunter.

Source: Coast to Coast

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