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Monday, 23 March 2020

Conspiracy Journal #1044 - the UFO photos of Paul Villa - Farmington mass UFO sighting 1950 - Sea monsters - Freaky phone calls - Colorado Bigfoot

3/22/20  #1044
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Greetings one and all from your number one source of all things weird and strange. It is time once again to put all else aside and find out what is REALLY going on in the world this week. Time once again for news and interesting stories that you may not find in your daily newspaper or on the 6 o'clock news.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such hair-raising stories as:

The Photos of UFO Contactee Paul Villa -

 More Forgotten Saucer Cases of the 1970s -

- Freaky Phone Calls-


Bigfoot Caught on Camera Window Peeking

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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The UFO photos of one Paul Villa are in a category all of their own. They show solid hardware of what can only be “alien” craft originating from outside Earth’s atmosphere. "The Secret UFO Contacts of Paul Villa" is one of the few books with color photos of alien spacecraft introduced to our world as proof of the existence of another race of beings who live among the stars...but visit us on a regular basis.

For a period of several years Paul Villa remained a rather mysterious figure, claiming contact with advanced beings from other worlds. What placed him in a category almost all by himself is the fact that he was able to produce – just about on command! – photographs of real-world, solid vehicles – not “supernatural manifestations” – which hovered and darted about near his desert mobile home.

According to Villa, he would receive a telepathic message that his otherworldly friends were in the neighborhood and he should go outdoors. There in the sky would be silvery discs complete with “windows,” looking like nothing manufactured on Earth. The ships Villa saw and photographed ranged in size from just a few feet across to well over 30 feet in diameter.

As might be expected, the UFO skeptics began to attack Villa's photographic evidence. They claimed that his photos - over 50 of them - were faked, offering as proof supposed computer enhancements which are open to various interpretations. After a while, Villa became silent. There were rumors that he had been threatened and that his house had been burned to the ground.

THIS IS A LARGE FORMAT 8x11 book with page after page of Paul Villa's impressive COLOR photos -- the best quality we could obtain. It is a coffee table book that will be a great enhancement to any collector's library. There has never been such a tantalizing collection of UFO pictures printed in color in America that has so defied the critics. This book also includes the UFO contacts of Italy’s “Alien Friendship Case.”

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The Photos of UFO Contactee Paul Villa
By Sean Casteel
UFO contactee Paul Villa produced a plethora of credible photos of UFOs/flying saucers that are just as vital today as they were when they were taken decades ago. Villa’s wonderful full color pictures of hovering alien spacecraft have never been successfully debunked even after the passage of more than 50 years. Not that the skeptics haven’t tried. Those who know a bit about the photo process have to admit these are much better, and more authentic looking, than those of Billy Meier.

Publisher Timothy Green Beckley has recently made available a book called “The Secret UFO Contacts of Paul Villa” and spared no expense with the printing costs. While many similar books offer only grainy, blurry, black and white smears called “authentic” photos, Villa’s photos here are sharp, clear and in living color. Some, Beckley boasts, have never been published before!

Beckley first became aware of Villa when the publisher received a box of postcards in the mail from UFO aficionado Gabriel Green, who was also a publisher, convention sponsor and promoter. (Both the postcard and the original photo are included in the new book.) Green had carved out a niche for himself as the chief supporter of the New Age branch of the flying saucer movement, meaning he believed the UFO occupants were a benevolent race whose goal was to rescue mankind from the doom it seemed so inevitably to be heading toward.

The postcards featured the photo of a flying saucer that Beckley described as “almost too realistic looking to be legitimate. Many of the serious-type UFOlogists took it as a hoax, but they did not have the opportunity to see the full array of pictures taken by this gentleman, whom everyone said was almost a recluse, hiding out in his trailer before the Men-In-Black – or some other sinister group – attempted to burn his living quarters to the ground.”

“For a long while,” Beckley writes, “this was the most frequently published picture of a UFO, gracing many a newspaper and periodical. Gabe was going to see that the postcard was distributed far and wide because he had a great interest in what Paul Villa had to say about his contacts with extraterrestrials from Coma Berenices.”

Along with UFO abductee and channeler Diane Tessman, Beckley visited Gabe Green at his home, where some of Villa’s photos adorned the walls.

“There are some who thought that Mr. Green was overly passionate,” Beckley writes, “in putting his faith into what Villa and the other contactees had to say, so strange were the descriptions of their ongoing encounters and contacts, which included claiming to meet highly advanced beings from the other side of the cosmos and in some cases actually going for rides in their craft from the stars.”

Beckley provides even more background on Gabriel Green, who became a regular attendee and speaker at popular saucer events and organized his own group, the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (AFSCA). Green also taught others how they too could make psychic contacts with far-distant beings. Green ran for president in 1960, against Richard Nixon and John Kennedy. He put together a complete campaign platform, covering a range of economic and social policies based on information received from the Space People. Despite some early enthusiasm for his campaign, Green withdrew from the race in October and endorsed Kennedy.

Green died in 2001 in Yucca Valley, near Giant Rock, the original nexus of the Saucerian Movement, where he had continued his work as a medium, relaying messages from the Space People and the Ashtar Command to their true believers. Prior to Green’s passing, Beckley bought the rights to a book UFO researcher Col. Wendelle Stevens had compiled on Paul Villa, originally published as “UFO Contact from Coma Berenices.”

Wendelle Stevens was a leading UFOlogist for more than 50 years and the creator of one of the largest private UFO photo archives known. He became interested in the UFO phenomenon while he served in the Air Force after World War II and encountered mysterious radio transmissions while working on a classified project to photograph and map the Arctic wastes using new technology. In 1979, after retiring from the Air Force, he published the four-volume “UFO Contact from the Pleiades,” which detailed the alien encounters of Edouard “Billy” Meier, who also had taken impressive-looking photos of UFOs near his home in Switzerland. Stevens was the Director of Investigations for the now defunct Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and a founder of the International UFO Congress. He died in 2010.

Stevens became aware of Villa when Gabriel Green published some of Villa’s photos in his “UFO International” publication in October of 1965. Beckley reprints a portion of Green’s original newsletter, which Beckley called “the journalistic voice of the contactees, who spoke of friendly aliens.”

In his preface to his book, Wendelle Stevens writes, “Very little has ever been written about Apolinar (Paul) Villa and his remarkable long-term ongoing UFO contacts with alien extraterrestrial human beings and his several remarkable series of photographs of the posed alien ships. His contacts began, like most others, with sightings, then an awareness of their presence when they were here. This eventually developed into face-to-face contact and personal interaction with them, the extraterrestrials.

“When they invited him to bring his camera,” Stevens continues, “a simple Japanese 120 box version, they flew their ships slowly, hovered, and posed the craft for good pictures, which he did get in series and sequence. Handicapped by a slow shutter speed and a simple low resolution lens, he nevertheless managed to get a number of excellent color photographs.”

Beckley says one of the most fascinating elements of several of the photos consists of several “ball bearing-like” smaller craft which can be seen to circle the much larger disc. “I do not understand how they could be kept aloft if the larger UFO had been tossed into the air. It’s like they defy gravity . . .”

Paul Villa was born on September 24, 1916, in Albuquerque, of NativeAmerican/Spanish descent. While he did not complete the tenth grade, he had a good working knowledge of mathematics, physics, electricity and mechanics and was particularly gifted at detecting defects in engines and generators. His wife, Eunis, was a “war bride” from Germany; the couple met when Villa was serving as a sergeant in the U.S. Army occupational forces after the war. He brought Eunis back from Europe, and they settled in Southern California.

Villa said he first spoke with spacemen in 1953 when he worked for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles. While on the job one day in Long Beach, he had a strong urge to go down to the beach, a feeling he did not then understand. There he met a man about seven feet tall. Villa’s first impulse was to run away, but the man called him by name and told him many personal things about himself.

“He knew everything I had in my mind,” Villa said, “and he told me many things that had taken place in my life. He then told me to look out beyond the reef. I saw a metallic-looking, disc-shaped object that seemed to be floating on the water. Then the spaceman asked me if I would like to go aboard the craft and look around. I went with him.”

For Villa, the aliens were entirely human-looking, though more uniformly attractive than Earth people and definitely more refined in face and form. They took Villa on a tour of the saucer and confided in him that the whole galaxy to which Earth belongs is a grain of sand on a huge beach compared to the unfathomable number of inhabited bodies in the entire universe.

They said their craft are constantly active over our planet and that they are here on a friendly mission to help Earth people.

The extraterrestrials spoke to Villa in his native Spanish but also spoke English fluently with him as well. They told him they had been observing the development of our “dubious civilization” from observation platforms on our Moon, Mars and Venus.

Initially, Villa’s photos were greeted with some suspicion, even within the UFO community. Coral Lorenzen, who co-founded, along with her husband, Jim, the aforementioned Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, visited Villa at his home and asked him pointblank how he had faked the photos.

Villa responded, sarcastically, “Well, my dear lady, you just make yourself a model and toss it in the air and photograph it.”

Stevens later wrote that such a deception is not easily carried out. In fact, he tried doing it himself and, by the third photo, his model was ruined. It was also impossible to get the model in the correct attitude and angle simply by tossing it up in front of the camera.

The photos Villa took are breathtaking to look at and do appear to show actual flying saucers set against lovely desert scenery. There are different types of ships from photo to photo, which is consistent with UFO witness accounts since the 1940s and has led some analysts to think we are being visited by several different alien races and civilizations. That theory accounts for the many types of occupants reported, from the grays to the reptilians to the blonde, human-looking Nordics.

The notoriety that came with being “chosen” to take the photos did not make life easy for Villa, however. He suffered many instances of harassment, including an incident that happened when he stopped off at a local tavern on his way home from work. As Villa was sipping his beer, a complete stranger walked up to him and said, “So you’re the nut that said he is talking to spacemen?” The stranger next punched Villa in the nose, drawing blood.

Villa never forgot that moment of genuine violence. He was often forced to move his wife and household to new locations after such incidents, which included neighbors attacking his mobile home and even some very frightening visits from the dreaded Men-In-Black. People who found him in Albuquerque, where he had relocated his family from Los Angeles after the photos appeared in the “UFO International Journal,” took things from around his home for souvenirs.

The thoughtless interlopers infuriated him and the incidents necessitated another move, this time to an obscure small town in the remote desert south of Albuquerque.

Tim R. Swartz, a writer, Emmy Award-winning producer and Tim Beckley’s co-host on the podcast “Exploring the Bizarre” on the KCOR internet radio network, provides some further insight into this aspect of Villa’s story in the book “The Secret UFO Contacts of Paul Villa.” “From all accounts, it seems that Villa was very much a reluctant contactee,” Swartz writes. “His encounters are almost textbook examples of the ‘typical contactee meeting.’ In his interviews, Villa talks of friendly space people who are beautiful, almost angelic, in appearance, offering up explanations on how the universe works and what role Planet Earth plays within it.

But Villa didn’t hit the UFO conference circuit to promote his experiences or sell photos. He pretty much stayed quiet about the whole affair unless he was asked first.

“Thanks to Gabriel Green and his ‘International UFO Journal,’” Swartz continues, “Villa’s photographs became widely publicized, yet, at the time, almost nothing was known about the man who took them. Col. Wendelle Stevens, the primary author of this book, actually took the time to visit Villa at his home and listen to his story without passing immediate judgment.”

Swartz writes further that Villa, for the most part, shunned publicity, refusing to talk to the press or even to UFO researchers.

“He claimed that his life had been threatened,” Swartz goes on, “and once someone even took a shot at him while he was in his pickup truck. Those who did talk with him found him credible. The late Bill Sherwood, who was an optical physicist and a senior project development engineer for the Eastman-Kodak company said that, ‘Villa never tried to use his personal experiences for monetary gain. To me, he always seemed humble and sincere; unimpressed by the attention he received from the Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant, who called him at his workshop to discuss his experiences with the extraterrestrials.”

Villa shared his beliefs with well-known UFO researcher and author Timothy Good, telling him that there were three distinct groups of aliens visiting Earth, including “certainly one that is good.” Villa stated that the space people had hundreds of bases within our solar system on Earth, Mars and the Moon. The group Villa belonged to worked with about 70 contactees in the U.S. and about 300 worldwide.

“Unfortunately,” Swartz writes, “there is still a lot of information about Villa’s contacts that will never be known. Like many other contact cases, we are left to ponder the strange circumstances of the reluctant contactee Paul Villa and his mysterious friends from beyond.”

Villa died of stomach cancer in 1980 at age 64 and was buried in Santa Fe. Some of his photos were never made public, including a series that was reportedly taken on another planet. Wendelle Stevens writes that he had lost touch with Villla’s widow, Eunis Villa, and appealed to readers of “The Secret Life of Paul Villa” for any information they had that would enable him to contact her and get a look at those rumored, long lost photos. We may never know everything the UFO occupants revealed to Villa, but the idea that there is further photographic evidence to be seen is certainly a tantalizing one.

The Secret UFO Contacts of Paul Villa” also touches on the 1963 photos of miniature UFOs photographed by Christian Lynggaard in Aalborg, Denmark. The book includes two of Christian’s photos. There is also a brief account of Harold Trudel, who photographed two tiny, silvery, metallic, disc-shaped flying objects in July 1966 at Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

The book has an added bonus feature, a chapter on the Italian “Friendship Case” from 1956, illustrated with a photo from 1976 of an alleged alien over 8 foot tall who seems to dwarf the trees in the background. In the interest of disclosure, I wrote the “Friendship” chapter and another chapter that provides a basic overview of Villa’s personal history.

But the real beauty of “The Secret UFO Contacts of Paul Villa” is, of course, Villa’s photos. This new full color and expanded edition is more than worth the cover price for its faithful rendering of some of the best, most believable and historic UFO photos ever captured on film. You will turn the pages in wonder and awe as the reality of the alien presence penetrates your consciousness through the medium of Villa’s photos.

Source: Spectral Vision


Farmington Reaches 70th Anniversary of Mass UFO Sighting
By Mike Easterling
Farmington has reached the 70th anniversary of one of the more sensational events in its history this week, but it's a safe bet to say few residents will pay much attention to that milestone – or even be aware of it.
From March 16 to March 18 in 1950, the city experienced a mass UFO sighting, with some reports indicating "hundreds" of residents saw strange objects in the sky in broad daylight over the three-day period.
Their accounts were reported in breathless fashion not just in this publication — "HUGE 'SAUCER' ARMADA JOLTS FARMINGTON" screamed the banner headline on page 1 of The Daily Times on March 18, 1950 – but in many others as well. Those include The Santa Fe New Mexican ("Farmington 'Invaded' by Saucer Squadron") and the Las Vegas (New Mexico) Daily Optic ("'Space Ships' Cause Sensation").
An account of the incident by The Associated Press was picked up by newspapers across the country.
It's a fantastic story, one that might have seemed destined to leave an indelible impression on UFO history and the sizable community of amateur sleuths and researchers who have made it their duty to investigate and publicize such incidents.
And, yet, the Farmington UFO incident of 1950 largely has been lost to history, especially when it is compared to its in-state counterpart, the famed, alleged crash of an alien spacecraft on a ranch northwest of Roswell in June 1947.
While that incident — sketchy as its details may be — is widely regarded as the most famous UFO-related event in history, having achieved legendary status over the years, the Farmington event that took place a few years later barely registers on anyone's radar.
With seven decades having passed, that remains true, even though Farmington's brush with UFO fame, or infamy, holds up to scrutiny far better than most other incidents, many of them much better known. That's the assessment of an Albuquerque man who studies such phenomena, but who acknowledges the need to take a skeptical approach to most UFO reports.
David Marler, an independent UFO researcher and author who works in the health care field, has spent years studying the Farmington UFO incident, delivering his findings in the form of a website that serves as the most exhaustive and in-depth report on the event. He labels it "one of the most dramatic and well-documented cases in the history of UFO phenomenon" and said his research has uncovered dozens of similar sightings in the American Southwest, Mexico and Central America during that same time period.
"There was a lot more other than Farmington going on (during March 1950)," he said.
Marler isn't alone in feeling compelled to gain a better understanding of the incident. Many people who take a keen interest in the history of San Juan County share that fascination, and some of them have direct ties to the mass sighting that has become part of their family lore.
Patty Tharp of the San Juan County Historical Society is the niece of one of the witnesses to the incident, Clayton Boddy, who served as the business manager of The Daily Times in 1950. She recalls her late uncle regularly talking about the sighting when she was growing up and said the tale of the UFO armada is well known among the county's older residents.
She remembers her uncle as a man not given to exaggeration, and said he wasn't the kind to call attention to himself by manufacturing outlandish stories. He definitely believed he witnessed something out of the ordinary that day, Tharp said.
"He described the object and said several other people saw it, as well," she said.
A well-documented event
Marler said there are several elements that separate the Farmington UFO incident from so many others, mostly the fact that so many people claim to have witnessed it. The sightings took place between 11 a.m. and noon each day in the skies over San Juan County, not at night in some remote location where they were witnessed by only a single person or a handful of people.
Farmington was a much smaller community in those days — it had a population of between 3,600 and 5,000 people then, according to Marler — but the incident was by no means restricted to just a few sets of eyeballs. Marler also notes the sightings were thoroughly documented and reported in various newspapers at the time, and references to it exist in a great many government documents, as well.
The Daily Times' account chronicles how pedestrians along Main Street could be seen looking skyward and pointing, and the paper reportedly was "deluged" with calls from readers reporting the objects, although the story explains that high winds and a dust storm prevented clear vision.
The account explains how the objects appeared to play tag, traveling at "almost unbelievable speeds." The paper quoted Boddy, a former Army captain, who said he was on Broadway Avenue when he became aware of the phenomenon.
"All of a sudden, I noticed a few moving objects high in the sky," he is reported as having said. "Moments later, there appeared to hundreds of them."
Boddy declined to estimate the size or speed of the objects, but he said they appeared to flying at an altitude of approximately 15,000 feet.
Several other witnesses were quoted in the story, as well, including merchants, housewives, mechanics, insurance agents and Harold F. Thatcher, head of the Farmington unit of the Soil Conservation Service. Thatcher was quoted as emphatically denying a theory that the objects people had seen were bits of cotton floating in the air.
Many of those witnesses reported seeing a single red object that appeared to be leading the others. In his investigation of the incident, Marler would go on to dub that object "Red Leader" — a reference he believed "Star Wars" fans would appreciate.
Also quoted in The Daily Times story was Marlo Webb, then a 26-year-old manager in the parts department at the Perry Smoak Chevrolet Garage on Main Street in downtown Farmington. Webb told the paper he estimated the objects were small, about the size of a dinner plate, and noted the objects moved in an unusual way — "sideways, on edge and at every conceivable angle," he said. "This is what made it easy to determine that they were saucer-shaped."
Webb's testimony lends the event considerable credibility. He went on to become the town's mayor in the 1970s and now, at the age of 96, serves as chairman of the boards at Farmington's Webb Chevrolet, where he still works nearly every afternoon.
Webb seems willing enough to discuss his memory of the incident these days with anyone who asks. But, as a World War II Naval aviator used to seeing unusual things, he seems to regard the event as little more than a curiosity.
"I know how easy it is to be deceived by something in the sky," he said.
In fact, when he was contacted by The Daily Times last week, Webb said he had no idea the 70th anniversary of the incident was approaching and insisted he couldn't remember the last time he had thought about it.
"I can tell you everything I know about it in five seconds because I don't know much," he said.
Webb said he was working at his stepfather's Chevy dealership across the street from the Totah Theater on March 17, 1950, when someone told him they had seen some saucer-shaped objects in the sky. Webb went out to have a look, and when he turned his eyes to the north, he said he could make out 12 to 20 objects. He said they were loosely arranged, certainly not flying in formation, but moving steadily from east to west.
"They were darting around almost like leaves in the sky being blown around," he said.
Webb watched the objects for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, then went back inside to work.
"I couldn't leave my department uncovered," he said.
He said the duration of the event seemed to last much longer than that, however, because he recalled seeing people on Main Street looking into the sky for a long time afterward. He recalled many of those witnesses seemed a lot more taken by the event than he was, discussing what they had seen for years afterward.
"They almost made a career out of repeating what they saw," he said.
Webb wasn't one of those people.
"I never thought about it," he said, when asked what kind of significance he attached to the event. "There are a lot of things happening in the sky we're not aware of. I just won't waste my energy. I can't do anything about it anyway. … I don't have the background to research it and decide what it is."
Webb said he spoke to a military investigator after the incident and told him the same story. He understands some people want to draw other conclusions from what they've heard about the event, but he said he never felt the urge to do that.
"I've never said what I thought it was or made a judgment on it," he said.
A matter of family history
The Daily Times story about the event quoted approximately a dozen witnesses by name, but numerous other accounts have lived on through accounts passed down among family members.
Zang Wood, former president of the San Juan County Historical Society, was a Farmington High School student in the fall of 1950 and said he never saw a thing.
"A lot of kids said they did," he said. "I don't know if it was mass hysteria or what."
But Wood's mother, who was a San Juan County employee, was driving to work with another woman to Aztec from Farmington that day. When they got to Flora Vista, they said an object appeared above them and passed directly over their car.
"I'm not going to call my mom a liar," he said, recalling her as "a pretty level-headed lady. She didn't see things."
Wood said he doesn't buy the flying saucer stories because he didn't see them himself. But he refuses his dismiss his mother's account.
"If she saw something, she saw something," he said.
Another well-known authority on local history, Marilu Waybourn, author of "Homesteads to Boomtown — A Pictorial History of Farmington, New Mexico, and Surrounding Area," said she was in college in Missouri in the spring of 1950 when the incident took place. But she got an earful about it from her friends when she returned to Farmington at the end of the semester.
Waybourn wound up writing about the mass sighting on its 40th anniversary in the March 1990 edition of CrossCurrents, an independent publication that described itself as "A Journal of Life in the Four Corners."
In her story, Waybourn recounts that she heard the story at least a dozen times after she returned from college, and a group of her friends took her to a location that was purported to be a landing site of one of the objects. She described it as "a large circle, about 60 feet in diameter, with the sagebrush flattened out and singed weeds around the edge."
Waybourn also quoted a Farmington resident named Pauline McCauley who said she was a little girl at the time of the sighting. McCauley said she was herding sheep south of town that day in the spring of 1950 when she heard a sound above her, looked up and spied a circular object that looked like an upside-down bowl. McCauley told Waybourn the object had windows, and she could see three people inside wearing striped caps and navy blue uniforms with brass buttons.
Waybourn heard various other stories over the years, many of them from people who didn't want their names used for fear of being ridiculed. She said the incident sparked a great deal of curiosity at the time and remains a topic of discussion for older folks today.
"They took it for what it was," she said. "That it was something they wanted to know more about."
Rio Rancho resident Ron Boddy, the son of witness Clayton Boddy, said his father talked about the incident occasionally over the years, but he never made a big deal of it.
"The last time I really talked to my dad about that was probably 40 years ago," he said, adding that his father, a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, was not easily impressed. "It was unusual to him, but not earth shattering or life changing."
Ron Boddy said his father was still a major in the Army Reserve at the time of the incident, and he recalled his father getting a phone call later from a military official asking him to refrain from doing any more interviews on the subject.
"I remember him saying he was asked not to bring it up or talk about it," Ron Boddy said.
But the younger Boddy regrets not pressing his father for details about the incident now.
"I wish now, looking back, I wish I had talked to my dad about it more," he said, explaining that he never got the sense his father thought the objects he saw were extraterrestrial in nature.
"To him, it was an unidentified flying object, not a spacecraft," Ron Boddy said.
Tharp, Clayton Boddy's niece, also has taken a keen interest in the event. She said the wire services picked up the stories on the incident from the New Mexico papers, and she has collected clippings that mention her uncle from newspapers all over the country. She agreed with her cousin Ron Boddy that her uncle didn't consider the appearance of the strange objects to be an alien visitation.
"He seemed to think it wasn't something from another planet — that it was a military deal," she said.
What to make of all this?
The quality and quantity of the information surrounding the Farmington UFO event has always impressed Marler. He said the accounts of the witnesses who were quoted in The Daily Times were remarkably consistent, and when those people talked about their memories of that day years later, their stories did not change.
"I'm really struck by the sincerity and honesty of the people I interviewed," he said. "They're not saying they saw flying saucers, but they saw something."
That separates them from the principals in other UFO stories he has investigated, many of whom are not nearly as credible.
"It really smacks of realism," he said, adding that the children of the witnesses he has spoken to unfailingly recall their parents as grounded, level-headed people who weren't looking for attention.
He also notes that an account of a UFO sighting occurred that day in Tucumcari, an event reported in the March 18, 1950 edition of the Tucumcari Daily News, and an Air Force captain and two technical sergeants at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque reported seeing three strange objects in the sky that afternoon.
Marler also has collected newspaper accounts of UFO sightings from that time period not just across New Mexico, but all over Texas and well into Mexico.
His website explains that, after an official investigation, a government official responded to the public curiosity over the event by claiming the objects that people had seen were the remnants of a ruptured, high-altitude U.S. Navy Skyhook balloon. Marler, who has presented several lectures on his findings, flatly dismisses that theory, explaining that it might have been plausible for one day of UFO sightings, but not three. He also points to research that shows there were no documented Skyhook balloon launches around that time frame.
Given the technological limitations or that era, no photos or film footage of the Farmington incident are known to exist. Marler points out that if such an event were to happen now, there likely would be an abundance of such material. But he takes the mass UFO sighting here much more seriously than he does many other events he has investigated and said he is not sure why it hasn't gotten the attention he thinks it deserves.
He said the Farmington incident is well known in UFO researcher stories, but he acknowledged it is not nearly as well known as the Roswell incident or even the alleged crash of a UFO outside Aztec in 1947 — an event commemorated through an annual mountain bike race and etched in local pop culture.
Through his research, Marler said he has tried to eliminate various possible explanations for what happened in Farmington in the spring of 1950.
"When you eliminate those prosaic explanations, it's like checking off a list," he said. "What you're left with is an unknown. But unknown does not equal extraterrestrial."
The question of why the Farmington incident never captured the public's imagination the way Roswell did is a riddle to Marler and some others interviewed for this story. He gives some credence to the idea that Farmington is a very conventional town and perhaps has collectively downplayed the incident for fear of being labeled the same way Roswell has been.
But Tharp doesn't see it that way.
"I would disagree with that," she said. "Roswell is just as conservative as Farmington. There were so few people in 1950 who lived here. … Maybe it just kind of went by the wayside."
Wood agrees that Farmington is a conservative place that likely would bristle at being associated with little green men. But mostly, he thinks folks here have just decided to leave the incident behind.
"It's just like so many other things," he said. "Just like coronavirus — they'll talk about it for a year, then move on. … We have other things to worry about."
Source: Farmington Daily Times


More Forgotten Saucer Cases of the 1970s
By Scott Corrales © 2020
One cannot help but notice that the more we are faced with the realities of the current UFO landscape (flying tic-tacs, disclosure, the new contenders in the field, etc.) a certain comfort can be found in looking at older cases from a time before social media and Photoshop. It might seem like dwelling in the safety of the past to some; a form of saucerian nostalgia. However, we must always bear in mind the advice offered by J.J. Benítez, the journalist who boasted having traveled a hundred thousand kilometers in his quest to unravel the UFO enigma: it was prudent to allow cases to lie fallow for seven years before investigating them, as this time period would allow any hoaxes to be unmasked, and more importantly, it would allow witnesses to step forward, if they had been reluctant to discuss sightings and encounters at first.

On Sunday, March 25, 1978, four friends went for an evening stroll through the streets on the outskirts of Toluca, a city in the state of Mexico. Shortly after six o'clock, the four friends found themselves engulfed in a sudden cloud of dust. It was not restricted to the area they happened to be in - the dust storm was part of a huge cloud that dropped unexpectedly on the city, much like the dust storms kicked up by the Texcoco Dry Lake which affect Mexico City toward the end of the summer. The four friends crammed into a Volkswagen Bug and decided to go and inspect the scope of the unexpected storm. They drove to a height - a district known as Lomas Altas - which commanded a view of the entire city, enabling them to see the vast black cloud overhead.

The four young men watched the apocalyptic scene from the relative safety of their car. Lightning fell from the cloud as thick raindrops hit the windshield, and an angry wind blew dust, trash and zinc siding around.

Suddenly, the driver noticed at red light in his rear view mirror. At first he thought it might be the light of a patrol car, but could not imagine what a police cruiser would be doing up in Lomas Altas. The radio went dead as the driver realized the red object had no connection to law enforcement. It began rising from the hillside, floating in the air for about five minutes, plainly visible to the fellows in the car. Helpless, they could do little more than stare at the unknown source of light in silence.

The oldest of the witnesses, twenty-two year old José Brito, later explained that it was impossible to get a good view of the intruder due to the dust storm and the 'smoke' that appeared to be emanating from the object itself. One of the side effects of the sighting was the car's AM radio going dead.

In describing the object, Brito said it was roughly the size of a city bus, surmounted by a red chrome sphere; this sphere was accompanied by broad bands of blue light that he took to be viewports of some kind, however, there was no sign of any occupant. A set of 'huge legs' was visible under the object, although the seemed to be suspended in mid-air rather than touching the ground. Even more imposing were the jets of fire issuing from the object's lower section, the source of the smoke that added to the evening's murk.

The youths were spellbound as the object began to drift away, emitting a strange noise described as similar to those produced by jet cars.

"It spun so quickly," Brito told researchers, "that we lost sight of the details. We couldn't see if it had retracted its legs or closed its viewports. All we could see was a source of light suspended in the air."
At this point, the blowing wind became even more intense, sending large rocks flying. At this point, the friends feared that one of these large pieces of rubble would strike the car with catastrophic effect.
Once the strange object departed, the dust storm came to an end and light rain ensued.

Curiosity got the better of them and the young men went out to take a closer look. The felt the ground under their feet becoming hotter as they approached a hollow that contained two clearly visible, smoking burn marks.
The events at the heights know as Lomas Altas were corroborated by a family two kilometers away. Using a theodolite, the father of the family group was able to give a better description of the intruder: it resembled a spinning top that emitted a powerful white and red light.

On October 13, 1970 the main radar at Mexico City's Benito Juárez Airport picked up three objects that eventually hovered above the control tower to the astonishment of onlookers between one and three o'clock in the afternoon. The sightings were corroborated by peasants in the adjacent region and were picked up by the El Sol de México newspaper.
Like a Light Over Troubled Waters

USOs (Unidentified Submarine Objects) were also part of the picture in these saucer-prone times. In August 1971, the "El Debate" newspaper from the Mexican state of Sinaloa published a report involving the crew of a shrimp boat conducting nocturnal operations on the waters of the Gulf of California, near the port of Topolobampo. A bizarre luminous object was seen to emerge from the sea and speed off swiftly into the skies, leaving behind an odd luminous wake.

Ismael Preciado, the boat's skipper, and machinist Ramon Armenta told journalists that the unidentified object glowed emitted a powerful glow - bright enough to light up Farallón Island and part of Topolobampo itself. According to Preciado's reckoning, the light issuing from the object should have illuminated a twenty-five mile radius.

The newspaper report closed by saying that many fishing boat crews had seen similar objects emerging from the sea, leading many to believe in the existence of an 'UFO base' on the seabed.

- Editors Note: Because of the length of this article I am presenting an abridged version on Conspiracy Journal. I highly recommend that you take this link to read this incredible piece by Scott, and to keep going back to Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology for Scott's other well-researched and written articles.

Source: Inexplicata


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Newfoundland and Labrador Sea Monsters

Sea monsters of various sizes and forms have inhabited the human imaginary universe and range in meaning from the profound to the curious. According to the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish, the god and hero Marduk battled the sea monster Tiamat before creation. From the conquered and torn body of the creature, Marduk then created the universe.

Other legends are less primordial and epic, but nonetheless spectacular enough to draw our attention, such as the Loch Ness monster, which periodically roams through the tabloid press.

Gilbert’s sea monster
Newfoundland and Labrador claims its share of such fabled creatures. Sir Humphrey Gilbert, on his way back from claiming the New Found Land for Queen Elizabeth and Britain in 1583, is said to have stared into the glaring eyes of a lion-like sea monster.

The Labrador Nennorluk
A sea creature of considerable ferocity is also known to the Inuit of Labrador. Nennorluk derives its name from the polar bear (Nennok, nanuk), but the Inuktitut affix “luk” indicates its evil intent.

One of the earliest mentions of the Labrador Nennorluk appeared in David Crantz’s “History of Greenland.” Crantz, preserving a 1773 tradition from Nain, says that the legendary amphibious creature “hunted and devoured the seals.” Each of its ears was “large enough for the covering of a capacious tent.” Worse yet, the “beast did not scruple to eat human flesh, when he came on shore.”

In Okak, Inuit reported seeing it in August 1786. They were quite upset when doubts were expressed about their testimony. The report had Nennorluk rise “up to the height of a huge ice-berg, in the mouth of the bay, showed its white colour, and then plunged down again, leaving a whirlpool of foam.” Moravian missionaries tried to demystify the creature by explaining it naturally. They suggested that it may have been a “tumbling iceberg.”

Nain tradition
The legend of Nennorluk could not be explained away that easily and had staying power. The missionary Carl Gottfried Albrecht writes from Nain on Aug. 26, 1840, that the monster, which “is white on the back like a polar bear,” was seen in the spring near the outer islands and at times resembles “a small island but quickly sinks down below (the water’s surface) and is supposed to cause a thunderous noise.”

Seals that saw it took flight instantly. Inuit believed that the Nennorluk “does not swim but walks on the bottom (of the ocean) and can thus only be seen if it reaches shallows; the more shallow the water, the higher it will rise from the water.”

People also claimed to have heard it turning over the rocks on which it walked. But whenever it was in the open sea, it could not be seen “since it has there enough room in the deep and thus does not appear above the water.”

Sighted at Cape Mugford
In the spring of 1847, Inuit once more reported sighting the Nennorluk not far from Cape Mugford. This time, its “antennae-like sails or tents protruded out of the water at a distance of nearly 100 paces from each other.”

It scared people so much that “they made all haste to gain the shore.” Some of the Inuit who saw the creature added “that it has a voice resembling low thunder, very harsh, and unpleasant to hear.”

Shared Inuit legend
That the Nennorluk is a wider shared legend also known to other Inuit is documented by the famous anthropologist Knud Rasmussen, who recorded two stories of these fabled creatures with the same name among the Netsilik Inuit.

These creatures share with the Labrador species a giant size, speed, ferociousness and threat to humans, whom they are said to swallow whole. One of the stories told Rasmussen has them live in the water, but what is different in the Labrador narratives is the repeated emphasis on their walking in and under the water.

Source: The Telegram


Freaky Phone Calls

Telephones, cordless phones, cell phones... These communication tools have become indispensable parts of our daily lives. With them we can connect with just about anyone anywhere from virtually anywhere. Voices, conversations and the business of every day moving at the speed of light along wires, through fiber optics, across the sky, under the ocean and sometimes into space and back. Is it possible, however, that these electronic gadgets that we've come to take for granted sometimes make connections beyond what can be logically explained?

Consider these true stories from people who have had unexplained, puzzling and sometimes downright unnerving experiences with their phones.

The Impossibly Cloned Call
Many years ago, when married to my first husband, I received a telephone call at about 4:20 a.m. It was my elder brother telling me he had just gotten married. The call woke up my husband and I spoke with my brother for about five minutes. I hung up and went back to sleep. About a week or so later, I was visiting at my mother's home and this same brother was there with his wife. I thanked him for calling me... and I got this odd stare and his mouth fell open. He told me he had called our mother, but he had never called me at all. I turned to my mother and she related the entire conversation she had had with him, and then I related the entire conversation I had had with him - and these conversations were literally identical and at the exact same time. - Barbara

The Phones That Called Each Other
This strange incident happened in our home at Christmas. My husband had his cell phone on our dining room table and it was turned off for the evening. My purse was in our library, where my husband was playing a computer game with our daughter. In my purse I had my cell phone turned on. As my husband and daughter were playing, my cell phone rang. My husband picked it up and it said the incoming call was coming in from his cell phone! He thought our son was playing a prank on him and ran into the room we were in and told our son to stop messing around with his cell phone. We laughed at him and asked him what he was talking about. He said, "Your phone just rang and it said the call was coming in from my phone!" This is where things get weird! My son and I were both in the same room together talking and neither one of us had left the room. We weren't even in the same room as my husband's cell phone at all. My husband checked his phone and sure enough it was off just as he had left it. We can't figure out how a call came into my phone from his phone when his phone was off and there was certainly no one in the room with his phone! Strange indeed. We were all pretty mystified over the whole incident for sure! - Janine T.

The Phone Call That Never Was
My mum usually picks me up from work and she doesn't work far from me. One Tuesday night, we were driving home when I asked her how my dad's computer classes were going. My dad usually attended the computer classes every Tuesday night. She said she didn't know as she hadn't spoken to him about it. She asked me why. I replied, "Well, when I was speaking to him he said he was having some trouble. They had been given three assignments to complete, but he couldn't finish assignment number two as the computer wouldn't 'save as.' I think he eventually managed to do them all though."

"Oh, right." she said. That night, with the conversation with my mum forgotten, I was sitting watching TV, when my dad knocked on my door. He said, "I was speaking to mum earlier about the conversation you had about my computer class. How did you know we had three assignments and I had trouble with the second one?"

Confused, I said, "You told me that on the phone."

"No, I didn't. There is no way you could have known that because I have just come from my computer class. You had the conversation with mum before I went, and what you told mum happened tonight. I couldn't have known we had three assignments as I missed last week's class."

We both just sat there looking at each other trying to figure out how I knew what was going to happen before it did. I was sure we had spoken on the phone about it, but how could we if it hadn't happened? The strange thing is, I can remember my dad telling me what happened on the phone, but I can't recall how, where and when. - Cian B.

The Call from Grandfather
Sometime in 1999, our phone was out. My mother was at work and I was asleep when the phone rang and woke me up. I answered the phone, but didn't hear anything. I listened and then this man said something that I did not understand. I said, ''What?'' Then the man repeated himself. He said, "Is this the barber shop?'' And I said, ''No.'' Then I didn't hear anything else. The phone sounded dead, so I hung up. But I soon realized that the person sounded exactly like my grandfather, who had been dead for four or five years. The phone wasn't even working at the time it rang, because after it had rung I picked it up and the phone was still out! I'm convinced it was my grandfather. - Judy W.

The Message from the Afterlife
My sister has had some pretty interesting activity on her answering machine and phones. I have heard messages from the other side left on her answering machine. We know someone or something is trying to communicate with her using electronic energy as the mode. What we both want to know is how we can better receive these messages. The messages are sometimes hard to make out, yet some of the words are very clear. These messages are not left by human vocal chords (that much we know). We do not know where to go for this. I mean, it is not like we can call Ghostbusters or anything! She recently has had a good friend pass away, and I also have had a friend pass. It could be one of these two ladies, or it could be any lost soul in need of assistance. Today's message said (as far as we could make out), "I'm calling from the afterlife. Pick up the phone." - Patrice T.

The Anniversary Call
I was asleep one Sunday morning and heard the phone ringing. I tried to wake myself enough to answer it and when I did... it was my father. I was stunned. He had a big voice, like James Earl Jones, so there was no mistaking who it was. He asked me how I was doing. I'd just had major surgery a few weeks earlier and was in recovery. He asked me if I'd heard about the death of two people. I told him I hadn't. He told me that things would get better and to hang in there, he loved me and he had to go. When I hung up the phone, it was as if I stepped from another level back into this one. I immediately called my siblings to tell them daddy called! My father called on September 13 - the second anniversary of his death. - Michelle

The Call That Got Back at the Telemarketers
I worked as a telemarketer to earn a little money before fall quarter started for nursing school. A friend was a manager there and got the temporary position for me. I had been working there for a couple of months. There was a dialogue on the monitor in front of us to read from while talking with people. The computer dials the number, so I had no say in who I call. I cannot remember the last name of the folks I called this one day, so I'll just use the name Smith.

The phone rang and a man answered the phone. I asked to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Smith, please. The man very nicely said, "It depends on what you want." So I went into my spew of mailers for donations for the particular charity we were doing that day - spew being the number of letters they would have to send and what to do with any money they should get back. I asked if I was speaking to Mr. Smith. He answered with a chuckle, "Yes. And just how much in postage would I have to pay? I'm on Social Security, and my wife and I have to watch our money pretty close." I think it was like $3.40 in postage.

As I was explaining the amount of money and options to mailing, a woman comes on the call and says, "Hello." I said, "Excuse me, I was talking to Mr. Smith." The woman said, "Miss, I'm sorry, Mr. Smith has been gone for three years now. He passed away."

I asked, "Is there someone else there I could have been talking to?" She said, "No, honey. I'm here by myself. Can I help you with something?"

By her voice, I believe she was being sincere. Stunned, I said, "No, thank you, ma'am. You have a nice day."

When the call was disconnected, I looked at the girl sitting beside of me. She said, "Terrie, are you okay?" I guess my face was pale and I had a vacant stare on my face. I went out to a break right then, and proceeded to tell my friend, who was also the manager of the floor. She went in and called the main office and asked them to pull my operator number calls for the day. I told her the name and the next day she called, concerned someone may have been in the house with the woman and she didn't know; she sounded elderly to me. The answering machine came on and sure enough, she sounded like an elderly woman to my boss. Shelly left the number to our office and asked that the woman call back and reverse the charges. The woman called back a few hours later and just said she was fine. She recalled the phone conversation and thought maybe I was a prankster. - by Terrie

Source: paranormal.about.com


Bigfoot Caught on Camera Window Peeking
By Tim Binnall

A strange series of photographs taken by a man in Colorado may show a Bigfoot peering into a window. The highly intriguing images were captured back in October of 2017 by Scott Yeoman, who shared them with the public for the first time recently on Facebook.

Yeoman says he and his wife were walking from the back of their home to the front living room when they smelled what he described as a very harsh odor, “It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement. I caught glimpse of something moving outside the window from the corner of my eye.”

Being that the couple live in bear country, Yoeman’s initial thinking was it must be a bear looking at them. But when he moved closer he thought something else was staring him down.

Here is part of Yoeman's orginal Facebook post on "Bigfoot Now":

"OK so here's the story with my photos..So we (my wife and I) bought 11 acres of land in Bailey Colorado we built a foundation of cinder block that is 3'6" above the ground. The land is mostly hard pack dirt and large rock which I shared a video of when we bought it. After we moved a modular home there we lived off and on ther for 2 years while we goi it ready for permanent residency.

"In August of 2017, we were finishing the interior of the back of the house and I came into the living room and caught a whiff of a VERY harsh odor in the room. It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement. I caught glimpse of something moving outside the window from the corner of my eye."

"We have had bears visit pretty regular but they tried to get under the house, not in it. But when I seen the figure by the window, I thought that somehow a bear had climbed up to look in."

However, when he caught sight of the creature's face as it moved closer to the window, Yeoman was struck by how, unlike a bear, its eyes were large and far apart. Upon the realization that the thing outside his window was not a bear, he recalled, "fear struck me hardcore." He then quickly reached for a camera nearby and snapped a series of pictures.

Strangely, Yeoman said, the creature closed its eyes when he first pointed the camera at it. The bewildered witness mused that it was akin to a child acting as if "you can't see me if my eyes are closed."

About eight minutes into the encounter, Yeoman wrote, his wife came into the room and he told her what was happening. When she saw the creature, she screamed and ran to a back bedroom in the home. Determined to defend themselves, Yeoman grabbed a gun from a closet. However, the creature was moving away from the window by the time he returned. Since it had not tried to get inside the home, Yeoman opted not to shoot at it and the creature ultimately left the scene.

Concerned for their safety, his wife called the police and three officers arrived to investigate.

"Their conclusion was most [likely] a bear or other wildlife," he wrote. "Until I showed them the playback. When they reviewed it, two of the three were impressed and the third was like its a bear."

Unfortunately, this case could have been all the more fantastic as Yeoman said that he actually filmed the creature peering in the window for about 10 minutes. However, a house fire later destroyed the computer that contained the video.

According to Yeoman, he occasionally sees signs, such as broken tree limbs and eye shine in the nearby wilderness, that seem to suggest that the creature is still lurking around the property, but the couple have not had any other close encounters.

Source: Coast to Coast AM

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