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Friday, 6 March 2020

Maurice Kirk: A Simple Knock on our Front Door or a Telephone Call would have avoided the Welsh Rate Payers’ Two Million Pound Bill 06 March 2020 + archive

A Simple Knock on our Front Door or a Telephone Call would have avoided the Welsh Rate Payers’ Two Million Pound Bill 

‘Operation Chalice’ was launched by Barbara Wilding in order to having me ‘lawfully’ shot to stop the publicity of the estimated two million pounds so far she had squandered in losing over 50 failed malicious criminal prosecutions.
A very busy country veterinary surgeon, simply trying to attend night emergencies on and around the Vale of Glamorgan in the 90s, was relentlessly hounded by ‘bully boys in blue’ hiding behind The Queen’s uniform all because of a single telephone call from Guernsey police officer driven by spite.
Weeks before the machine gun I had been registered MAPPA level 3 cat 3 ‘most dangerous’ so access to preparing my defence from within the Cardiff prison walls in semi solitary was quite daunting enough task in itself. But the welsh authorities are notorious for their level of spite when an English man keeps proving them a bunch of liars. It must be said however , the prison staff and especially ‘Jenks’ and husband and wife team where amenable to common sense when housing a political animal.
Talking of ‘political dissidents’ in from Ireland comes a promised witness statement of Norman Scarth Esq.who , time and time again stop trusting lawyers and especially the judges who smile.
He liked my rebuttal on how the UK authorities supress ‘truth
  1. First you ignore the Norman Scarths, Patrick Cullinanes and Maurice Kirks publishing the truth and when that fails,
  2. you ridicule them in public by newspapers by malicious gossip and when that fails,
  3. you play the ‘Gulag card’ Stalin used and if that also fails, eg 22nd June 2009, you
  4. have your victim ‘shot’ (see Barry police station ‘Cobra’ meeting for my illumination.
My huge expense in managing to publicise, by serialisation on a day by day blog, caught on tape recordings of the scandalous 2010 Cardiff Crown court ‘ trading in machine guns’ conspiracy, exposes South Wales Police, countless judges who should of known better and perverse HM Crown Prosecutors. I hope the exercise is an enlightening experience to the general public as to ‘what really goes on in our UK law courts’.
I am unable to smoothly publish this narrative of blatant welsh ‘authority’ deceit until reference of those, protected from the consequences of their criminal conduct, remain anonymous, an act in itself, some say, court restraining orders are gross abuse of process. All my applications to ‘vary’ outstanding restraining orders, of course, are blocked. The classic is one handed down, forced to admit, in the next breath the court did not have ‘the power’ to cause a criminal investigation on serious facts already proven/ proven time and time again resulting in an outstanding English High Court Order, HM parole boards decisions, CAA psychiatrists reports and even ex President Bush’s Homeland Security’s ‘shrinks’ conclusion while I was entertained by Austin’s Texas State psychiatric hospital.
Meantime can anyone assist in explaining how I can redact names and places etc from cyberspace versions of the official machine-gun trial transcript, itself already unlawfully redacted by the trial judge, Paul Thomas QC? I need to learn how to ‘redact’ on line by not having to print out the whole transcript and attacking it with a felt pen!
The trial days yet to be published reveal still more deceit riddled conduct by Judge Paul Thomas QC , Barbara Wilding and her senior police officers with the the trial’s HM prosecutor, now Judge Richard Thomlow, exceeding all my expectations for such an inherent modus operandi.