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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

MUST SEE! Digital Demo - Uniting Online In Our 1st #DigitalDemo - Fighting For Truth & Justice For Our Kids!

Digital Demo - Uniting Online In Our 1st #DigitalDemo - Fighting For Truth & Justice For Our Kids!

 streamed live on the 18 April 2020

Speaker List
1310 - Zero News 1320 - Katie-Jayne 1330 - Sharon Binks 1340 - Little Veteran 1350 -Bobby Blair 1400-Joe Blair 1410-Tinky Jojo 1420-Elavi Dowie 1430-Streets & Vinnie 1440-Gary Hilson 1450-Tracie McCarthy 1500-Smithy 1510-Jill 1520-Luke Uncaged 1530-Jimmy The Hat 1540-Micheal Tarraga 1550-Alan Merritt 1600- Glenn Saffer & Zack 1610-Saranne 1620-Kenton 1630-Robert Thompson 1640-Manchester Mike 1650-Ash 1700-Big John 1710-Steve Carne 1720-Zack Jolly Due to the current #Government restrictions we are currently not able to gather in mass on the streets how we would normally campaign, so, to make the most out of a crap situation we are throwing our very own 1st #DigitalDemo We will be having many campaigners from many different causes joining together to #Unite and share #OurStories, to #Educate one another and warn everyone of the #RealDanger we face daily in the #WorkingClass world. We will be joining in mass our our channel to show #Unity and #Support for each other during the battles we currently face! https://www.change.org/p/uk-governmen... Speaking we will have: Katie-Jayne Swallow - Children Matter, fighting to end #ForcedAdoption #ParentalAlienation #StateSponsoredKidnap #ChildAbuse #Justice Tinky Jojo - Fighting to stop #ForcedAdoption #ChildAbuse #SatanicChildAbuse The Little Veteran - Fighting to stop #Persecution of #OurVeterans #Justice Sharon Binks - Fighting to stop the #MissuseOfPower to #StopIndoctrinatingOurChildren #EducationSystem #ChildWellbeing Bobby & Joseph Blair - Fighting to stop the #ChildAbuse against #LookedAfterChildren #JusticeForChildren and to stop the #Abuse they suffered happening to others Jill - fighting to stop #ForcedAdoption #LongTermFosterCare Gary Hilson & Tracey Mccarthy - fighting to #ExposeTheFamilyCourts and #SocialServices #JusticeForOurKids Zero News - Fighting for #Justice and to get the #Truth out, reporting the truth no matter where it takes him Glenn Saffer - Fighting for #Truth & #Justice for our country and our children Smithy - Fighting for #SafeStreets for #OurChildren #TruthAndJustice Luke Uncaged - Fighting for #TheTruth and #Justice #ForOurChildren to be able to live #SafeAndFree Jimmy the Hat - Fighting to make sure #OurLost will #NeverBeForgotten for #OurChildren #Truth #Justice and #Freedom for ALL Alan Merritt - Fighting to stop the #Corruption and #Injustices that he faced from happening to an future children Ash Wilde - Fighting to #RaiseAwareness for the children being #Groomed by #OnlinePredators Saranne - Mum who survive #Narcissistic #AbusiveRelationship fought through #FamilyCourt and #Won Kenton - Fighting to #StopNIPersecutions of #BritishMilitary and #ExposingCorruption Manchester Mike - Fighting for #SaferStreets for our children and #JusticeForAll Robert Thompson - FIghting to #Expose the #Science behind #FamilyCourts #SocialServices #ParentalAlienation and #ForcedAdoption Zack - Father Fighting for #Justice #Unity #OurChildren #EqualParenting & #Truth https://childrenmatter.news/ Subscribe and follow Families Destroyed by the State and our team on; Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdT1... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKb... http://www.youtube.com/c/zeronewsone https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_E... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVf7... Telegram: http://t.me/FamiliesDestroyedByTheState http://t.me/FathersFailedByTheState Http://t.me/familiesmatter Http://t.me/KatieJayne http://t.me/FascistbookNewsAndMedia http://t.me/EndForcedAdoption Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OurKidsMatter/ https://www.facebook.com/Fathers-Fail... https://www.facebook.com/Innocence-Fa... http://www.facebook.com/ForOurChildre... Email: katie-jayne@childrenmatter.news Zack@childrenmatter.news Joseph-blair@childrenmatter.news kenton@childrenmatter.news jimmy-graham@childrenmatter.news sharon-binks@childrenmatter.news Thisiszeronews@gmail.com Wake Up UK: https://www.wakeupuk.net/groups/?fami... Katie-Jayne Swallow is also live every Friday at GBT 18:00 on www.wakeupuk.net https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Sy... http://www.sharetherisk.co.uk If anybody could please donate to our PayPal to help with costs towards transport, filming equipment, leaflets, banner ect and demonstrations against forced adoption, and help parents and victims get theirs and their children's voices heard. If you can please donate to PayPal.me/childrennatter We can't thank you enough! 💛💙💜