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Saturday, 30 May 2020

OUTRAGEOUS: Maurice Kirk remanded to HMP Exeter 03 June 2020 - documents stolen and withheld – even from GP! - VIDEO + archive

They're making a meal out of this one and I'm having a hard time trying to see what actual crime Maurice has committed here that's caused him to be remanded in custody for possibly many months, considering Maurice hasn't even met his mp in person and only written 4 - at the most - perfectly reasonable letters simply requesting this MP's help in trying to get documents he's very wrongly been denied for years but is rightfully entitled to have anyway!! No threats or anything abusive to warrant the MP's allegedly "being threatened" - this is pure fantasy and allegedly Welsh police led - to portray Maurice as being something he's not - similar to the many serious charges and other falsehoods that were put on Maurice's legal history that were rightly deleted once high-ups were notified of the falseness of the charges, months if not years after they were created but not finally seen until recently by M on his probation assessment record during his last sentence - all extremely serious charges being pure fantasy and which never happened but still kept from his view for many years [so he couldn't object or put the record straight] see here: / https://butlincat.com/2019/04/24/maurice-kirk-message-received-private-lawyer-urgently-needed-asap-24-april-2019-archive/ . The "toothpaste on the letter" scam - how much did that investigation cost the taxpayer in searching Parliament's offices, and wasting police time all over the place - along with and including the supposed sending of "heroin" to Alun Cairns MP via a letter whilst M was in prison - another fantasy created around the same time and another crock that amounted to nothing but cost the taxpayer much more than we realise, in wasted police time too - all for nothing except, of course, to blackjacket and deride a perfectly innocent but much targeted citizen in order to shut him up regarding his quest for "justice" pertaining to countless examples of police and court failings and other blatant examples of irregularities and injustice going back decades!! It's a public scandal what's gone on for so long and this latest episode to punish and shut Maurice up further is just another example of that chronic and longrunning malfeasance!! - all in my own personal opinion, of course, but check the facts...
Update 03 June 2020:  Maurice has been remanded for 28 days to HMP Exeter, with the magistrate recommending a crown court trial, probably in November - all this for delivering a letter to one's MP!
He was given a 'bundle' en route to Exeter including the letter from his MP who had sent a letter - to SW Police? -  that she felt she was being threatened. M says he had never met with his MP but originally wrote in May/June '19 with request for help to get medical records from the clinic that he's been refused the records from for many years. M had heard that the letter he'd sent to his MP had "anthrax" on it (gossip at village pub) when it was his toothpaste powder he'd used to stick the letter to his prison cell wall! In Dec 19 or Jan 20 he went to her constituency office and met the MP's 'agent' or aide and asked him to book an appointment. By late Febuary 2020 he had heard nothing so he went again but then had lunch in a local diner where the MP's aide came to speak to him . He asked again for his MP's help. The aide said he would tell her. As again nothing happened last Wednesday 25th May he went to the village (Stoke St Mary) and from the pub went up to her house and posted a letter of request. 

8am Friday the police came to his Taunton flat and took him to the station in Bridgwater. There they charged him with harassment. M thinks there was no harassment as he should be allowed to send a letter to his MP and to visit her office in Taunton twice and then send another letter as he had not heard from her.

What a crock!

Maurice Kirk update 02 June 2020:
Where is Maurice? Maurice was arrested on Friday morning 29 May 2020 and was taken to a police station: “Maurice can at the maximum be detained for 36 hrs without being charged, or up to 96 hrs if an extension is obtained from Magistrates’ but we do not think that that has happened and he would have to go to court for that or appear by link” [ends]. The 36 hours was up at around noon on Monday 01 June if he was arrested on Friday morning 29 May 2020. Where is he?.

29 May 2020:
Maurice Kirk,75, has been arrested again with harassment of his MP Rebecca Pow and is expected to be transferred to Exeter Prison tomorrow [unconfirmed]. Apparently he was trying to post a letter into her private house letterbox. Maurice is certain that the welsh police are behind it. Maurice is trying to retrieve his many legal and medical docs stolen upon his release from HMP last November by prison G4S staff [on the orders of you-know-who] and all attempts so far have proven futile, even by his GP who needs to see the medical notes regarding Maurice’s medical condition. The legal documents are paramount to his civil cases against certain [Welsh + other] authorities, hence their confiscation which is highly illegal, and is blatant theft, amongst other things.

Maurice Kirk: Documents stolen and withheld – even from GP! VIDEO 11 May 2020

“Welsh prison and G4S have stolen my machine gun records and even my parole officer Bradley Hughes cannot achieve a retrieval and I know he would have done his best…The civil two million pound civil claim continues but more urgent are my prison medical records from the Parc prison both my gp and consultant are being refused despite numerous requests South Wales Police, of course, refuse to help as it is the defendant in the machine gun civil claim! 1CF03361”

Thursday, 28 May 2020

#OUTRAGEOUS #childabuse – YOUNG GIRL TORTURED FOR NOT HAVING SEX WITH 3 ASIAN MEN - Pitchforks & Lynch Mobs in #Barrow #Cumbria #UK + “Police find no evidence..” 27 May 2020

#OUTRAGEOUS #childabuse – Pitchforks & Lynch Mobs in #Barrow #Cumbria #UK  

Only admiration for #barrow survivors risking prison to share their stories of abuse. Doesn’t matter what the official investigations find. Across the country the tide has turned. No one left that believes
@UKLabour  politicians, police or MSM. The public believe the victims. 


English girl arrested for being kidnapped + tortured for not attending “parties” during #COVID19 #JusticeForEllie Please follow@MaggieOliverUK

Photos of injury included below Share

source:  twitter

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Life is so very unfair - "What's the matter with Tony Slattery?" - BBC Horizon - 2020 - VIDEO

Contains some strong language and some upsetting scenes.

Tony Slattery was one of the most gifted TV comedians of the late 80s and early 90s. One of the Cambridge Footlight set that included Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson, he became a household name on Whose Line is it Anyway? Then in 1996, amidst rumours of a massive breakdown, he seemed to vanish from our screens overnight. 
Now as he approaches 60, Tony has been touring the country with a show that explores his past and his mental health. Diagnosed with depression, he and his partner of over 30 years Mark Hutchinson have always been convinced there was more to it. Bipolar disorder was first discussed around the time of his breakdown nearly 25 years ago but never confirmed. Now Tony wants to have his mental health reassessed and has been referred to Professor Guy Goodwin, one of the world’s leading experts on the condition, to see if he can finally get a definitive diagnosis. 
But like so many people with complex mental health issues, Tony isn’t going to be easy to diagnose. Bipolar disorder is characterised by severe and disabling highs and lows over which the sufferer has little control. Having bipolar disorder may also predispose you to abuse alcohol or other substances which can cloud the picture and intensify symptoms. Although Tony gave up a cocaine habit decades ago, he is still a heavy drinker, so Goodwin pulls in Professor Julia Sinclair, an expert in addiction and mental health, to get her input. 
Tony’s partner Mark has been carrying the burden of his illness for decades and believes a traumatic experience in Tony’s childhood could still be affecting him. Whilst in Belfast, they visit Professor Ciaran Mulholland, an expert in childhood trauma and mental illness, and in an extraordinarily raw and intimate session, Tony opens up about these painful events for the first time in his life


Duration 59 mins First shown: 

  • view at source [UK only for the next 28 days from 23 May 2020]:



    What time is What’s the Matter with Tony Slattery? on BBC Two tonight?

    But the star disappeared from the public eye while battling with a cocaine addiction, and this documentary explores his issues with addiction and his childhood abuse.

    Tony Slattery rose to fame in the 80s
    Tony Slattery rose to fame in the 80s Credit: Rex Features

    What time is What's the Matter with Tony Slattery? on BBC Two tonight?

    What's the Matter with Tony Slattery? is on TONIGHT (Thursday, May 21) on BBC Two at 9pm.
    Tony Slattery was part of the Cambridge Footlight generation that included Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson.
    In 1996 it was reported that he had a breakdown and he disappeared from showbiz.
    Tonight's documentary will bridge the gap between then and Tony Slattery now.
    Tony Slattery and Stephen Fry have worked together before on TV

    Tony Slattery and Stephen Fry have worked together before on TVCredit: Rex Features

    What is the documentary about?

    The documentary is a one-off exploration into Tony Slattery's personal struggles.
    Now aged 60, Tony is trying to find answers regarding his mental health.
    Tony was diagnosed with depression and at the time of his breakdown it was thought that he might have had bipolar disorder, but this was never said for certain.
    In hopes of getting an accurate diagnosis, he visits expert Professor Guy Goodwin.
    While Tony no longer struggles with drugs, he does still have a problem with alcohol which the documentary will look at.

    Tony Slattery pictured last year
    Tony Slattery pictured last yearCredit: Rex Features

    The show will deal with sensitive issues as Tony's childhood trauma is discussed as he believes it is connected with his mental health battles today.
    In the past he has shared that aged 8 he was raped by a priest, though never told his family.
    He believes this contributed more to his mental health issues and alcohol dependency than people realised.  Tony visits other mental health and trauma experts and at the end of the show, he gets a call - hopefully revealing the diagnosis he needs to get the right help.
    The documentary is airing during Mental Health Week which aims to normalise issues around mental health and encourage people to speak and seek help.

    Sunday, 17 May 2020

    Ariana Grande - 2017 Manchester Arena "bombing" incident - from Richard D. Hall VIDEO + archive

    See all at Source: https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=283&part=1&gen=2

    Manchester : The Night of the Bang
    PART 1 OF 3
    An independent forensic investigation of the 2017 Manchester Arena "bombing" incident
    14,000 Ariana Grande fans had just finished watching a concert, when a loud bang was heard coming from the arena foyer. The vast majority of people did not witness an explosion because the foyer is a separate enclosure unsighted from the main arena. Immediately after the bang, crowds flooded out of the arena, some of them in panic. The mainstream media quickly reported that a suicide bomber had detonated a "nuts and bolts" bomb in the centre of the foyer, which they quickly claimed killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Despite the foyer being comprehensively covered by CCTV cameras, to date, no CCTV footage of the foyer area has been released for public scrutiny. Only 2 short pieces of video footage and one still photograph have surfaced showing the alleged aftermath within the foyer. Astonishingly, forensic examination of these videos and still image shows they were produced 15 hours before the time of the alleged explosion! Close scrutiny of first hand eye witness testimony and other evidence casts doubt on the official narrative and leads to the possibility that the event was a carefully stage managed exercise involving scores of enlisted participants. Richard D. Hall with help from two trusted researchers examines the evidence and builds a picture of what most likely occurred.
    Fabricated Terror >>
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    283Manchester Arena BombingThe 2017 Manchester MEN Arena 'bombing' documentary15-05-2020Watch
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