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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

UPDATED 30June20 - Maurice Kirk phone call from HMP Exeter punishment block - on hunger strike 30/06/2020 + archive

Maurice Kirk call from HMP Exeter 30 JUNE 2020

Maurice now in the punishment block...unbelievable victimisation, while more hostilities occur - from the prison "staff" - a public scandal. 

Maurice Kirk call from HMP Exeter 22 JUNE 20 

Maurice is on remand in HMP Exeter and being treated very badly. Despite supporters writing and complaining to authority figures, still his precribed medication OMERZAPAROL is denied him, along with much more. He is now under prison "punishment" for transgre.ssing some prison rule, when is probably did nothing in the 1st place - anything to target and victimise him - which is very apparent in this and previous sentences by rogue staff


The government employs the "clinical staff" in prisons, how come they don't rebuke them when they act illegally? Maurice has been denied his vital prescribed medication so many times there's not much left to say:
Ministry of Justice not liable for clinical negligence in prison ukhumanrightsblog.com/2018/02/26/371
via @ukhumanrightsb

Maurice Kirk call from HMP Exeter 18 June 20

On hunger strike for 10 days, Maurice, 75, tells how he was assaulted, receiving a cut ankle after his tv was smashed, and his phone removed by a prison officer.



 Maurice Kirk EMAIL - IN SEVERE PAIN AS MEDICATION REFUSED IN , UNABLE TO CLIMB STAIRS ETC - something HAS TO BE DONE! Needless to say Maurice is now on hunger strike - his Archibold's law book - and more - was confiscated immediately on his entering this prison about 10 days ago. A recorded delivery letter was sent to Robert Buckland, sec of state for justice and Jo Farrar, chief exec. at the HMPPS last week telling them of the medication being denied, the theft of his law book + documents...and more - EVERYTHING COMPLETELY IGNORED as today's email shows.  

I seriously do not think Maurice, 75, is going to be with us much longer, the way things are going.  What will happen if he dies - no one will be punished, nothing will be done - except the avalanche of denials and excuses? Then what?

Email from Maurice Kirk, A7306AT, at present on remand in HMP Exeter since 08 June 2020, 16 June 2020:

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Maurice Kirk: messages received - vital medication denied, again, in HMP Exeter - 09 June 2020 + archive

Received:  2 emails from Maurice Kirk 08 June 2020.  Maurice tells us in his first message that his vital medication "Omerzaparole" is being denied to him in HMP Exeter, as it was for a great deal of his previous sentences. This is not only illegal, but totally barbaric as, as we have been told before, Maurice is in great pain if he does not get his medication to aid digestion of food etc. due to stomach ailments he has such as "Barrett's Syndrome" and surely in this present day and age to deprive anyone of their much needed medication is an inhuman act - especially as the medication is not an expensive item but costs mere pennies to manufacture. This totally inhuman act of depriving Maurice his medication says it all about just how these prison staff shirk their responsibilities - and the law, and I, for one, will be writing to Robert Buckland QC - the secretary of state for justice - about this appalling abuse by prison staff.  Maurice goes on to say about his case, and his MP's position, and how it is being used to incarcerate him this time. In his 2nd message he tells us that he has been charged under the "Protection of Harassment Act", regarding which he requires a jury trial, along with much more regarding what is actually behind his arrest.

Archive continues

OUTRAGEOUS: Maurice Kirk call 06 June 20 – deliberately withheld info causes arrest now 07 June 2020 + archive


Maurice Kirk call 06 June 20 – deliberately withheld info causes arrest now 07 June 2020


Maurice Kirk: the shocking mistreatment begins – phone call from HMP Exeter 05 June 2020 + archive

Maurice Kirk: the mistreatment begins – phone call from HMP Exeter 05 June 2020

the shocking targeting begins for Maurice, 75, on remand in HMP Exeter
archive continues: 

Maurice Kirk – call from HMP Exeter 04 June 2020 + archive 04 June 2020

Maurice Kirk – call from HMP Exeter 04 June 2020


Maurice Kirk remanded in HMP Exeter – documents stolen and withheld – even from GP! – VIDEO + archive 03 June 2020

Update 03 June 2020:  Maurice has been remanded for 28 days to HMP Exeter, with the magistrate recommending a crown court trial, probably in November – all this for delivering a letter to one’s MP!

He was given a ‘bundle’ en route to Exeter including the letter from his MP who had sent a letter – to SW Police? –  that she felt she was being threatened. M says he had never met with his MP but originally wrote in May/June ’19 with request for help to get medical records from the clinic that he’s been refused the records from for many years. M had heard that the letter he’d sent to his MP had “anthrax” on it (gossip at village pub) when it was his toothpaste powder he’d used to stick the letter to his prison cell wall! In Dec 19 or Jan 20 he went to her constituency office and met the MP’s ‘agent’ or aide and asked him to book an appointment. By late Febuary 2020 he had heard nothing so he went again but then had lunch in a local diner where the MP’s aide came to speak to him . He asked again for his MP’s help. The aide said he would tell her. As again nothing happened last Wednesday 25th May he went to the village (Stoke St Mary) and from the pub went up to her house and posted a letter of request. 

8am Friday the police came to his Taunton flat and took him to the station in Bridgwater. There they charged him with harassment. M thinks there was no harassment as he should be allowed to send a letter to his MP and to visit her office in Taunton twice and then send another letter as he had not heard from her.

What a crock!


Update 02 June 2020 – Maurice was arrested on Friday morning 29 May 2020 and was taken to a police station: “Maurice can at the maximum be detained for 36 hrs without being charged, or up to 96 hrs if an extension is obtained from Magistrates’ but we do not think that that has happened and he would have to go to court for that or appear by link” [ends]. The 36 hours was up at around noon on Monday 01 June if he was arrested on Friday morning 29 May 2020. Where is he?


29 May 2020: Maurice Kirk,75, has been arrested again with harassment of his MP Rebecca Pow and is expected to be transferred to Exeter Prison tomorrow [unconfirmed]. Apparently he was trying to post a letter into her private house letterbox. Maurice is certain that the welsh police are behind it. Maurice is trying to retrieve his many legal and medical docs stolen upon his release from HMP last November by prison G4S staff [on the orders of you-know-who] and all attempts so far have proven futile, even by his GP who needs to see the medical notes regarding Maurice’s medical condition. The legal documents are paramount to his civil cases against certain [Welsh + other] authorities, hence their confiscation which is highly illegal, and is blatant theft, amongst other things. 


Maurice Kirk: Documents stolen and withheld – even from GP! VIDEO 11 May 2020


“Welsh prison and G4S have stolen my machine gun records and even my parole officer Bradley Hughes cannot achieve a retrieval and I know he would have done his best…The civil two million pound civil claim continues but more urgent are my prison medical records from the Parc prison both my gp and consultant are being refused despite numerous requests South Wales Police, of course, refuse to help as it is the defendant in the machine gun civil claim! 1CF03361”