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Saturday, 15 August 2020

SHOCKING: #FreeAssange: Julian Assange to be re-arrested – massive injustice in case management – VIDEO – 15 Aug. 2020

 UPDATE: #FreeAssange 14/8/20 At #Westminster Magistrates Court for the #JulianAssange Administrative and Case Management hearing 


via @greekemmy #DontExtraditeAssange #DEAcampaign #justice #humanrights #torture in #HMPBelmarsh @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel @BorisJohnson


Chaos in Assange Case Management Hearing

William Barr Attorney General issued a replacement superseding indictment to Assange after deadline.
Attorney General William Barr issued a replacement extradition request just two days after Julian Assange’s defence team submitted their full and final evidence for the extradition hearing due in September, Westminster Magistrates court heard today (Friday 14th August).

The clear attempt to blindside the defence by US Attorney General emerged as the court heard Julian Assange has not even seen the new extradition request, which contains no new charges but introduces new narrative content that the defence argued should be excluded from the proceedings.

The defence argued the replacement indictment introduced alleged conduct from 2010 and 2011 which the US had investigated almost a decade ago, and could therefore not plausibly be argued to be new information to the US investigation.

The replacement extradition request given at the eleventh hour is astonishing, given the case had been prepared over the course of one year and was well into substantive hearings which began in February.
Defence given 1 week to decide whether to ask for the September hearing to be delayed
And that was only part of the chaotic hearing in which Belmarsh prison did not initially bring Assange to the video room to join proceedings, the US prosecution failed to turn up (having got the time of the hearing wrong), and every journalist and NGO observer that tried to dial-in was directed to another trial entirely and never made it into the Assange hearing.

That left a mere of handful of journalists that could gain access to the court to report proceedings.

‘This was the worst hearing so far’, said Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks’ Editor-in-chief . ‘The US government seem to want to change the indictment every time the court meets, but without the defence or Julian himself seeing the relevant documents’.

Even now Julian Assange has not been re-arrested under the replacement extradition request. Instead the re-arrest will take place on the first day of the hearings.

The reissued request appears to serve a PR purpose since it contains no new charges though still threatens Assange with 175 years in jail.

Julian Assange’s legal team have been denied in-person access to their client since March. Today was the first day Julian Assange was able to have a short video link meeting with his lawyers, prior to the hearing. Belmarsh prison denied Assange any facilities to talk to his lawyers after the hearing ended.

Julian Assange has not seen his family and young children since March.

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