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Saturday, 26 September 2020

MUFON: latest updates and news - September Newsletter #3

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Massachusetts Man Watches Twin “Bulbs” Perform
April 27, 2020: 6:30 AM  
Case 109001: Alan [last name withheld], a resident of Southwick, Massachusetts, was walking into the kitchen of his home. As he casually looked outside, there were two, what he called, “Christmas tree bulbs” hovering about two feet above the ground and two feet apart. They first appeared to his southwest then moved about at various elevations to the southerly direction. Both objects (shaped more like American footballs) were both porcelain-white in color, apparently made no sound and ascended to 14 or more feet higher above the ground. The unusual sighting lasted for about six seconds and then, apparently, they disappeared. It is unclear what caught his attention while in his kitchen – an exterior noise or some kind of movement.
The drawing by Alan of the football-shaped objects is shown below. He drew the shape of the two objects to scale. Each was about 5 inches long and 1-½ inches in width. There were no exterior lights and the objects did not glow.
The following is Alan’s testimony:
“[I] heard activity [from] across the street and casually looked out the window when I noticed two white objects hovering approximately 2 feet off the ground and 2 feet apart. [I] focused on the closest and [my] first impression was of a porcelain-white, Christmas tree bulb. [The] objects immediately performed a left-hand, 180-degree turn and ascended from 2 feet to approximately 14 to 16 feet over a distance of approximately 50 feet until out of sight. Upon initiating the original turn, the second object fell in behind the first at a spread of 1 foot tailing behind by 2 feet.”
Case Disposition: Unknown – Other
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