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Monday, 19 October 2020

Tim Beckley's Conspiracy Journal #1065: Mystery of the Alien Satellite [another Black Knight?] - Feds investigating Jet Pack Man flying again near LAX - Ogopogo spotted again? - "Object" Caught on Sonar 500ft below Loch Ness

10/18/20  #1065
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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such nerve-wracking stories as:

- Second Sighting of Person Flying a Jet Pack Near LAX -

 - Odd Wave or Ogopogo? -

- The Phone Call From the Future -


Store Chain Pulls Cheap Ouija Boards from Shelves

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Second Sighting of Person Flying a Jet Pack Near LAX
By Richard Winton

Los Angeles International Airport officials are investigating reports of someone wearing a jet pack in the flight path, the second such report in a little over a month.

An air traffic controller overseeing airline approaches warned a commercial pilot who was set up to land that an individual wearing a jet pack had been reported flying at about 6,500 feet.

The crew of China Airlines Flight 006, a Boeing 777 heading to LAX from Taipei, Taiwan, reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jet pack at an approximate altitude of 6,000 feet and roughly seven miles northwest of the airport about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA alerted local law enforcement and is investigating the report.

The War Zone obtained audio of the actual exchanges between Flight 006 as well as other aircraft in the area, and the tower at LAX. The initial discussion between the China Airlines crew and air traffic control went as follows:

    China Airlines 006: "We just saw a bright object at 6,000."

    LAX Tower: "006 heavy can you say that one more time please?"

    China Airlines 006: "We saw a flying object like a [this part is hard to decipher, but it sounded like] flight suit jetpack at 6,000. "

    LAX Tower: "Was it a UAV or was it a jetpack?"

    China Airlines 006: "Like a jetpack. Too shiny. It’s too far."

    LAX Tower: "006 heavy, roger, thank you… Emirates 215 heavy there was a jetpack reported about 13 miles ahead."

The LAX air traffic controller subsequently reached out to another aircraft, using the callsign Idaho 30, to see if they could investigate, while also rerouting traffic around the area where the object was spotted. Idaho is a callsign commonly associated with law enforcement aircraft and helicopters, but what we don't know what type it was in this case or what agency it belonged to. These exchanges went as follows:

    LAX Tower: "Idaho 30, and there was a jetpack reported about 7 miles west of your, there’s no way you can check that out can you?"

    Idaho 30: "30 affirmative."

    LAX Tower: "It was reported by a heavy Boeing 777 about seven miles southwest of you the location."

    Idaho 30: "Affirmative."

The air traffic controller then reroutes traffic around the area where the object was spotted, which was apparently northern Los Angels. She continues to vector Idaho 30 into the exact area where it was seen to investigate. A few minutes later Idaho 30 chimes in.

    Idaho 30: "Idaho 30 not seeing anything."

    LAX Tower: "Idaho 30, roger that, thanks for your help and you can just continue your descent into your destination."

A number of minutes pass and the air traffic controller mentions the jetpack incident again while talking with Alaska Airlines Flight 1864. This exchange also further confirms that Idaho 30 was a law enforcement aircraft or helicopter.

    LAX Tower: "Alaska 1864, about 15 minutes ago there was a jetpack reported about 5 miles ahead, around 6,000, but I had some law enforcement come out and check it out and they didn’t see anything, so, use caution though."

    Alaska 1864: "Thanks, 1864, we'll be looking."

The FBI is investigating the sighting, according to sources familiar with the probe. In addition, federal officials are investigating an earlier incident in which two commercial pilots said they saw a man in a jet pack flying around the eastern approach to LAX six weeks ago.

In the Aug. 29 incident, the control tower at LAX received reports about the jet pack around 6:45 p.m.

“Tower, American 1997. We just passed a guy in a jet pack,” an American Airlines pilot stated in a call to the control tower.

“American 1997, OK, thank you. Were they off to your left or right side?” the tower operator asked.

“Off the left side, maybe 300 yards or so, about our altitude,” the pilot responded.

“We just saw the guy pass us by in the jet pack,” a pilot from Jet Blue Airways then told the tower, which warned another pilot about the sighting.

“Only in L.A.,” the air traffic controller said at one point.

Source: LA Times


Odd Wave or Ogopogo?
By Doyle Potenteau

It could be an odd wave. Or it could be Okanagan Lake’s mythical monster, Ogopogo.

After capturing the undetermined sighting this past holiday weekend, Adam Schwartz believes it was the latter.

On a brief Thanksgiving getaway with family in West Kelowna, the Calgary resident recorded the unknown sighting from the shore of Okanagan Lake.

“We were just hanging out on the shore,” Schwartz said from Calgary on Tuesday. “It was a really calm day and no boats were passing by or anything.

“We were looking out at the water. Then, all of a sudden, we saw this weird formation of waves that were kind of going against the current of what was coming in.”

Schwartz said they watched the waves, which were “moving really weird,” for around 30 seconds before starting to record it for another 30 seconds or so before they disappeared.

He said he’s quite familiar with Okanagan Lake, having vacationed in the region many times while growing up, and knows “about the great myth of the Ogopogo.”

Schwartz said “I definitely think there’s something down there. I don’t know if it’s exactly what all the statues and stuff make it look like, but I’m definitely interested to see what comes about of it.”

He thinks Ogopogo is fish-like and “is really long and likes to stick down low in the lake and pops up every once in a while.”

Schwartz said this is the first time ever seeing anything like this on Okanagan Lake, and that he uploaded it earlier Tuesday to TikTok, which has garnered thousands of views.

“We’re pretty happy with our sighting and we were talking about it for the rest of the day,” said Schwartz. “Every person we’ve showed the video to is pretty interested to see it as well.”

An Okanagan resident who calls himself an ardent Ogopogo researcher was shown the video on Tuesday.

“The crazy thing is, right now, it’s a turbulent time in Okanagan Lake,” Bill Steciuk told Global News. “You have cold water coming up to the surface, creating all kinds of considerations.

“You have temperature differences, it could be a thermal wave of some type. It could also be a light reflection off the actual crests of the waves. So it could be a lot of things.”

Steciuk, though, said, “I don’t think it’s our friend … sometimes waves are just waves. I know people get pictures of them on a calm lake and (think), ‘Oh, there’s something causing it.’

“But the majority of times, there isn’t.”

Speaking of majority, Steciuk said the majority of Ogopogo sightings happen in late summer and early fall, a six-week span between the beginning of September and the middle of October.

“I’ve always said that if you want to get a picture, that’s the time,” he said. “Get out on the lake and get a camera. You’ll have your best shot.”

As to why those six weeks stand out, Steciuk said it could be that Okanagan Lake is internally turning over, but ultimately said he didn’t know why, but added “this is the time.”

There’s also been an increase this year in people sending videos of perceived Ogopogo sightings.

Asked about that, Steciuk said there are many reasons why, including spending more time outdoors, but noted that people are more prepared now to record incidents because of technology.

“I think how people feel about a species in the lake has changed,” he added. “Twenty years ago, everybody was pretty doubtful. But with the amount of species being found worldwide, every day, why couldn’t there be something in our lake?”

Steciuk said two sightings were recently reported to him, with one of them being from an avid outdoorsman from Vernon.

“This man caught sturgeon in the Fraser River, and him and his friend actually saw Ogopogo three metres away from the stern of their boat,” Steciuk said of the phone call with the unnamed man.

“This fella said that he doubted that he could put his arms around the body, it was so thick.”

Steciuk said while he only interviewed the man over the phone, he said from the call’s tone and excitement, “that this man had seen something he couldn’t believe.”

As for Schwartz, he’s hoping for a closer encounter.

“If he could swim up next to me,” he said, “that would be sweet.”

Source: Global News Canada


"Object" Caught on Sonar 500ft below Loch Ness
By James Moncur

Keeping up with lake monster news...according to the "Daily Record" newspaper, the “most compelling” evidence of the existence of Nessie has been recorded more than 500ft below the surface of the loch.

Monster hunters are astounded by the clarity of the image of an object, estimated to be 33ft long – although an expert said it may just be a shoal of fish.

The sonar image was captured by Cruise Loch Ness director Ronald Mackenzie while he was skippering a catamaran on Wednesday afternoon.

The 49-year-old said: “It was a bit of a dreich day and we only had 12 passengers. We were at our halfway point off Invermoriston, where we turn around. The water is 189m (620ft) deep there.

“The passengers were quite excited because we had just spotted a sea eagle, but then I saw on the sonar something more eye-catching.

“It was right in the middle of the loch at about 170m (558ft) down. It was big – at least 10m (33ft). The contact lasted 10 seconds while we passed over.

“I’ve been on the loch since I was 16 years old and I have never seen anything like it.

“We have real state-of-the-art sonar on the new boat. It doesn’t lie. It captures what’s there.

“All the dots nearer the surface are shoals of Arctic char and deeper down there are ferox trout, so it gives you a good idea of the size of this large crescent shape.

“I believe there’s something in the loch that nobody knows what it is, be it a big eel or a sturgeon or a big fish of some sort – or even Nessie.”

Leading sonar expert Craig Wallace described the image as “100 per cent genuine”.

The marine robotics senior application specialist said: “I do believe large sturgeon do enter Loch Ness. It may be a sturgeon or a small shoal of fish.

“But it is certainly a fascinating and interesting contact and without doubt it further adds to the debate about Nessie.”

Nessie expert Steve Feltham, who has set a world record for the longest vigil of looking for the Loch Ness Monster, said Ronald’s sonar image was the “most compelling” evidence of the ?existence of the legendary creature he had seen.

He said: “It is extremely exciting. I have known Ronald Mackenzie for 30 years. He’s a Highland lad who does not seek publicity and shies away from the fanciful Nessie theories.

“He’s not somebody who would cry wolf – or Nessie – but within seven minutes of getting the sonar contact he messaged me.

“I definitely think Nessie is an animal. I think we are getting closer to finding the answer.”

The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register has accepted eight sightings so far this year.

Among the most famous claimed sightings is a photograph taken in 1934 by Colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson, which was later exposed as a hoax.

Source: The Daily Record


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Mystery of the Alien Satellite 

"Our homeland Sun is Epsilon Bootes. It is a double star.

We live on sixth of seven planets, counted from the sun… Our sixth planet has a moon, our fourth planet has three moons. Our first and third planet has no moon.

Our satellite is in a circular path around your Moon… "

Did we pick up the signals from an artificial satellite sent to our planet by an extraterrestrial intelligence?

In December 1927, Carl Stoermer, the Norwegian Professor of Mathematics at University in Olso, and explorer of echo radio was contacted by two American scientists, Leo C. Young, radio engineer and Dr. A. Hoyt Taylor, chief consultant of electronics at the naval research laboratory.

During their experiments with radio waves, Young and Taylor observed unnatural signals coming from space.

On August 25 1928, the scientists along with Carl Stoermer and the workers of Philips Company began to send their own radio signals of various wave lengths.

While sending a series of signals, the researchers received two series of echoes instead of only one, normally coming back after a delay of one seventh of a second.

Weeks passed and on October 11, 1928, the same repeating signals with delays from 3 to 15 seconds were systematically received during several sessions. On October 24, as many as 48 such signals were picked up.

The interval from 3 to 15 seconds was a real puzzle to the scientists. Could they mean a code, an intelligent coded message from an unknown extraterrestrial sender? But from whom? What was the location of the signals?

The observations of incoming signals were still conducted in 1934, 1947, 1949, and 1970.

At the beginning of the 70s, Duncan Lunan, a Scottish astronomer, President of the Scottish Association of Technology and Research, being interested in the phenomenon undertook a thorough research.

The puzzling phenomenon required an explanation of some kind, but all attempts to solve it did not bring any satisfying results. Lunan's approach was different.

Instead of to register the deceleration time in the Y-axis (as the scientist usually practise), Lunan drew the time delay on October 11, 1928, of the received indications… in the X-axis.

The obtained results were shocking.

The signals received on October 11, 1928, originated from the constellation of Bootes (the Herdsman - the Bear Watcher, in Greek), located in the northern sky, dominated by the bright orange giant star Arcturus.

Arcturus of magnitude 0.04 is the fourth brightest star in the sky.

The constellation of Bootes is suggested to be the oldest known constellation listed by Ptolemy (ca. AD 140). Not as widely known as for example Cassiopeia or Orion, Bootes still has its impressive past recorded in history.

The ancient Egyptians pictured Bootes as a constellation they called the Hippopotamus. Both the Hindus and ancient Chinese regarded Arcturus as a pearl-star. The Greeks knew Bootes as the Bear Watcher.

Based on the results, Duncan Lunan created six detailed sky maps, depicting the set of stars in the constellation of Bootes. However, he came upon yet another mystery…

Comparing all data available from his and earlier observations, he discovered two important though strange deviations in the view of star positions. Such deviations could not be, but they were.

Looking at the first deviation, Lunan noticed that the point that should represent the star Artcturus, the brightest one in the constellation was outside of its current position.

He was surprised. He analyzed once again the star positions and found the answer. He was looking at the position of the star Arcturus as it was registered 12,500-13,000 BC!

That was the time at the end of the last large Ice Age.

A new chapter of our planet's history has just begun then.  Time of the Sphinx, the pyramids, and perhaps the city of Tiahuanaco, however the last could be even older…

The other deviation was related to the star Izar, a yellow K1 giant star, a binary companion to Arcturus. The point, which should represent the star Izar was not noted on the design, but outside of the constellation lines. This point was the exact result of radio echo of 3 seconds delay, while the other points were represented by radio echoes from 8 to 15 of delay.

Was the star Izar referring to the sun of the unknown civilization in the constellation Bootes?

Perhaps a technologically advanced intelligence from there built and sent an artificial satellite to our solar system. Radio signals sent on separate occasions from the alien satellite reached the Earth's surface and bounced back to the alien satellite. After being registered and deliberately delayed, they were repeatedly sent back to the Earth.

Already in 1960, Professor R.N. Bracewell of Stanford University, California suggested that if an extraterrestrial civilization decided to contact us, they would probably choose to do it by using delayed radio signals.

No doubt, the probe was dispatched to orbit in the vicinity of Earth. The question is: For what purpose? For listening and watching our technological and social progresses? For future contact with us?

Perhaps this contact has already been established. We do not know...

Source: UFO Area


The Phone Call From the Future

“Crisis apparitions”--cases where ghosts of the recently deceased supposedly visit loved ones to announce their passing--are quite common.  However, the following account is an unusual twist on the genre.

John Powell Riley was a successful electrical engineer.  During the 1950s and 60s, he was married to a beautiful Russian socialite, Anastasia “Assia” Smaguine.  They spent much of their married life in Geneva, Switzerland, where they socialized a great deal with the local community of Russian exiles.  Among the most popular of this colony of “White Russians” was a small family whose last name Riley discreetly declined to provide.  It consisted of a woman named Tamara, her 25-year-old daughter Mara, and Tamara’s mother Baboussia.  

Mara--the breadwinner of the family--was an exceptional young woman.  She was a gifted linguist who worked as a translator for the United Nations.  Mara was beautiful, charming, and kindly, well-loved by everyone who knew her.

Eventually, Riley’s marriage to Assia ended when she left him for her first love, a Frenchman named Pierre Saunier.  He moved back to America, losing contact with Mara and her family.  Despite the divorce, Riley and Assia remained on very friendly terms, and spoke often on the phone.  (The two eventually remarried in 1998.)

Some years passed.  Then, early one morning, Assia phoned.  She was sobbing.  “Oh, Johnny,” she gasped, “something terrible has just happened.  Mara died."

Riley was shocked.  As far as he knew, the young woman had been in perfect health.  Assia explained that while Mara had friends over for lunch, she choked on an olive pit, dying before help could arrive.  She had married only a month before.

Riley felt a lingering sadness over the tragic event.  To have such an exceptional person, with so much to live for, die suddenly in such bizarre circumstances, made him question what life was really all about.  He shared the story of Mara’s sad end with friends, and they all endeavored to find any sort of logic and reason in the ways of this world.

In an article he wrote in 1995 for “Fate Magazine,” Riley mused, “One thing seems certain.  We live in a world of consequences where the physical laws of the universe prevail without exception.  Not even God rescinds them.  You can be the best person in the world, but if I push you off a cliff, you will fall to your death and all your goodness will not save you.  If you absentmindedly step in front of a speeding car, nothing in your character will have any bearing on the inevitable outcome.”

A far more elegant way of saying “S--- happens.”

Riley and Assia did not discuss Mara again.  Then, about a year later, she phoned him.  He could instantly tell she was very upset.

Assia said, “Oh, Johnny, something terrible has happened.  Mara died.”

The confused Riley replied.  “I know that, darling.  She choked on an olive pit.”  He reminded Assia that she had told him the news a year ago.

Assia stated that this was impossible.  Mara had died just the day before.

Source: Strange Company


Store Chain Pulls Cheap Ouija Boards from Shelves
By Tim Binnall

In response to a growing furor surrounding their decision to sell Ouija Boards at an incredibly low price, a chain of discount stores in England have pulled the controversial items from shelves.

The British equivalent to an American dollar store, Poundland made headlines last week when it was discovered that their seasonal offerings for Halloween included a Ouija Board. The problematic product priced at merely a pound quickly sparked concerns among people online who feared that children could easily get their hands on the cheap Ouija Boards.

While it would seem that the Ouija Board backlash simply served as some good publicity for Poundland this Halloween season, the company was finally forced to take action when the issue went beyond the world of social media and a number of prominent figures, including a high profile religious figure and a member of Parliament, spoke out against the spirit boards. Announcing that they would no longer sell the items in stores, a spokesperson for the chain reportedly explained that "we had a message from the spirits to make the handful that were left vanish."

As one might imagine, the company's critics applauded their decision to no longer sell Ouija Boards. Specifically, well-known Free Presbyterian minister Rev David McIlveen opined that the "game" is "an introduction to a world that is very satanic and takes control of a person's mind."

Meanwhile, Parliament member Gregory Campbell, who had once actually argued that there needed to be regulations surrounding the sale of Ouija Boards, mused that the kerfuffle is "a lesson for retailers to examine the product they put on their shelves before they have actually made it for sale."

The news will also likely lead to a sigh of relief from members of the British ghost hunting community, who have been sounding the alarm ever since the story broke last week.

One particularly perturbed paranormalist, Paul Marsters, warned that the spirit boards could unleash demons upon the world and, as such, declared that he was "profoundly shocked and just fuming really" when he learned that Poundland was selling the "game."

Fortunately, it would seem that the collective fears of Ouija-wielding children inadvertently opening a doorway to Hell has been averted for now.

Source: Coast to Coast AM

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