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Saturday, 7 November 2020

MUFON: October statistics - UFO sightings from around the world

MUFON Newsletter <hq@mufon.com>
Sat 07/11/2020 20:09
As a MUFON e-mail subscriber you receive this report each month to keep you informed on UFO activity worldwide. Here are some October updates.
October saw a total of 404 UFO sightings reported to the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON from around the world. A breakdown by country is shown below. You can also see the number of reports by state, shape, and distance from the witness as well.
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Dave P. MacDonald
Executive Director 
Mutual UFO Network

Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for October 2020


  • CANADA 34





  • POLAND 2

  • INDIA 2

  • IRAN 1

  • FRANCE 1





  • BRAZIL 1

  • SPAIN 1



TOTAL: 414

  • California 56
  • New York 26
  • Texas 26
  • Pennsylvania 16
  • Florida 14
  • Ohio 13
  • Arizona 12
  • North Carolina 11
  • Michigan 10
  • Colorado 10
  • Oregon 9
  • Massachusetts 9
  • Missouri 9
  • Wisconsin 8
  • Minnesota 8
  • New Mexico 7
  • Virginia 6
  • New Hampshire 6
  • Washington 6
  • New Jersey 6
  • Georgia 5
  • Illinois 5
  • Tennessee 5
  • Oklahoma 5
  • Nevada 4
  • Maryland 4
  • Idaho 4
  • Arkansas 4
  • Maine 3
  • Alabama 3
  • West Virginia 3
  • District of Columbia 3
  • Indiana 3
  • Utah 3
  • Connecticut 3
  • Hawaii 2
  • South Carolina 2
  • Rhode Island 1
  • Mississippi 1
  • Iowa 1
  • Kansas 1
  • Nebraska 1
  • Vermont 1
 Shape of Object

  • Circle 80
  • Sphere 50
  • Unknown 34
  • Star-like 34
  • Disc 34
  • Triangle 33
  • Other 32
  • Oval 14
  • Cigar 13
  • Cylinder 12
  • Boomerang 8
  • Tic Tac 8
  • Square/Rectangular 8
  • Fireball 7
  • Diamond 5
  • Chevron 4
  • Egg 3
  • Saturn-like 3
  • Flash 2
  • N/A 2
  • Blimp 2

Distance from Witness

< 100 ft 37

101-500 ft 48

501 ft - 1 Mile 69

Over 1 Mile 103

Unknown 48


Most impressively, there were 11 Landings, Hovering or Takeoffs reported and 6 Entities observed
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MUFON CASES by T.L. Keller

"Dancing" Orbs Over Geyserville

October 23, 2020; 2:01 AM
Case 111974: Anthony [last name withheld] and his wife Samantha were just leaving a resort casino in Geyserville, California when they saw a “disk dancing around in the sky”. Their video of the orb shows a white-rose-colored object moving about in a relatively confined space. The object also appears to change colors from blue, to green and violet. The were no sounds or emissions. The object was sighted at approximately 45° above the horizon and at an assumed distance of greater than one mile. Having placed their cameras in a fixed position, they recorded the orb “dancing” about in the sky. Soon, a second orb “flew horizontally up to the first object then slowed down, banked left and disappeared”.
Geyserville is named for the geothermal springs discovered east of town in the Mayacamas Mountains during the 19th century. It is located about 20 miles northwest of Santa Rosa and the wine country of northern California. It may be of no surprise to folks in that region of California that orbs have frequently appeared in the night sky in recent months (see Read More below).

The following is Anthony’s description of what he and his wife witnessed:
‘My wife and I were leaving the casino on my reservation when we noticed what looked like a disk dancing around in the sky. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of it because I’ve heard of UFOs in the area where there are geysers located. As we started to look at the object, we opened the doors to our vehicle and used the doors to put our phones on so they were in a fixed position. We then watched the object change colors and move very, very rapidly. It was as if the object would turn belly sideways and make rapid jumps moving thousands of feet in a second. I’ve seen other UFO reports that look identical to what we saw. The object would move sporadically forward and backwards almost instantaneously. After a moment of us watching it do what it was doing, we noticed a second object coming [and] this object was flashing a red and white light. I assumed it was a plane or something going to check out what we were looking at. But the second object flew horizontally up to the first object then slowed down, banked left and disappeared. Throughout the time I was filming I tried to capture other [stars] that were flashing in the sky. They wouldn’t show up like the object I was filming. It was then I thought we had something here.”
This reporter has viewed any number of similar, recent sightings in MUFON’s Case Management System as well as other sources. From the UFO Report website, the following description was recently reported:
“I’ve been seeing bright lights in the night sky. They move slowly and have no flashing running lights. They are very bright and they are in our air space. They slowly fly over and then suddenly disappear in thin air. Some of them have several orbs around them when they go black. I’ve also seen white flashing strobe lights and these also just disappear and then reappear in an entirely new spot. These are not planes or satellites. I smoke outside in my backyard so I’m looking in the sky more than most do. This has been happening every night in July and August.  In fact, it happened around nine PM tonight, August 8, 2020.”
                                                                       Matt [last name withheld]
                                                                       Bennet Valley, Santa Rosa, CA
“Around 11pm I went outside to feel the intensity of the smoke from the Walbridge fire. Because of the smoke, I could only see 1 star thinly visible through the smoke. There was, however, a cluster of intense bright lights that seemed to be over Santa Rosa or Healdsburg.
“It looked like 6 or 7 lights, shining BRILLIANTLY in the sky. They were higher than airplanes and lower than stars. I watched for about 5 minutes; it stayed in the same place. Then it just disappeared. About a minute or so later, it reappeared in the same place.
“I watched for about 10 minutes more; it didn’t move around. I went inside.”
                                                                       Rebecca M. Fitzgerald
                                                                       Santa Rosa, CA
Case Disposition: Assigned (to a MUFON Field Investigator) This case is under investigation by MUFON and does not yet have a determination as to its authenticity.