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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Maurice Kirk: How UK Police are now Gagging our MPs + WHAT RESTRAINING ORDER? - 01 Dec. 2020 + archive

How UK Police are now Gagging our MPs


Just left Cardiff prison across the road to another appalling stench, a welsh law court.

As a war-baby and having enjoyed a private education in the, then, best rugby school in the West Country, I now despair at the current state of my United Kingdom at risk from the Scots and illegal immigrants despite having survived two world wars with a world-wide reputation for high standards in our law courts, executive and schools. It is time for me to move on as life is no longer a bundle of fun any more.


The Fatal Detective Inspector Suzanne Hughes ‘knee jerk’

This 20th June 2009 Saturday afternoon idea by Detective Superintendent Stuart Makenzie, to get out of Wales and leave Suzanne to be promoted on the spot , was in order to launch Operation ‘Challis’, in order to having me shot . If that should fail she also launched Operation ‘Dandelion’ to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve, to be put in to council care that, of course, triggered a divorce.

This missive from John Graham says it all

"26 November 2020

Dear Mr. Johnson, Prime Minister,

I write to you regarding 

1] the G4S security company, in charge of both HMP Parc and HMP Cardiff and

2] the Chief Constable of South Wales Police Mr. Juke’s failure to respond to a formal FOIA [SR] / DPA request and

3] the I.C.O.’s [Information Commissioner’s Office] failure to respond to my complaint regarding these 2 parties failure to respond to a formal FOIA [SAR] / DPA request sent to them, and also regarding the Secretary of State for Justice: Mr. Robert Buckland’s failure to respond to my communication regarding these 2 party’s failures to comply with a formal FOIA request.

I sent an FOIA [SAR] / DPA request to G4S PLC on the 28th September 2020 – it is enclosed with this message – and when they failed to comply with the request in the alotted time period, I forwarded a formal complaint to the I.C.O. about this, who also ignored my communication to them.

I then forwarded a complaint about everything to the Secretary of State for Justice: Mr. Robert Buckland, but then again my communication is also ignored.

I complain to you, Prime Minister, regarding the malfeasance by these 4 parties.

The matter is particularly serious as the FOIA request is connected to alleged “anthrax” being attached to a letter meant for myself, sent by Mr. Maurice Kirk whilst he was on remand in HMP Parc. This letter was stopped from leaving the prison,  it being withheld by the G4S staff there. However, Mr. Kirk spent many months on remand in prison having been charged with attempting “to send a letter containing a “noxious substance” which might cause distress to the recipient” before the charge was dropped by the CPS.

Another charge remains connected to this letter,

There was also, allegedly, a similar letter sent to another person with an alleged “noxious substance" attached to
it, from the same source, as was a letter sent to Mr. A. Cairns MP at the time, who also received a
letter with allegedly "heroin" attached to it, also sent from the
same source.

The FOIA [SAR] / DPA request enclosed with this message explains the matter more fully, and enclosed also is a letter from South Wales Police’s Mr. J. Jenkins, who acknowledged my FOIA request, telling me to contact G4S at the prisons with the FOIA request. However, South Wales police must surely have a copy of this letter but refuse to forward it, as they charged Mr. Kirk with attempting to send the letter to myself, but they refuse to forward a copy via the perfectly reasonable FOIA request to them.

I complain about South Wales police’s actions, as well as that by G4S – who fail to respond to the FOIA request, and I complain regarding the failure by the I.C.O. to respond to my communication to them regarding these 2 party’s actions, and I complain regarding Mr. Buckland’s ignoring of my notifying him of all of what’s gone on.

Please see to it that justice is done regarding these serious matters.

Thank you.

Mr. J. Graham "

Maurice J Kirk has also written similar letters to most of the above so called ‘authorities’ with whom we are expected to grovel to, irrespective as to how inherently deceitful both the South Wales Police and G4S have been proven to be.

In Exeter Crown Court this South Wales Police/G4S and HMP Cardiff lying is to climax

source: https://mauricejohnkirk.com/2020/11/28/how-uk-police-are-now-gagging-our-mps/


Archive [here] from 2011: 

Maurice’s site is “Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police” https://www.mauricejohnkirk.com

Email:  maurice@kirkflyingvet.com

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