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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Maurice Kirk: My Letter to My Prime Minister before PLAN J – VIDEO – 30 Nov. 2020…+ archive



The letter:

“FAO my Rt Hon Prime Minister,

No.10 Downing Street


London Cc HRH Prince of Wales, Highgrove, Gloucestershire

HM Secretary of State for Wales

HM Crown Prosecution Service (England)

29th November 2020

Dear Mr. Johnson,

The South Wales Police

A regime that sanctions organised criminality


Please find this updated notification to HM Ministry of Justice regarding the failure by certain authorities to comply with both mine and others sent FOIA [SAR] / DPA requests to them.


If there are rules pertaining to FOIA [SAR] / DPA requests to authorities, surely, they should respond to such requests, and not ignore them totally – I write to you regarding my sent FOIA [SAR] / DPA requests sent to Mr Buckland and others and being ignored by:


a] the G4S security company, in charge of HMP Parc and

b] the last Chief Constable of South Wales police, Mr. Matt Jukes

and now Jeremy Vaughan,

c] the I.C.O.’s [Information Commissioner’s Office] failure to respond to complaints regarding these parties’ failure to respond to formal FOIA [SAR] / DPA requests also sent to them on my behalf and

d] the Secretary of State for Justice: Mr. Robert Buckland’s failure to respond to communications regarding these 3 party’s failures to comply with a formal FOIA request.


Mr Graham, on my behalf , as I had been in Exeter, Parc and Cardiff prisons, for sending what the prison laughingly thought was ‘heroin’ from welsh prison cells to Alun Cairns MP, the then HM secretary of State, MPFOIA [SAR] / DPA request firstly to the South Wales police’s Chief Constable Mr. Jukes and was told not to contact SWP but G4S PLC, which I did on numerous occasions and when they failed to comply with the request in the allotted time period, I arranged to have forwarded a formal complaint to the I.C.O. about this.


ICO also ignored communications to them, as did the current HM Secretary of State for Justice, Mr. R. Buckland, when written to explaining the situation. That notification being ignored also.


The FOIA [SAR] / DPA request explains the matter more fully but also is a letter from South Wales Police acknowledging my FOIA request from another, telling me to contact G4S.



However, South Wales police must surely have a copy of this prison stopped letter of mine with others applied for but refuse to forward them to intended recipient or to me.


Civil Claims



The South Wales Police had conspired, as they regularly do, to have me charged and goaled, without trial, purely to frustrate my 1CF03361 and BS614149 +6 multi-million-pound civil claims for their 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions on me , whilst quietly practicing veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan.



Mr Jeremy Vaughan, a new Chief Constable, has been following this conspiracy for many years.

Deliberate Perversion of Justice by Chief Constable Barbara Wilding



[The welsh police had seized my once owned replica machine gun, bolted to my Farnborough Air Show WW1 DH2 replica biplane and had, despite the Nottinghamshire police having first examined it stating it was just a ‘piece of scrap iron’, had proceeded to try and fool the jury by unblocking the barrel].



This condemned .410 barrel of the film prop had also been painted this court exhibit by police at its Bridgend HQ for my Cardiff Crown Court criminal trial (T20097445) for my ‘trading in machine -guns’, carrying a mandatory 10-year prison term.



My charged criminal indictment, attempting to send a letter to Mr John Graham (and Alun Cairns MP) were finally withdrawn by the CPS (England) as clearly a vindictive abuse of the law.



[The matter is particularly serious as the FOIA request is connected to alleged “anthrax” being attached to a letter, meant for John Graham but sent by me].



HMP Parc and HMP Cardiff have both stopped my criminal appeal letters, to overturn the two-year prison term, from even leaving my ‘psychiatric wing’ destined for HM Royal Courts of Justice. They revealed the truth about the Bridgend’s Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison conspiracy only achieved by police having blackmailed several of its staff and no doubt, some destroyed on behalf of their fellow conspirators.



I subsequently spent many months on remand in prison having been charged with attempting “to send a letter containing a “noxious substance” which might cause distress to the recipient” before that criminal allegation was also dropped by the CPS.



I complain about South Wales police’s actions, as well as that by G4S – who fail to respond to the FOIA request and I complain, also on behalf of John Graham Esq regarding the failure by the I.C.O. to respond to communications to him regarding these two parties continuing nefarious conduct and I complain regarding boyo, Mr. Buckland doing nothing about it



As a sample of this stupidity of Wales, seeking judicial autonomy and now, hot off the press, seeking control of its own complaints about its self, laid out in an ever-increasing number of its subject’s HM Judicial Review applications at the Administrative Court of the Royal Courts of Justice.



As another sample of welsh inherent deceit, within its incestuously run authorities, English courts having to face me cannot even establish, each time, how, when and where did I first get served a RESTRAINING ORDER resulting in my five years in prison, in breach of it or variation of it!



Last but not least, on 1st November 2019, the G4S HMP Parc , Bridgend, on behalf of the south Wales Police, violently evicted me after robbing me of my Caswell Clinic medical records, again asked for by my Taunton GP and specialist, my wheelchair, my legal papers in my ‘machine-gun’ civil claims, BS614159 and 1C03361 and even my shoes and clothes.



Will you, please, cause a proper investigation into this travesty of justice and I mean from England, of course, before I have to resort to PLAN J?


Thank you.

Mr. M J Kirk BVSc, concerned subject.


1]  FOIA [SAR] / DPA request to the chief constable of South Wales police, Mr. M. Jukes

2]  FOIA [SAR] / DPA request to G4S PLC – security staff in the HM Prisons concerned, who withheld the letter in question connected to my FOIA [SAR] request

3]  acknowledgement letter to myself from “Disclosure Officer” “Mr. J. Jenkins” of S. Wales police refusing my FOIA request and telling me to write to G4S PLC instead [see that request to G4S attached, re: note 2 above]

4] Acknowledgement letter from G4S PLC re: my FOIA request to them

5] letter to the ICO [ignored] re: the failures by SWP and G4S PLC to comply with my FOIA request [with amendment to original FOIA request to S. Wales police]

6] letter [ignored] by the Secretary of State for Justice, Mr. R. Buckland [3 sheets]

11 Attachments


FAO Mr CR Evans    Cc Exeter’s HM Crown Court

Bristol’s HM Crown Prosecutor

Ref T20200177

30th November 2020

Thoroughly Insulting Criminal Allegations drift Across the River Severn

Dear Sir,

The Nefarious goings-on by the South Wales Police

  1. You refuse to accept South Wales Police lied to you on relevant issues for, without that, there would never have been need of a Crown Court hearing in the first place.
  • You, therefore, refuse to release to me workable CDs of its and your police force’s interview tapes, of me under caution, for fear your apparently unfolding conspiracy will be published world -wide. Also to allow me to prove the welsh one is ‘doctored’.
  • You still refuse to let me have sight of original alleged prison letters that had me unlawfully gaoled a Taunton court in June 2019, allegedly sent by me from welsh prisons, when you knew, al along I could not have done it.
  • You still refuse to let me have copy of those letters to MPs I allegedly sent but used to have me goaled, without charge, only for them to be finally dropped.
  • John Graham Esq is refused his prison letters from me as well .
  • It stinks, Mr Evans, doe it not?
  • You will not disclose my purported prison letter, stuffed with some harmless white powder, to John Graham and Alun Cairns MP. Have police destroyed them both?
  • You refuse to disclose your restraining order proposals when I am no longer under your court orders. Why not?
  • Now, even at this late stage, the South Wales Police professional standards department are pretending it is examining my written complaint concerning its own Adrian Oliver of Dolmans solicitors  advising successive Chief Constables of South Wales Police prosecution department and its legal services department , simply to having me gaoled on spurious data, eg for ‘trading in machine guns ‘ and a threat to exchange ‘ witness statements ‘with a girt brick through his office closed window all, of course, whilst  un-convicted .
  1. Only this week, it is further confirmed, my film prop on my Farnborough Air show 1916 WW1 DH2 biplane never was a prohibited weapon, while I was in possession of it and yet the welsh police continue to pervert the course of justice to save pensions.
  1. It stinks, Mr Evans, does it not?
  1. But what are you personally going to do about when, bearing in mind your legal team of prosecuting barristers from Queens Square Chambers, Bristol, admit , in open court, each time , they will give me copies of these South Wales Police ‘snatched ‘ prison letters, knowing no such thing will ever happen.
  1. Bristol Barrister, Chris Smyth and Cardiff’s magistrate, while I was legally represented in my deliberate absence, could not find the Cardiff court first file of ‘harassing a doctor’, OF Course Not.
  1. I remember, in around 2012, employing various solicitors in Bristol and in London, in 2017, to request CPR disclosure of these relevant Cardiff court records to no avail as I had been banned for a full 10 years from the Cardiff court public counter for the mere audacity of my impertinence.
  1. Nor can your prosecution barristers trace all of the 2nd fabricated back-dated version, the ‘variation restraining order’, bearing a curious court log, re a ‘variation’ as it is the very same deceit riddled ‘authorities ’, of course, that  had my name removed from the veterinary register in 2002 on nothing whatever was due to animals , out of spite ,as they were simply playing their timeless dirty tricks of cheating the English.
  1. It stinks, does it not, Mr Evans?
  1. I am first supposed to have broken the alleged 1st December 2011 restraining order (relating to a rogue NHS(Wales) doctor police black mailed to lie in welsh Crown Courts but I was completely unaware of its existence at the time.
  1. Not a dissimilar incident occurred , surrounding my receiving a vindictive totally disproportionate  two year prison term handed  down by the ‘lying to my face’ judge Tracy Lloyd Clark telling me she ‘did not have the power ‘to cause an investigation, despite startling new evidence, into Caswell’s false medical record that, alone, lost five years of my life, my wife, my health, wealth and damned near my sanity.


I will resort, I suggest, to PLAN J if do not now abide by the law and I mean it.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                        Tel no. 07708586202

source: https://mauricejohnkirk.com/2020/11/30/my-letter-to-my-prime-minister/


My letter to the P.M. the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson:


“26 November 2020

Dear Mr. Johnson, Prime Minister,

I write to you regarding: 

1] the G4S security company, in charge of both HMP Parc and HMP Cardiff,


2] the chief constable of South Wales police Mr. Juke’s failure to respond to a formal FOIA [SAR] / DPA request,


3] the I.C.O.’s [Information Commissioner’s Office] failure to respond to my complaint regarding these 2 parties failure to respond to a formal FOIA [SAR] / DPA request sent to them, and also regarding the Secretary of State for Justice: Mr. Robert Buckland’s failure to respond to my communication regarding these 2 party’s failures to comply with a formal FOIA request.


I sent an FOIA [SAR] / DPA request to G4S PLC on the 28th September 2020 – it is enclosed with this message – and when they failed to comply with the request in the alotted time period, I forwarded a formal complaint to the I.C.O. about this, who also ignored my communication to them.

I then forwarded a complaint about everything to the Secretary of State for Justice: Mr. Robert Buckland, but then again my communication is also ignored.

I complain to you, Prime Minister, regarding the malfeasance by these 4 parties.

The matter is particularly serious as the FOIA request is connected to alleged “anthrax” being attached to a letter meant for myself, sent by Mr. Maurice Kirk whilst he was on remand in HMP Parc. This letter was stopped from leaving the prison,  it being withheld by the G4S staff there. However, Mr. Kirk spent many months on remand in prison having been charged with attempting “to send a letter containing a “noxious substance” which might cause distress to the recipient” before the charged was dropped by the CPS.

Another charge remains connected to this letter, there being a trial in May next year involving Mr. Kirk. 

The Rt. Hon Rebecca Pow, MP for Taunton, Somerset, was also allegedly sent a similar letter with alleged “anthrax” attached to it, from the same source, as was Mr. A. Cairns MP, who also received a letter with a suspicious substance attached to it, also sent from the same source.

The FOIA [SAR] / DPA request enclosed with this message explains the matter more fully, and enclosed also is a letter from South Wales Police’s Mr. J. Jenkins, who acknowledged my FOIA request, telling me to contact G4S at the prisons with the FOIA request. However, South Wales police must surely have a copy of this letter but refuse to forward it, as they charged Mr. Kirk with attempting to send the letter to myself, but they refuse to forward a copy via the perfectly reasonable FOIA request to them.

I complain about South Wales police’s actions, as well as that by G4S – who fail to respond to the FOIA request, and I complain regarding the failure by the I.C.O. to respond to my communication to them regarding these 2 party’s actions, and I complain regarding Mr. Buckland’s ignoring of my notifying him of all of what’s gone on.

Please see to it that justice is done regarding these serious matters.

Thank you.

Mr. J. Graham  – concerned citizen


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