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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Maurice Kirk - the Restraining Order - phone call reveals what really happened + more 05 Jan 2021 + archive

Maurice Kirk - the Restraining Order - phone call reveals what really happened + more 05 Jan 2021


 A phone call from Maurice 15/11/2020, explaining a few things.
Maurice Kirk, 76, has been forced to serve over 5 years in various sentences and remands since 2009 – the charge being “breaking a restraining order” connected to a former NHS doctor [another shocking story] EVEN THOUGH this so-called “restraining order” was never served upon Maurice according to UK law, and couldn’t even be produced when a jury at a criminal trial asked to see it! And the so-called “variation”‘ of the Restraining Order – hastily manufactured when no formal original order could be found, couldn’t be produced either – even though Maurice has been imprisoned for breaking this so-called “variation” of an order which wasn’t served according to the law either, and which has never been shown by any authority along with the original – a complete and utter abuse of process, and a complete breakdown of justice - and the law - by those in so-called “high places” who should – and do – know better!! A series of Welsh judges have imprisoned Maurice numerous times over the years based on his breaking a non-existent “Restraining Order” and Maurice has, at one point, had 40+ civil cases ongoing against S. Wales police, connected to his 2009 “machine gun” case [the “Restraining Order” being part of this overall highly dubious case], whereby Maurice was acquitted after a criminal trial of “dealing in machine gun[s]”, a complete fabrication of S. Wales police who, it must be said, had already been targeting Maurice for years, and during that 20+ years many civil cases have begun against this police force by Maurice for various abuses of he law, but the cases always being denied from getting to court, by clever chicanery on these authority’s part. Shame on them all!!


Archive continues [from 2011]


Maurice’s site is “Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police” https://www.mauricejohnkirk.com

Email:  maurice@kirkflyingvet.com

—-> see the latest posts from "Flying Vet v. South Wales Police" =  www.mauricejohnkirk.com

The trial for this alleged and highly discerned subject is planned for May 2021 at Exeter Crown Court, and a clue to what it's all about, [Alfie]: the "noxious substance" attached to letters from MK he was charged with attempting to send [3 of them] whilst he was in HMP Cardiff, in May 2019 [or thereabouts] wasn't "anthrax" at all, but common toothpaste - the letters withheld immediately by the G4S screws [who, incidentally, are above prosecution and immune from prosecution - it sucks, doesn't it? considering their track record of assaults on MK and the denial of vital medication for weeks [Omerzaparole], + even vital + important preplanned hospital appointments and even court hearings were routinely denied him [all "alleged", of course] - the denied medication leaving him in such pain [via his "Barrett's Syndrome" stomach ailment] that he couldn't even walk, so they then gave him ONE CRUTCH, instead of two, or a BROKEN WHEELCHAIR to "help" him get around in the hellhole prison. MK's family got sent to him a new wheelchair [or 2] which immediately met with "problems", shall we say [identical to the wheelchair got for Gloria Musa, whose wheelchair was never given to her at all and disappeared in identical problematical circumstances when she was forced into prison]. Ever tried only using one crutch when you can't walk, and having to go up and down prison landing staircases to get food, etc?  Such preplanned evil! The screws must've had a field day! Anyway, it wasn't "anthrax" [or "heroin"] at all on those letters, but common toothpaste, it being used in the desperate times to stick the piece of paper to his cell wall. Of course the sitting magistrate believed PC Plod's fairy stories regarding this nonsense, remanding MK into HMP immediately on hearing their sad tale, with MK subsequently banged up in prison for over 7 months as a result until judges saw the light and released  him on a tag with multiple restrictions - curfew, residence restrictions etc. - all knocked out one by one after repeated bail application hearings in Exeter Crown earlier this year. Are you trying to tell me the screws didn't realise immediately it was toothpaste when stopping these letters, particularly as it had the distinctive smell, and anyway: where is MK going to get copious amounts of "anthrax" or "heroin" from, when in prison? [it was alleged former MP Alun Cairns received a letter with "heroin" attached, around the same time]. An obvious preplanned and manufactured set-up [allegedly, of course], enacted to thwart MK's existing cases in the courts re: his £million machine gun case [highly questionable] which has been ongoing - and thwarted and interfered with by the PTB - for years, especially because of the refusal by Welsh authorities to forward 20+ lever arch files containing damning evidence in MK's favour, especially the medical records from "Caswell Clinic"'s chief - regarding whom the "restraining order" [never served properly according to UK or any other laws] was connected to. Finally, after a 10 year [or more] battle, they had to relent and follow the judge's formal court order to release these files, finally, to MK recently, but more are owed that haven't been given.... The case continues,with gusto!! …The jury trial for this alleged and highly discernible subject of letters, but and more so the "stalking the MP" trial is planned for May 2021 at Exeter Crown Court - 2 of the 3 original charges from mid-2019 being dropped by the London CPS [who are running this show now, we are reliably informed] regarding the [alleged] letter with "heroin" on it to the former MP A. Cairns, and the [alleged] letter to myself with the "noxious substance on it likely to cause "grief etc." leaving the "stalking of the MP" charge remaining - wholly exaggerated, of course, and factually incorrect if the true facts / circumstances were known!  Watch this space!!!  Maurice is 76 and won't be here forever, and these characters have done a prize-winning job of stretching this case out to outrageous degrees - taking years to do something a few minutes would take ie. pressing a button on a computer to print the withheld files to forward to MK, the files requested since after the trial in 2009 whereby MK was acquitted, as the "dealing in machine guns" farcical charge was not only disgustingly fake, but the machine gun in question itself was tampered with [allegedly] by certain police-connected persons [allegedly, of course] - by being painted a different colour, for starters! The jury back then in 2009 took little time to find MK "not guilty" on the "dealing" charge, and that was the beginning, since, of years of untold harassment upon MK...with him having to spend at  least valuable 5 years of his life in prison, on + off - since 2009, courtesy of these SWales police for the connected "breaching a restraining order" connected to the [blackmailed by cops, allegedly] consultant doctor [who ran "Caswell Clinic", whose name cannot even be mentioned online for fear of reprisals] who even left the NHS because of things [another story]. Now, all looks fine and dandy except that the restraining order WAS NEVER SERVED UPON MK ACCORDING TO UK or any other 3rd World LAW IN THE FIRST PLACE - a fact they've got away with when giving MK years upon years of prison sentences, time and again. Being forced to spend at least 5 years in prison out of 10 years since 2009 is, of course, totally unacceptable, I'm sure any reader with more than one atom of a brain will agree. SHAME ON THEM.  These cases continue, if we all live that long, which we will!! [hopefully...].

 Maurice had only been released from a lengthy sentence a matter of weeks when this pic was taken, but little was it known that around 3 weeks later, in mid-February 2019, he would be hauled before the Welsh court again and charged with, yet again, the “breaching of a Restraining Order”, being forced yet again to serve yet another highly questionable sentence imposed by a Welsh “judge” pertaining to the a “Restraining Order” that was never served upon Maurice in the first place. For years this Welsh judiciary has got clean away with these utter “abuses of process” – and it’s long past time that a formal enquiry should be held into the criminality of the passing of these sentences on the very much targeted Maurice Kirk – jailed so many times wrongly!

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