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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Conspiracy Journal #1077: AFRO-AMERICAN UFOs - Little People - Lake Erie monster - INDIA: disappearing milk


3/7/21  #1077
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This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such cuticle-cutting stories as:

A Comprehensive Study of African-American UFO Experiences -

Surprising Primate DNA Found in Kentucky -

- Little Human Subspecies: Where’s the Evidence? -


 A Mass Scientific Mystery in India

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By Tim Swartz, Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Prof. Stephen Fenley,
Scott Corrales, Joseph Foster, Harry Drew, and others


Over 20 of the world's leading UFOlogists establish  that humans have done battle with aliens over and over again, shooting at them, molesting them, hitting them, running them over,  unleashing dogs upon them, and injuring -- and even killing them -- though any means possible, as humans try to combat their fear of the unknown.

In many instances the aliens have fought back. They have sought revenge, and more often than not, gotten it.   Here are over a hundred reports of the strangest close encounters with humanoids who use force to defend themselves -- such as the case of the NY hunter whose rifle was ripped from his hands, the shotgun barrel twisted, and than handed back to him. There is also the crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, AZ which involved 8 UFOs positioning themselves in the sky in combat position, apparently returning to find any  survivors of their doomed craft, and to protect themselves in doing so.  


The second part of the book's "mission," is to disprove the concept held by  many that African Americans are not prone to have UFO experiences or to hold a belief or interest in the subject. One contributor, Prof. Stephen Finley of the University of Louisiana, explains how UFOs are part of the overall "Black experience" of many African Americans. Most of his fans do not realize that Muhammad Ali had over 21 UFO sightings. A friend of researcher Tim Beckley, the late Champ explains why he was so taken up with the subject, being a part of his spiritual beliefs.

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A Comprehensive Study of African-American UFO Experiences
By Sean Casteel

This book should be accredited in academic circles for its visionary efforts and its attempts to cover a little known cultural aspect of the already controversial topic of UFO studies.

The content is given a great deal of legitimacy due to its many valued contributors, including a Religious Studies Professor, Stephen C. Finley, who teaches at Louisiana State University.

But let us start “at the beginning!”

When editor and publisher Timothy Green Beckley first proposed the idea for a book to be called “Alien Lives Matter: It’s OK To Be Grey,” some among his stable of writers and contributors were concerned that the title might be seen as trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement that has been the catalyst for so much hoped for meaningful social change in this country.

So Tim did a little background research and discovered that the “Lives Matter” slogan had been appropriated in numerous ways and in numerous places. For example, there is a group calling itself “Hawaiian Lives Matter,” and Amazon offers a wide selection of t-shirts with “Alien Lives Matter” emblazoned on the chest. So we are not alone, to use an expression.

When we were working on the book and I mentioned the title to family and friends, it never failed to elicit a chuckle and a comment about how clever it was. Even among nonbelievers, the title struck home and resonated profoundly.

The book turned out to be a monumental effort over 500 pages in length and utilizing the talents of many, many contributors well known in the fields of Ufology and paranormal research.

One of the main concepts we were trying to illuminate was the idea that aliens, grey and otherwise, do indeed have lives that matter. And they are not completely invulnerable to attack by humans. We present a large number of case histories in which humans assaulted aliens with guns, ran over them with cars, and imprisoned them in jail cells, etc., all as a response to humans’ fear of the unknown. In many cases, the aliens were perfectly harmless and did not deserve the mayhem unleashed on them.

Which doesn’t mean that the aliens don’t take a kind of vengeance in such cases – or at least make a show of force intended to demonstrate that they will defend themselves when necessary and are not intimidated. Like we humans, the aliens value their own lives and the lives of their fellow creatures.

But this line of thinking, in racial terms, also led us to do a section on Black and African-American UFO experiencers. Most of them are little known in the field, even among the so-called “experts,” but there are many cases of interaction between Blacks and aliens, and we present a great deal of them in “Alien Lives Matter.


There is, for example, one of the most famous instances of alien abduction, the Barney and Betty Hill case. A chapter in the book called “The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction – An African-American UFO Story,” written by researcher David J. Halperin, tells their story briefly.

“They were coming home from a vacation in Canada,” Halperin writes, “driving by night through the New Hampshire Mountains, when they noticed a light following them. The light seemed to move against

the background of the starry sky, suggesting pretty strongly that it wasn’t itself a heavenly body.”

The event was taking place in September, 1961. The story continues.

“Barney stopped the car, got out, and looked at the light through a pair of binoculars,” Halperin continues. “He saw a glowing, flat, pancake-shaped object with what seemed to be rows of lighted windows around its edges. Behind the windows were humanlike figures. Terrified, Barney fled back to the car and they zoomed off down the highway. The rest of the trip was surreal, dreamlike. Twice the Hills heard, or thought they heard, a series of beeps. That was all they remembered of the UFO before they arrived in Portsmouth at dawn, hours later than they’d expected.”

Those “missing” hours that Halperin is recounting have come to be a familiar element in the many alien abduction stories that were to follow in the nearly sixty years since the Hills’ encounter. In February 1964, under hypnosis with Boston psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon, the details of one of the strangest encounters in the history of mankind would emerge in all its history-making glory once the alien-induced “amnesia” was penetrated.

What has often been overlooked is the fact that Barney was an African-American and the Hills were a mixed race couple in a time when the shadow of racism hung over such a union. The Civil Rights movement as led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was in its early stages and Jim Crow laws still existed in many parts of the country. As the Hills made that fateful drive down the New Hampshire highway, Barney said later that he had been tired and considered stopping at a motel to sleep before continuing their journey.

But Barney decided against the idea simply because he didn’t want to risk the indignity of being turned away from a “whites only” motel.

Meanwhile, as Tim Beckley tells the tale, Barney had not been entirely passive with the aliens. He became exceedingly frightened seeing the strange aerial activity and stopped the car. During a session with Dr. Simon, Barney explained how he went about getting Betty’s handgun out of the trunk.

“I went to the trunk of the car,” Barney said, “and opened it and took out a gun I had concealed there and I put it in my pocket. And then I said, ‘Give me the binoculars.’ And I looked and I could see that the thing I thought was a plane had made a turn to the left toward Vermont, and kept turning and started coming right back.”

The craft got bigger and more menacing, Beckley writes. Under hypnosis, Barney started screaming “I’ve got to get my gun!” Betty’s niece, Kathleen Marden, decades later coauthored with Stanton Friedman a well-received book on the Hills’ experience called “Captured!” When Kathleen was asked whether the Hills had taken the handgun they’d been carrying onboard the craft with them while being abducted, she replied that they had not.

Why did they leave the pistol behind, considering they were so frightened? Could it have been because the couple had been given a “mental command” by the aliens to leave the weapon behind – for everyone’s safety? Things might have gone far worse for Betty and Barney if they had gone onboard the ship “packing heat.”

The Hill case serves very well to illustrate the two main themes of “Alien Lives Matter.” On the one hand, you have the potential violent aggression against the UFO occupants as evidenced by Barney placing the pistol in his pocket. Add to that the fact that Barney was an African-American UFO experiencer and you understand what Beckley calls the book’s “two-pronged” approach to the flying saucer phenomenon.


Tim Beckley’s longtime friend, Diane Tessman, runs a psychic counseling service and is a prolific author, with a great deal of her work

having been published by Beckley himself. When I was doing some proofreading chores for “Alien Lives Matter,” I was surprised to learn that Tessman is mother to a biracial daughter who is also a Ufologist. The daughter’s name is Gianna, and her father hails from Trinidad.

“Diane and her daughter are striking beauties,” Beckley writes. “One blond with green eyes and the other with curly brown hair and big, expression-filled brown eyes. A wondrous contrast. I don’t know of any other biracial individuals in UFO research or the paranormal, but I am honestly probably not completely informed as I am not working for the census bureau. Diane and Gianna, who is an experienced video photographer, have had a number of UFO experiences together. And Gianna has done some channeling, but not fulltime like her mother.”

The paranormal experiences mother and daughter have shared have served as a bonding mechanism, though it is sometimes difficult to separate their UFO encounters from other kinds of supernatural events. Perhaps it is better to withhold their stories so the reader can experience what the pair saw in the kind of detail not possible in the space allotted for this article.


Did you know that the Air Force’s UFO reporting and analysis agency, the now defunct Project Blue Book, was once headed by an African-American?

Colonel Robert Friend was said to be one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, an all-black unit flying single-engine planes into combat in the Mediterranean theater during World War II. After the war, Friend remained in the military in what became the Air Force, and, rising to lieutenant colonel, he directed Project Blue Book, holding the post from 1958 to 1963.

In a speech Friend gave at the National Atomic Testing Museum in 2017, he expressed skepticism about genuine alien UFOs having visited the Earth, but, unlike many of his colleagues, he favored further research. He said he believed that the probability of there being life elsewhere in the big cosmos “is just absolutely out of this world.”

Friend died in 2019 at the age of ninety-nine.


Barbara Hudson was one of only a handful of females involved in the UFO phenomenon. In the 1960s, she was a consort of flying saucer pioneers Gray Barker and Jim Moseley, forming a trio that the average Middle American would probably find a little bit out of the ordinary, particularly because Barbara is Black. Barbara claimed to belong to a secret organization called “The Group.”

Hudson’s entrée into the 60s saucer scene began when three mysterious men showed up at her New York apartment and informed her that she’d been chosen to become a member of a secretive outfit involved with UFOs. The three mystery men drove Hudson to a remote stretch of Long Island where they arrived at a secluded compound. Hudson was introduced to other members of “The Group,” a secret alliance of humans and ETs who had joined forces to reveal the startling truth of the flying saucer mystery.

“The Group” was responsible for Hudson’s involvement with the UFO conference scene, and in fact directed her to attend one of Moseley’s conventions so they could “keep an eye on things.” At the time, when Tim Beckley was first starting to spread his wings as a publisher in the UFO field, he heard many of Barbara’s stories firsthand and felt that she related them with conviction, though there was no way to verify her claims. Which only added to Hudson’s “aura of mystery.”

Alien Lives Matter” includes Barbara’s first-person account of a “human”-looking stranger appearing in her bedroom with piercing shafts of light for eyes. She was then taken aboard a ship in what seems to be a pretty standard abduction experience. The aliens told Barbara that they were visiting Earth in an attempt to “contact their own.” This, too, is familiar, as many other contactees have also been told that they are special “chosen ones,” under the protection of the UFO occupants.

Again, one should read Barbara’s story in “Alien Lives Matter” to get a more complete account of her life as an African-American UFO experiencer.


Tim Beckley also relates the stories of some important Black entertainers and their interest in UFOs. Avant-garde jazz musician Sun Ra even claimed to be from another planet, sent from Saturn to preach peace to our war-ravaged planet.

Sun Ra claimed that a bright light appeared around him and his whole body changed into something else. He could see through himself.

“I went up – I wasn’t in human form – and I landed on a planet that I identified as Saturn. They teleported me and I was on a stage with them. They told me the world was going into complete chaos. I would speak through music and the world would listen. That’s what they told me!”

Another prominent African American musician is jazz flutist Bobbi Humphrey, who has impressive credits, having played alongside Duke Ellington and George Benson and being named Best Female Instrumentalist by “Billboard Magazine.”

“By her own admission,” Beckley writes, “Bobbi has seen things in the sky that were most unusual. She has also been fascinated by psychic phenomena since she was young and is an avid reader of magazines about the paranormal. Bobbi has personally had many, many experiences that could be labeled paranormal and confesses that she is a little frightened of the unseen bizarre realms that surround us. Bobbi is proof that African-Americans are just as hip on UFOs as any other group of open-minded folks.”

The late comedian Dick Gregory was a true crusader who was sometimes thought of as the country’s top back humorist. He told Beckley in an interview that he was certain UFOs exist – he’d seen them – and that a secret government controls what we are allowed to think and believe regarding UFOs and other matters.

Meanwhile, the late African-American entertainer, Sammy Davis, Jr., held a lively belief in UFOs, having made four observations that were “positively out of this world.” Davis told his UFO encounter stories to Beckley personally in a telephone interview arranged by jazz drummer Buddy Rich, who was also a believer. Davis told Beckley he had never feared whoever the flying saucer pilots were, although we don’t know what his buddy, the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, had to say on the subject.

Did aliens intervene to save the life of a young Jimi Hendrix? Read the riveting account of Hendrix surviving a killer blizzard that could easily have taken his life before the years when he would come to be regarded as the greatest rock guitarist of all time. The story is best left to readers of “Alien Lives Matter” who will appreciate learning the facts of Jimi’s relationship with the aliens and their keeping a careful watch over him so that he could fulfill his destiny as a leading musical figure of his time.

Richie Havens, the black folk music icon, claimed that as he was improvising the song “Freedom” on stage at the legendary Woodstock music festival in 1969 he saw a couple of UFOs dancing among the clouds. He also had other UFO sightings. Havens was so immersed in the subject that he showed up to speak at small UFO conferences held at the Village Gate in Greenwich Village.


Alien Lives Matter” also relates the stories of other African-American experiencers.

African-American twin sisters Shurlene and Earlene Wallace were typical abductees, frequently being taken from their bedrooms into strange alien environments. Shurlene wrote a book about their encounters called “From the Motherland to the Mothership,” the word “Motherland” being a reference to Africa.

Beckley provides a detailed history of Muhammad Ali and his UFO encounters, which are also related to Ali’s spiritual leader, Elijah Muhammad, who believed that the Biblical prophet Elijah was describing a UFO when he wrote about the “Mother Wheel” as a vision sent by God. Beckley spent time hanging out with Ali and interviewing the champ personally, and he reports on Ali’s experiences with both humor and heart.

Meanwhile, Stephen C. Finley is a Religious Studies professor at Louisiana State University who specializes in African-American religion and has made a thorough study of the Nation of Islam and its place in ushering in the belief in UFOs in the U.S. beginning in the 1930s, many years before Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting of flying saucers that is usually said to be the starting point for the phenomenon in the modern era. Finley was a guest on Beckley’s podcast “Exploring the Bizarre,” cohosted by Tim R. Swartz, and still available to listen to on YouTube.

Alien Lives Matter: It’s OK To Be Grey” involves the work of many writers and can truly be said to be “years in the making.” Read it for its unique perspective on humankind’s troubled responses to the alien presence, as well as for its embracing of racial diversity in a world still suffering from cruel forms of discrimination. To the greys, we are not white people or colored people – we are simply people.

Source: Spectral Vision

     Solved!  The Mysteries of Space, Time and UFOs, now available on Amazon.


Surprising Primate DNA Found in Kentucky
By Patrick Cavanaugh

Both literally and figuratively, monsters don't come much bigger than Bigfoot, with new DNA evidence collected by the Travel Channel's Expedition Bigfoot team offering an all-new perspective on the creature's existence. While this evidence might not confirm that the creature exists definitively, the data shows that evidence of an unexpected species of primate appeared in the United States, an area in which it would be incredibly unlikely to appear. In this regard, it's possible that there are other species of primates that have existed in the U.S. without human discovery, which could lend credence to the idea that a massive "Bigfoot" could be out in the wild, existing undetected.

Per press release, "During filming deep in the wilderness of Kentucky’s Appalachian highlands, eDNA collected from soil under a massive tree structure found by Dr. Mayor and LeBlanc produced surprising and exciting results. Environmental DNA (eDNA) is the genetic material naturally left behind by animals in the environment. Scientific analysis of these samples helps generate a snapshot of any living creatures. This revolutionary new tool is increasingly used to confirm the presence of elusive animals."

“This scientific expedition may have finally taken one of the world’s greatest mysteries out of the pages of legend and lore and into reality,” Dr. Mayor shared in a statement.

"Miroslava Munguia Ramos, project manager at the UCLA California Environmental DNA program, has analyzed the eDNA sample from the tree structure. Following are her observations."

    “We received soil samples from your team and took a few months to get them processed. What we’re looking at are the unique organisms that we were able to identify. Our software does what’s known as metabar coding. So, it’ll match up all the DNA sequences that we were able to detect and try to cross reference them with the thousands of genomes that have been published and it’s pretty common that when we’re looking at environmental DNA samples, we detect humans, because there’s going be human traces almost everywhere.”
    “But what I found very interesting was that, yes, we have detected human DNA in these areas, but we’re still seeing different primate DNA. There wasn’t just one human primate, there are several different primates, some sort of primate relative that exists in the data.”
    “Pan troglodyte is a species of chimpanzee, which you would not see in the areas you’re at. It’s a real head scratcher. It’s important to note that the higher the detection, the more confidence we can say that whatever organism, whatever taxonomy we’re looking at was apparent in the area. And in this case, we’re looking at the Pan genus, or the chimpanzee genus…. there’s 3000 reads.”
    “The technology is constantly improving, it’s getting more accurate, and now it just really comes down to making sure we have enough samples and we’re confident that whatever we’re studying is a unique species.”

"Dr. Mayor expanded on this unique discovery."

    “Finding what appears to be a very large structure, seemingly created with intention and requiring great strength as well as foresight, is interesting. It is not unheard of for primates to stack sticks or rocks, although for me, the jury is still out as to what that was. There is no guess work in science. It is great is that eDNA was collected from that site. That may give us the answers we are looking for.”
    “The process of describing and confirming a new species is difficult. DNA is absolutely essential in the scientific community to prove that something is a new or recognized species. You have eyewitness accounts from tens of thousands of people who say they have encountered Bigfoot, some coming forward with blurry videos and photographs. But that is just not going to cut it. What we need is indisputable genetic evidence to really put this mystery to rest. And there’s no doubt in my mind that we are headed in the right direction.”

The series finale of Expedition Bigfoot, which includes analysis of this new evidence, debuts on Sunday, March 28th.

Source: Comicbook


Little Human Subspecies: Where’s the Evidence?
By Mark Andrew Carpenter

From the lush oases of Africa’s Ethiopia, across the planet to the sweltering jungles of Mexico, beyond the horizon to the primordial coasts of Hawaii, and back again to the gardens, olive groves, and marble columns of ancient Greece, an obscure common thread of small human subspecies endures. Detailed accounts persist about human subspecies that were small in stature, nocturnal, seemingly gifted with advanced knowledge, who primarily dwelt underground, and emerged to the surface only at night. Is it possible that such specific parallels may be something more than just common mythological archetypes?

Is there really some collective subconscious dynamic that somehow triggers practically every indigenous ethnic group from around the globe to harbor the belief that in prehistoric times there existed two to three foot (0.6 - 0.9 meter) tall people who were skilled masons, astronomers, magicians/sorcerers, and who hoarded treasure? Or is there more than mere ‘belief’ to this story?

As interesting as the mythological parallels are, the beliefs and stories are tempting to dismiss as a widespread element of folklore. However, archaeological evidence in the form of megalithic ruins, stone spheres, platform temples, pyramids, and even remains do indeed exist and seem to have cultural connections with these human subspecies of ancient lore.

Human Subspecies: The Ancient Greek Accounts

Several different Greek scholars, historians, and philosophers wrote about these legendary little human subspecies. In Aristotle’s  History of Animals  (300 BC), he writes:

    “these birds [the cranes] migrate from the steppes of  Scythia [modern Eurasia] to the marshlands south of Egypt where the Nile has its source [Ethiopia]. And it is here, by the way, that they are said to fight with the pygmies; and the story is not fabulous, but there is in reality a race of dwarfish men, and the horses are little in proportion, and the men live in caves underground.”

Lucius Flavius  Philostratus (third century AD) has written a similar account:

    “And as to the pigmies, he said that they lived underground, and that they lay on the other side of the Ganges and lived in the manner which is related by all. As to men that are shadow-footed or have long heads, and as to the other poetical fancies which the treatise of Scylax recounts about them, he said that they didn't live anywhere on the earth, and least of all in India.”

Philostratus also recorded an account of a myth about  Hercules in which the demigod hero slayed a different demigod/giant warrior, and then fell asleep. But Hercules did not know that the  pygmies were related to the giant he had defeated. And he didn’t know they were watching and grieving from their underground realm. He goes on to detail how the pygmies lived underground in tunnels where they stored provisions, had little horses, and when Hercules fell asleep, they billowed forth from under the ground in waves and attempted to bind and capture him.

Human Subspecies: Curious Modern Scientific Findings

In 2019, Jason Daley of the Smithsonian Magazine wrote an article about what is believed to be the extremely ancient remains of a  Neanderthal child which was “eaten by a giant bird.” The remains are approximately 115,000 years old and were discovered in  Ciemna Cave , in what is modern day Poland. They were found along with animal bones in a cache which indicated that all the bones, hominin and animal, were preyed upon by and had traveled through the digestive tract of a giant, prehistoric bird. It’s important to note that the Neanderthal remains are few and very tiny, and it is this fact that leads scientists to believe that this was a small child.

Regardless, if these bones belonged to some very small human subspecies or an infant child hominin, either way it is a fact that in the very distant past of prehistory, little humans who were not Homo sapiens were attacked and eaten by giant birds. Modern day biologists have thoroughly studied the migratory patterns of a variety of crane species, and some species of  crane do in fact migrate from marshes in Eurasia all the way down to  Ethiopia.

Human Subspecies: The Egyptian Deity Bes

The ancient Egyptian polytheistic belief system comes complete with all manner of deities, monsters, and so on, but the cult of the deity,  Bes, is unique.

Unlike most Egyptian deities, Bes was never portrayed from the profile position but always portrayed either in full-frontal two-dimensional form or full three-dimensional sculpture form. Bes was depicted as a diminutive or dwarf human with some subtle anthropomorphic features.

Bes was not a deity to be sought out at some luxurious temple, but his idol was kept at home and it was the dwelling which he guarded wearing his warrior’s tunic. He was a deity of music, protection, fertility, and domestic pleasures. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of Bes is that his cult was relatively new in that it only became widespread during the New Kingdom, and this is the result of its importation from the south ( Nubia, Somalia, or Ethiopia).

In other words, what is interesting about this is that the  ancient Greeks  relay to us that these pygmy human subspecies lived south of Egypt and it is from this same region that the cult of this dwarf god Bes originates.

Nubia brings to mind the many small pyramids that are a mystery unto themselves. While it is generally regarded as no great mystery, exactly who were entombed within these Nubian pyramids is not entirely clear as many of these tombs were allegedly looted in antiquity and today many have been flooded by a rising water table.

Human Subspecies: Pygmies, Platforms, and Pyramids

In what is now modern-day Mexico, on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, rests the ruins of the ancient Maya site,  Uxmal. This ancient Maya complex is held as one of the most important and is noted for its large and imposing structures. Among the most impressive and ancient of all these structures is the  El Adivino,  The Pyramid of the Magician, which is also known as The Pyramid of the Dwarf . This name comes from the Maya people themselves who have several versions of how this pyramid was constructed, but in each case, it was constructed by the incredible feats of a mysterious and powerful little human subspecies.

This pyramid has been called the most distinct Maya structure on the entire peninsula (which is saying a great deal). It has very steep/rounded sides, is very tall and has an elliptical base. The simplest account the Maya kept about the pyramid was that a dwarfish sorcerer deity named Itzamna built the pyramid in a single night using only his strength and magic. In another version of the myth, a witch gives birth to a dwarf via an egg and the miraculous birth draws the attention of the king who challenges the diminutive boy to erect a temple in a single night or be put to death. The powerful little man ultimately completes 3 seemingly impossible challenges, kills the king, and becomes the new ruler of Uxmal.

Other Human Subspecies Connections Around the World

The Maya story about a little person using some other worldly or ingenious methods to create grand structures in a single night brings to mind the  Menehune who were the small archaic human subspecies inhabitants of Hawaii. These mysterious prehistoric people are said to have inhabited the Hawaiian Islands long before Polynesians arrived, and were responsible for the construction of the impressive and massive buildings like platform temples and artificial fishponds.

The Hawaiians believe that the Menehune would only come out at night to build these structures and their goal was always to complete construction in one single night. Similar to these other accounts, they would be easy to dismiss if it were not for physical evidence like the ruined temples and still functioning fishponds, just as the Maya story has its magnificent megalithic marvel.

Now onto the islands and inlets of the North Atlantic, Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, all of which are equally filled to the brim with ancient accounts also attached to strange ruins.  Skara Brae  in Scotland for instance, comes to mind due to the measurements of the doorways and beds which all existed in underground dwellings. All of these North Atlantic regions have deeply engrained within them stylized recollections (mythology) of these prehistoric predecessors: elves, dwarfs, leprechauns, and many other human subspecies.

A Return To The Greeks For More About Little People

In Homer’s epic poem the  Iliad (eighth century BC), an ancient race of Pygmies, as the Greeks called them, were engaged in perpetual conflict with this species of cranes. Apparently, there was a queen of the little people named Gerana who offended Hera with her arrogance and claims of surpassing beauty, and as punishment this queen was then transformed into a crane which sparked the never-ending conflict between the two species:

    “Now when the men of both sides were set in order by their leaders, the Trojans came on with clamour and shouting, like wildfowl, as when the clamour of cranes goes high to the heavens, when the cranes escape the winter time and the rains unceasing and clamorously wing their way to the streaming Ocean, bringing to the Pygmaian men bloodshed and destruction: at daybreak they bring on the baleful battle against them.”

Little People As Reported By Native Americans

The vast majority of the widely varied Native American tribes have oral traditions that recall coexistence between the Native Americas and a different, smaller, and more ancient, human subspecies. Common elements to these accounts include mischievous behavior like luring children into the forest by playing music.

Similar to the Greeks and North Atlantic people, the Native Americans believed that these little people lived in caves and could potentially be dangerous. For example, the Pryor Mountains of Montana are said to be home to this day of little people who the Crow tribe believe to be their sacred ancestors. The Crow are extremely weary and or cautious about entering into what they perceive to be the territory of the little people. Interestingly, the Pryor Mountains are a relative hotspot for strange phenomenon like disappearances, fairy rings, and reports of unusual sightings.

Conclusion: More Evidence Of Human Subspecies May Surface

Growing up in a culture so rich in fiction, it can be hard to distinguish between the fairytales we learn as children and what seems to be actual historical evidence that in the distant past there may have been diminutive species or subspecies of humans who perhaps lived simply but also built unimaginable monuments and may have been preyed upon by a giant species of bird.

It is not that all these myths are suddenly becoming valid, but it is possible that certain historical events continue to echo in the form of stylized recollections which we call mythology. It’s worth considering for a moment that below the surface of the earth are miles upon miles of uncharted, unexplored cave systems. It is estimated that less than 1 % of known cave systems have been mapped.

This means that of the cave systems that are known, 99 % of the systems themselves have never been charted or explored. It must surely be then that the great majority of cave systems must be unknown entirely, meaning that we know very, very little about this part of the planet.

Source: Ancient Origins


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The Legend of Lake Erie Bessie
By Molly Fosco

On a warm September day, Harold Bricker, his wife, Cora, and their son, Robert, set out from Ohio’s Sandusky Bay to go fishing on Lake Erie. While Bricker was baiting his hook, he noticed something moving in the water about 1,000 feet from their boat. Peering in that direction, he saw what looked like a long, sleek sea serpent swimming through the choppy waves.

The creature was “black and about 35 feet long with a snakelike head,” Bricker told the Los Angeles Times in 1990. He wanted to investigate, but his son was too nervous to get closer, astutely pointing out that whatever the thing was, it was certainly bigger than any of them. The Brickers weren’t sure what they saw that day, but their story was corroborated by at least five other witnesses.

For many Ohio residents, it was just the most recent sighting of the Lake Erie monster, or Bessie, the American cousin of Scotland’s famed Nessie of Loch Ness. (Last year was big for Nessie, according to the BBC — eight sightings, more than in any other year in this century.) Bessie has never been in the international spotlight, but since the late 18th century, Ohioans have insisted that a huge, snakelike creature lives in the depths of Lake Erie.

In July 1931, two Lake Erie fishermen, Clifford Wilson and Francis Cogenstose, claimed that a sea serpent was plunging through the waves near their boat in Sandusky Bay. Despite their fear, the two men managed to club the beast, bring it to shore and wrestle its limp body into a shipping crate.

At least that’s the story they told a New York Times reporter who happened to be visiting Sandusky that day.  When the curator of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History swung by to investigate, he determined that the clubbed and crated beast was actually an Indian python, according to Cryptozoology A to Z, by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark. Despite that hoax and likely others, Lake Erie locals continue to claim sightings of Bessie’s long, scaly body plunging in and out of the water.

After the Brickers’ encounter in 1990, John Schaffner, editor of The Beacon, a newspaper in Port Clinton, Ohio, set up an 800-number for sightings. Schaffner admits that one of his friends knowingly published an account of a fake serpent sighting in another local paper, spurring a flurry of copycat reports. But the people calling Schaffner’s lake monster hotline weren’t trying to put one over on him. “They were serious as a heart attack,” Schaffner says. “They were absolutely convinced they were seeing something in the water.”

He remembers one woman in particular who was having coffee on her lakefront porch one summer morning, when she was overcome by a powerful stench. “She swears she saw a slinky sea monster with two humps in the water,” Schaffner says.

Investigative journalist and avid Lake Erie boater Steve Kovacs thinks he may have cracked the case. In 2012, Kovacs published The Solved Case of the Real Lake Erie Monster, in which he details sightings over the years and uses his reporting skills to identify the creature. His hard-hitting theory? When people see the Lake Erie monster, they are actually encountering larger-than-average lake sturgeon. It might not be the most thrilling revelation, but Kovacs claims it’s easy to see why folks mistake the giant fish for a monster. “They do look quite prehistoric,” he says. “If you see a sturgeon at the right angle, you probably would look at it and go ‘What the heck is that?’”

Adding to its sinister appearance, lake sturgeon can grow to enormous proportions. The largest specimen ever caught in Wisconsin was 84.2 inches long (7 feet) and weighed 212 pounds. In Minnesota, those record stats are 70 inches and 94.4 pounds.

Of course, it’s not just Bessie and Nessie that spark the imagination of lakegoers. An aquatic monster was spotted in Alaska’s Lake Iliamna in the 1960s, in the ’90s and again last year, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Lake Champlain, shared by New York state, Vermont and Quebec, has its own monster, known as Champ or Champy.

Like ghosts, yetis and Bigfoot, sightings of these bizarre beasts raise questions about the human psyche. Why do some people believe in creatures that have no proven existence? Donald R. Prothero, co-author of Abominable Science! Origins of the Yeti, Nessie and Other Famous Cryptids, blames it on our willingness to believe what we see. “People are fooled by their senses, especially sight, because we are notoriously bad witnesses,” Prothero told National Geographic in 2013. Kovacs thinks monster sightings serve a different purpose. “It diverts people from their problems in life, their anxieties, depression, bad times,” he says. “It gives [them] a sense of adventure and purpose.”

Over the years, scientists and marine experts have offered theories on Bessie. After the 1990 sighting, Fred Snyder, a researcher with the Ohio Sea Grant, told the Los Angeles Times that he, like Kovacs, believes it’s just a supersize sturgeon. But many locals would rather keep the monster story alive. The menus at LEMmy’s (Lake Erie Monster) Restaurant in Huron tell the tale of the 1931 sighting, but with an alternative ending: The monster now lives in the diner’s basement. If you listen closely, you can hear her thrashing around belowdecks. Or so the menu says.

Source: Ozy


Photos of "Ape Creatures" Surface in Brazil

The photographs show alleged ape-like creatures rumored to be skulking around Brazil's Itaparica Island.

Every country seems to have its own version of Bigfoot and Brazil is no exception, as evidenced recently by rumors of an (albeit smaller) ape-like beast reported on Itaparica Island.

The stories are centered around Ilha de Misericordia in the state of Bahia where a curfew in response to the coronavirus pandemic has left residents restricted to their homes.

This hasn't stopped some strange stories emerging from the region, however, with some reporting sightings of peculiar ape-like creatures wandering the deserted streets at night.

Most recently, two photographs have been circulating social media, one showing a creature walking along a quiet road and another which shows three creatures - two adults and a juvenile. They have very long arms and appear to walk upright on two legs while slightly hunched over.

What the images actually show however remains unclear - could these simply be native primates that have wandered into the streets due to the curfew? It's also possible that the images are a hoax, perhaps created using image manipulation, costumes, puppets or some other means.

"The first one is very well done, because of the shadows," said image expert Francisco Patricio. "The animal is going against the light, and it is very straight in front of the animal. And in the second, it is very difficult to identify even the existence of a shadow because it is not illuminated."

"You can't tell if they are false or true. However, low-resolution photos are perfect for optical illusion. You can dress up and go to the dark so that it is easy to create something that looks real."

Marise, the owner of a restaurant in Itaparica told reporters, “Everyone is talking about this all over social media."

Another resident of Itaparica, Gerusa, said, "I believe it is some beast trying to scare people."

In short, there is a chance that the photos are true, but that does not mean that they are real. Both are low in brightness and definition. With this, it is easy for someone in costume, for example, to appear much more frightening than normal.

Source: Unexplained Mysteries


A Mass Scientific Mystery in India
By Michael Grosso

The following story is about events that occurred one day in September, 1995. A similar phenomenon, I’ve learned, was repeated in 2006, 2008, and 2010. The phenomenon is one of dematerialization and nobody has clue to explain it. I’ll start to worry when people start to dematerialize.

Just before dawn (on a day in 1995) a man from New Delhi dreamed that Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom, wanted milk. The man dashed out to the first temple to make a milk offering to the statue of Ganesha; much to his amazement he watched the milk disappear before his eyes.

The impossible nature of what he saw was obvious. Others joined him and witnesses multiplied. By the end of the day, reports of statues “drinking” milk were coming from all parts of India and from Hindu communities in London and other parts of the world.

The entire phenomenon, witnessed by millions, seems to have ended after about 24 hours. “The `milk-miracle’ may go down in history as the most important event shared by Hindus of this century, if not in the last millennium,” reported Hinduism Today in 1996.

Ordinary life in New Delhi came to a standstill while liter upon liter of milk vanished into thin air. The stock market in (what was then called) Bombay came to a halt as people rushed to temples to witness and participate in the wonder. Disbelievers sneered and called it “mass hysteria.”

The initial response of the Indian press condemned the reports as ignorant and superstitious. Newspaper reporters who witnessed the phenomenon from the UK, USA, Denmark, Germany and Canada were less glib. Reporters from the Washington Post did not reject as illusion what they personally witnessed at a Maryland Hindu temple.

UK reporter Rebecca Maer visited a temple in Southall and wrote in the Daily Express, “It’s difficult to dismiss something you have seen for yourself.”

The diehard denier will simply respond by saying that people can be convinced they saw something that was in fact an illusion. True, but proof is needed that it really is an illusion. What I saw on CNN was no illusion. It was perfectly clear; the white liquid, from inside its container, slowly diminished in size until it was all gone. Period.

Two Hindu students of mine were in India at the time of the phenomenon and wrote accounts of what they personally observed. One of them confirmed a fact I had read about in the newspapers. There was a milk shortage around the country as a result of all the milk that Lord Ganesha drank up!

Here is the story from my other student, Deepak Bhagchandani: “I have personally witnessed and experienced the opportunity to feed the Lord with my own hands in a temple, in New Delhi. I stood and waited in a queue at the Ganesha temple. It was astonishing and unbelievable when my turn came to offer milk to the Lord. I took a spoonful of milk in my hands and placed it near the sculpture. The milk disappeared slowly and gradually. It was not flowing down or being wasted. As a matter of fact, I could see no traces of milk anywhere.”

Deepak adds that he returned to the queue three times for a repeat performance. (Deepak also wrote an account of his witnessing “bhabutti,” or sacred ash, materialize from a Sai Baba photo, a widely reported phenomenon.)

Remarkably, this story of Ganesha, altogether astonishing, quickly vanished from public consciousness; it seems to have made a very slight impression on the Western mind. Disbelievers came up with lame objections.

A reporter for the Indian Express complained about wasting milk! Others bemoaned the loss of time on the job, so many people having fled their workplaces to witness the wonderfully amusing but superfluous miracle. They complained about the “absence of a scientific temper” without putting the issue to a test themselves.

The disbelievers were so frantic they moralized about the “failure of the education system.” Miracles, according to Malini Parthasarathy, writing for Chicago’s India Tribune, were “anachronisms incompatible with the vision of a secular and scientifically oriented India.” How rude!—how lower class of miracles! Don’t they know their place?

(For the full story, see my book, "Smile of the Universe," available on Amazon)

Source: Consciousness Unbound

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