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Thursday, 9 September 2021

BREAKING: Dr. Len Horowitz extremely ill after receiving COVID VACCINE!! + The Hawaii "Mob" Murder of Sherri Kane, investigative reporter 2020

 After the tragic murder of investigative reporter Sherri Kane by "the mob" in Hawaii we learn now of her partner Dr. Len Horowitz' demise. Another unacceptable event. Get well soon Dr. Horowitz!

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World-leading anti-vaccination whistleblower, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, was hospitalized on August 6, 2021 for multiple microbial mutations caused by the Pfizer/Moderna 'synthetic' antigen, according to government records filed in the U.S. Federal Court of Middle District, Florida on August 18, 2021. The damaging synthetic ANTIGEN is the "dual-use" "gain-of-function" bioweapon wrecking havoc on the world.
As detailed in MedicalVeritas.org, Dr. Horowitz concludes by informing the Court:
Chief among Plaintiff’s claims of deceptive safety advertising is the now well-evidenced fact that the PFIZER/MODERNA/DARPA “NOVEL” SPIKE-PROTEIN ANTIGEN IS THE “DUAL USE” SYNTHETIC "GAIN-OF-FUNCTION" BIOWEAPON WRECKING HAVOC ON THE WORLD UNDER THE BRAND CALLED 'COVID'.
Dr. Horowitz has been begging the Court for "Injunctive Relief" since fling the Horowitz v. Pfizer et. al. Complaint in early 2020.

"Only uncompromised justice can secure the circumstances; the health, safety, and society, in which Plaintiff’s claims arise and are increasingly being justified by the growing illnesses reported—eventually leaving every human susceptible to damage and dying prematurely, proximal to the torts and crimes reported here begging adjudication on the merits."
To read a complete copy of Dr. Horowitz's federal filing, including the irrefutable evidence for the above statements of fact, CLICK HERE.
Dr. Horowitz's further details on these matters are published HERE.
Dr. Horowitz, and MANY OTHERS, could not stand to be further deprived of their free healing music and rights to listen, enjoy, and be sustained spiritiually with 528-transposed music.
We missed our blessing of being able to tune our voices and musical instruments to the GREAT VIBRATIONS of "LOVE/528".
So before Dr. Horowitz went to the hospital, he and our staff worked for days to bring you THIS TEMPORARY FIX--a SUBSTITUTE!

What does this statement mean, "HERD-INFECTIVITY IS NOT HERD IMMUNITY"?
The SCAM is that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are spreading spike-protein ANTIGENS that are poisons, and not "immunogens' in any beneficial sense.
These ANTIGENS are CAUSING the new mutations and strains of infectious agents increasigly damaging and destroying civilization at this time.
This is the KEY depopulation, and civilization-degneration, plot being administered by the 'global elite' under the brand named "COVID".
On August 21, 2021, Dr. Horowitz wrote Republic Broadcasting Network Host, "The Liberty Man" John Moore the following message:
By the grace of God, protective angels, and supportive loved-ones who snuck me provisions, I am feeling much better. Getting stronger. O2 levels getting back on track. Exercising a bit again.
During this period of Satanic attack I have gone like Daniel into the “lions den”—the concentration camp called Lee Memorial Hospital in Cape Coral, FL. Here I experienced first hand mis-diagnosis, reckless/ignorant delayed proper treatment and assorted malpractices; and cruel and unusual punishment and civil rights abuses consistent with Nazi Germany. I was precluded from going to the bathroom, from bathing, from standard hygiene practices; deprived of sleep constantly; and threatened continuously with forced (unnecessary) intubation and my likely death on their “life support”.
Dr. Horowitz's most recent federal court filing is STUNNING. Read it. Share it. It presents the truth required to defeat the darkness and save civilzation from bioengineered 'transhumanist extinction.'
Dr. Horowitz alone is bringing to light IN DEPTH EXPLOSIVE SCIENTIFIC AND POLITICAL INVESTIGATION REPORTS, like those featured here.

This research and compelling indictment of the chief "suspects" complicit with Fauci require scientific, medical, as well as geopolitical intelligence uniquely held by Dr. Horowitz.

The featured video, and more research published on MedicalVeritas.org, provides amazing publications bringing forth evidence and exposure of TREASON and BIOCRIMES committed by Fauci with his "inner circle," all vetted by Horowitz.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal online, Dr. Horowitz has connected the dots' in the "National Security Crime Syndicate."

Unless we expose and prosecute these criminals effectively, you can expect COVID 'mutants' to continue threatening, and "vaccination humanicide" to go unabated.

Biowarfare on We The People is proven by the evidence Dr. Horowitz and his friends herald in many publications. Dr. Horowitz is the best-selling author in field of emerging viruses and communicable diseases, worldwide. So his scholarly analysis is most reliable and appreciated. His new unprecedented video and article is required viewing and reading by lawmakers, state prosecutors, and We The People. The suspects must be officially exposed, investigated, and prosecuted. Dr. Horowitz's work here has led the way for law enforcement that has thus far been deprived and corrupted by the devildoers.

On a different matter, at the same time Google and Mailchimp censored Dr. Horowitz's latest videos and correspondence, Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane's 528RADIO.com was critically HACKED. After eleven years of service, it is now no longer broadcasting.

Sadly, it is unknown at the present time when this wonderful blessing of free 528 'medicinal music' will resume. But we are committed to restoring this service.

So we need your prayers, and financial support, to rebuild the entire 528 music transposition and broadcasting service.

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Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

"[S]omeone who hears the sound of the horn but does not take warning, and a sword comes and takes him away, his blood will be on his own head. . . . But if you on your part warn a wicked person to turn from his way and he does not turn from his way, he will die for his wrongdoing, but you have saved your life.. . .Turn back, turn back from your evil ways! Why then should you die, . . .?" Ezekial 33:4-10.
The ‘smoking guns’ neglected in Fauci’s e-mails woefully evidence a series of crimes, including treason and terrorism in biowarfare, victimizing We The People worldwide.
Evidence analyzed here clearly-and-convincingly proves biowarfare is being committed internationally by governments “captured” by a “National Security ‘Crime’ Syndicate” in which Dr. Anthony Fauci operates as an egomaniacal bureaucrat.
His “parade” features humanicide in accordance with profitable depopulation objectives schemed by Big Tech’s “transhumanists.”
With artificial intelligence (“AI”) and biochimps, why sustain “useless eaters”?
The gross black-outs in my analyzed section of Fauci e-mails also evidences “tampering” in violation of Title 18 U.S.C. § 1519. This is the “low hanging fruit”. Lacking attention thereto compounds impressions of gross negligence and reckless impropriety within the Justice Department that evades its investigative duty and transparency.
Key agents in government, the military, academia, and industry are identified herein. They are named in-and-around this most censored section of Fauci e-mails. Redactions protecting these parties’ complicity evidence an organized criminal conspiracy to fraudulently conceal crucial AIDS science tied to COVID’s evolutionary virology, mRNA vaccinology, and competing remedies that bolster immunity with little to no risks.
In this context, all safe and effective competing ‘natural remedies’ and medicines have been unfairly and deceptively restrained from trade enriching stockholders in the public/private National Security Crime Syndicate.
Fauci’s e-mails provide clear-and-convincing evidence of racketeering by co-conspiring agents in the CIA, FBI, NSA, academica, British intelligence, Eastern Communist and Western Capitalist businesses and military communities.
These stockholders in the public/private racket have leveraged the COVID pandemic for unjust enrichment and their elite’s protection. They have, thus far, secured their National Security Syndicate’s geopolitical and economic interests in power and population control. They have, thus far, done so without widespread discovery--exposure necessary to arrest these fascist subversives.
Putting this intelligence in your hands, and the hands of those willing and able to oppose these demons, can help save lives.
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January 5, 2021NEWS  RELEASE

Release: No. 1-Hawaii Mob/3

Date Mailed: January 14, 2021

For Release After January 14, 2021

Contact: Editor, JudicialCorruptionNews.com310-877-3002


(JudicialCorruptionNews.com; Las Vegas, NV)

“The Mob” controlling the courts and law-enforcers in Hawaii have murdered legendary activist and injustice avenger, Sherri Kane, according to her partner, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

“Malicious manslaughter,’” akin to murder, is charged by the doctor based on medical records and court proceedings.

They show Sherri Kane’s death was triggered by severe distress causing a hypertensive brain hemorrhage on December 17, 2020.

The doctor claims those who caused her death acted to inflict her damage, suffering, and ‘terminal attrition’ in their corrupted justice system.

Kane’s skyrocketing blood pressure and multiple strokes followed a “quadruple whammy” committed by the Hawaii syndicate comprised of complicit lawyers, judges, and government officials in November and early December.

This mob’s outrageous corruption devastated Sherri Kane’s health and faith that justice would return her and the doctor’s stolen home and spa property on the Big Island of Hawaii; and jail the drug kingpin who forged the legal papers used to steal the couple’s estate along with the doctor’s life-savings.


Sherri Kane was only 51-years old when she died.

She worked as a professional avenger against injustice for more than a dozen years.

An accomplished activist and investigative journalist, Sherri is best known for co-publishing with Dr. Horowitz numerous films, articles, videos, interviews, websites and social media groups exposing political corruption, judicial corruption, medical care perversion, and the ‘Hawaii mob’ that eventually killed her.

Sherri launched and administered Facebook’s popular crime-stoppers’ group, Report Corruption in Hawaiito expose the demons damaging and destroying the lives of thousands of victims daily.

“Sherri sacrificed her life to expose the racket that has controlled Hawaii, its natives and taxpayers, since the islands’ illegal takeover by the Boston Brahman.

That ‘old money’ financed the missionaries and influenced the U.S. Military in the 1800s,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

“Sherri heroically exposed these menaces and their successors that control Hawaii’s commerce and courts today.”

Sherri Kane heroically exposed the state’s top criminals and their crimes, including the mounting genocides damaging Hawaiians and African Americans.

Sherri exposed people who were cruel to women, children, and animals.

She opposed racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, child sex traffickers, risky vaccinations, Big Pharma’s corruption, and land thieves, especially Hilo attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Kane wrote exhaustively about Sulla, who dashed Dr. Horowitz’s dreams of developing a world-class health spa and healing community neighboring Volcanoes National Park.

Dr. Horowitz described Sherri as “fearless in the face of the drug cartel and pure evil.”

“She worked feverishly 18 hours daily as an activist, consumer health advocate, and professional avenger against injustice.

Her warm loving heart, especially for infants, children, and animals, gained her a huge international following.

She always said that “animals are more conscious, loving, and caring than humans.”

Kane carried the torch for thousands of voiceless victims of the corrupted justice system.

She launched a dozen websites, including this JudicialCorruptionNews.com platform.

Sherri’s “Conscious Species” channel on RevolutionTelevision.net also became very popular, as did her Facebook groups including “Big Island Lost, Found and Stolen Pets.”

Her ‘politically-incorrect’ “PizzaGate group” had several thousand subscribers before Facebook censored it. 

Her superheroism was blocked repeatedly by Big Tech companies years before such censorship became widely visible.

“Sherri literally saved my life a number of times,” Dr. Horowitz said.

She helped me every step of the way over the past twelve years advancing the healing arts, sciences, and music industry with 528Records.com528Revolution.com, and 528Radio.com.”

Together the couple broadcast very controversial and widely censored videos on RevolutionTelevision.net – a site Sherri developed and managed.

Sherri Kane exposed America’s most vile racists, and the world’s worst menaces, on WarOnWeThePeople.comMedicalVeritas.org, and ExposingVaccineGenocide.org.

She did all of this besides administering two online healthstores, HealthyWorldStore.com and CureShoppe.com, that financed the couples activism.





Sherri knew many people who developed myriad diseases, become exhausted, and succumbed to the distress of mob rule over the courts, that is, “lawfare.”

Lawfare generally features malicious and damaging abuse of the courts by lawyers and judges intending to damage people, deprive them of justice, steal their rights, and/or convert their properties.

“Attrition and submission is their chief goal,” Sherri often said.

“That is their ‘game-plan’ in the Hawaii courts especially. This is a crime syndicate.”

The Bar members operate this racket to cause severe distress in their victims. They often cause the death of their targets.

That’s often how they gain their money, properties, and wash their profits through sham mortgages and fake bank accounts.

The FBI was keenly aware of this “public corruption,” but only acted against a limited number of outsiders. That enabled the syndicate to control and continue.

Sherri knew all about this cartel dealing drugs and stealing properties in Hawaii.

But she just couldn’t detach herself from her personal struggles with this “beast.”

As her losses and damages mounted so did her emotional distress and blood pressure.

“She just couldn’t cope with the injustice we witnessed year-after-year. The number of people being harmed, animals being killed.

Then, during the month of November, we were struck by four deadly deeds,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

These are detailed below.

It should be known that Sherri Kane’s partner, Dr. Horowitz, is a federal-court-registered medical-legal expert witness.

Having witnessed the events below, he plans to file a criminal complaint with state and federal law enforcers in Florida where Sherri lived and died on January 7, 2021.

“The courts and law enforcers were repeatedly informed that Sherri had high blood pressure,” Dr. Horowitz explained.

“Her medical and court records showed that her blood pressure spiked with severe emotional distress caused by the actions her adversaries committed.” (1)

“The corrupt officials stole our home,” the doctor continued. “They destroyed our spa, killed Sherri’s cat, and safe-harbored their lead agent–the grand jury-indicted forger–Paul J. Sulla.

Sulla is a widely known drug kingpin and among Hawaii’s most active forgers and land thieves. Sulla has operated as the ‘go-to-guy’ for top County of Hawaii officials, including three mayors who protected him. (2) Together, their enterprise stole properties and split profits.

These crimes extend from Hawaii and span the nation. Four FBI investigators were assigned to Sherri’s case.

Each was stymied or stonewalled and unable to enforce criminal laws. There was no justice for Sherri and Len.

Sherri couldn’t tolerate this disgusting injustice.

CLICK HERE to listen to the Sherri Kane Tribute radio show archive.


There were four severely distressing happenings in November, 2020 that combined to be the “proximate cause” of Sherri’s death. (2) Here they are:

Prosecutor Roth announced his bid for mayor with a ‘tough on crime’ pitch.


Mitch Roth ran for Mayor to replace fellow Democrat Harry Kim.

Kim’s administration worked with Sulla and, like Roth, turned a blind eye to Sulla having committed a ‘pattern and practice’ of  forging deeds and trafficking drugs.

This mob’s enterprise generated millions and millions of dollars.

For example, Sulla’s second known deed forgery in 2016 bilked the U.S. Army, foreign investors, and 80 needy low-income families out of their money and/or properties.

Collage of parties involved in the Waikaloa Highlands land heist, including Mayors Billy Kenoi, Harry Kim, and later Mitch Roth.

Sherri Kane helped publish these facts in an “Executive Summary” detailing the “Waikoloa Highlands Heist.”

That scheme defrauded the chief competitor of the Hunter and Joe Biden-affiliated Burisma Holdings’ energy company in the Ukraine. 

These facts tied this local Hawaii crime syndicate to the Bidens’ international business influence.

That same year, as known to Roth and other County officials, Sulla forged Dr. Horowitz’s deed that was also warranted by the County.

Both forged deeds slandered titles to County of Hawaii warranted lands.

Yet Roth did worse than nothing about this. He actually protected Sulla and aided-and-abetted Sulla’s illegal million dollar land conversions.

According to Sulla’s disclosures to investigative journalist Patricia Tummons in 2014, as published in Environment Hawaii, Sulla described his Hawaii mob as a “consortium.”

This Democratic Party-allied criminal consortium also controls Hawaii’s courts.

Law enforcers statewide operate under its corrupt influence, according to Kane’s investigations and publications.

Paul Sulla stands indicted for forgery and land thievery behind defense counsel, Brian DeLima.

On November 2, 2020, one day before Roth was elected County of Hawaii mayor, Roth directed his subordinate prosecutors to dismiss Sulla’s indictment for stealing Sherri and Len’s home and spa property by obvious forgery.

Why Roth’s dismissal?

Roth was in charge of his underlings, Chris Rothfus and Andrew Son, who claimed they lacked proof for conviction “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“Hogwash,” Horowitz protested.

Over the years, “The HOROKANE” provided Roth with substantial proof of Sulla’s string of forgeries.

The one Sulla was indicted for was the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

Roth harbored Sulla repeatedly over the years regardless of the evidence presented him by Hilo police investigators.

So Roth was complicit in Sulla’s theft schemes. Roth caused the couple’s damages and distress.

What was Roth thinking?

Hawaii Mob Murders

Roth-Thwarted Associate Prosecutor, Rick Damerville

Roth knew “The HOROKANE” had a large online following on Facebook, JudicialCorruptionNews.com and RevolutionTelevision.net.

Roth and his cohorts in crime needed to keep these broadcast journalists quiet long enough to win his mayoral election.

So Roth approved of Sulla’s prosecution just long enough to chill the couple’s publications and political threat.

That’s why Roth dismissed the case one day before his Democratic Party mob-controlled election.

In other words, Kane was conned into believing justice would be served against Sulla.

She was defrauded into thinking the couple’s stolen property would be returned.

Subsequently, on the eve of Roth’s election, Roth obstructed justice for political gain and continued mob rule.

Roth even conned his veteran prosecutor, Rick Damerville, who worked for years to develop the now dismissed case against Sulla.

Sherri recorded a telephone conversation in which Damerville objected incredulously to Roth’s subordinate prosecutors’ sabotage.

They dropped Damerville’s prosecution and dashed Kane’s hope of ‘finality’– jailing Sulla justly. MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE #2: THE DISHONORABLE JUDGE WENDY DEWEESE’S CON ARTISTRY

Judge Wendy DeWeese

On July 22, 2020, the State of Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals ruled that Sulla had probably foreclosed on Sherri’s and Len’s property illegally.

So this higher court (after capriciously depriving the couple of their $200,000 jury awardvacatedSulla’s foreclosure.

That ruling sent the case back to the lower court of Judge Wendy DeWeese.

Here, DeWeese compounded the couple’s distress, and caused Sherri’s death.

DeWeese disregarded the appellate Tribunal’s instruction that she  should follow case law.

That required Sulla to prove his ownership of the couple’s property that Sulla acquired by multiple forgeries.

This higher court ruling instructed DeWeese to permit Sherri and Len to ‘have their day in court’ to ‘adjudicate the merits’ of their defenses.

But DeWeese did neither.

On November 27, 2020DeWeese granted Sulla the couple’s property by actually altering the higher court’s explicit ruling.

Now that dirty deed is a misdemeanor.

It is called ‘evidence tampering’ under Hawaii law §710-1076

DeWeese’s “Tampering with physical evidence” is apparent upon close examination of the appellate rulingversus DeWeese’s transcript that precisely alters the case number subject to the higher court’s decision.

DeWeese’s misdemeanor is compounded by her hindering the couple’s defense and counter-prosecution of Sulla.

That’s another misdemeanor under Hawaii Revised Statute §710-1030  titled “Hindering prosecution in the second degree.”

Besides these two misdemeanors, DeWeese deprived the couple’s rights to due process, and gave Sulla their property.

So DeWeese’s deeds compounded Roth’s deadly actions that caused Kane severe distress and death.

Sherri’s blood pressure shot up wildly immediately after Roth and DeWeese ruled.

Their actions, along with the following two more judicial assaults, caused Sherri’s hypertensive terminal brain hemorrhage.


On November 19, 2020, as Sherri and Len were pleading for Judge DeWeese to reconsider her “error,” Sherri received notice from the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel, Bradley Tamm, that Sherri’s complaint against Sulla’s associate rip-off artist, lawyer Gary Dubin, was dismissed.

Dubin had helped Sulla steal the couple’s property.

Later, after The HOROKANE investigated Dubin, they reported that he had been jailed for tax evasion.

They discovered and published that a Deep State plot involving Dubin had converted $50 million of Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ massive fortune. Dubin’s release from prison was tied to that money.

This “Port Luc Madam” was ‘set up’ by top state and federal drug dealers and Dubin to go to jail to protect their racket. At least one complicit judge was involved according to press reports.

Dubin had been disbarred in Hawaii for ripping off many victims besides Sherri and Len.

During Dubin’s investigation by Tamm’s subordinate Office of Disciplinary Counsel (“ODC”) lawyers, the ‘white hats’ asked Sherri to submit supplemental complaints against Sulla and his co-counsel, Stephen Whittaker, and Kane did so promptly.

But Tamm intervened in order to protect their criminal enterprise.

Recktenwald’s subordinate quickly dismissed Sherri’s complaints to conceal and protect Sulla and their mob’s apparent complicity in land thievery and sex and drug crimes.

Sherri and Len had provided the ODC with irrefutable evidence proving Sulla had bribed his substitute lawyer, Stephen D. Whittaker. But Tamm intervened to protect the corrupted enterprise and continue The Mob’s fraud and theft schemes.

Meanwhile, Sherri learned and published that Bradley Tamm had been disciplined himself for embezzling clients’ money as a drug addict and alcoholic suspended by the State of California Bar Association.

Presumably, Chief Justice Recktenwald couldn’t find any lawyer better qualified to do The Mob’s bidding. So Recktenwald positioned Tamm to be the ‘gate keeper’ protecting all of their racket’s most corrupt lawyers.


As evidenced by the court transcript of November 5, 2020, Judge DeWeese railroaded Kane, Horowitz and their ally, Mitch Fine who attempted to intervene in their case. “Mitch” helped finance the couple’s spa project and held substantial interest in the lands being stolen.

Appearing on the video recording together, these three victims were shocked by their supposed ‘friendly defense counsel,’ Margaret Wille, who stated that she agreed with DeWeese’s ruling!

“I agree with what you are doing,” Wille told DeWeese about the railroading, effectively betraying and undermining Fine and breaking Sherri’s heart.

Wille had, in fact, advised Mitch to file his motion to intervene that De Weese was denying.

Sherri was devastated by this betrayal. She went into a state of shock.

Sherri had done substantial work for “Margaret” gratis. Sherri had launched, customized, and administered Wille’s professional website. Sherri referred clients to Margaret.

Wille had represented the journalists’ interests for four years, was paid more than $60,000.00, with twice more pending victory over Sulla.

Margaret had secured her debt over Sherri and Len by a lien on the couple’s adjacent property. So Wille’s betrayal, her agreeing with what DeWeese was doing to deprive the three damaged people, in-effect, condemned Sherri and Len to suffer many more years of costly and distressing litigation, or lose their remaining property to Margaret.

Neither Lenny nor Sherri could financially or emotionally afford many more years of this disgusting “due process.”

Their abuse and attrition would secure for Wille and Sulla every bit of the couple’s properties, and leave them destitute.

Anyone with any reasonable intelligence would have taken Wille’s statement as a “stab in the back,” as Kane did to her demise.

Other than to protect Wille’s relationship with Judge DeWeese, and secure the judicial racket’s interests for Wille and Sulla, there was no need whatsoever for Wille to have said to the judge, “I agree with what you are doing.”

And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, Sherri had more good cause to be devastated.

Wille never once filed any complaint against her ‘brother’ lawyers, Sulla and Whittaker, knowing full well she was bound by her license and ethical rules to do so. Wille knew about, but neglected nonetheless, both lawyers’ host of felonies and unethical service to The Mob.

The TRANSCRIPT of that hearing of 11-05-2020, and its VIDEO RECORDING, evidences the aforementioned ‘quadruple whammy’ that sent Sherri to her grave.



During the month of November, through mid-December, Sherri was deeply depressed by these “judicial proceedings.”

She had already not been feeling well, but after these events Sherri increasingly complained of severe headaches, and high blood pressure.

She made appointments, saw a number of doctors, and took their meds to no avail.

On December 17, Sherri Kane awakened in pain. A brain aneurysm had burst sending blood into her ‘subarachnoid spece’ ultimately causing vast nerve damage and a series of strokes.

On January 7, 2020, after four emergency surgeries, and extended brain damage while on life-support, Sherri Kane died at Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, as a victim of the aforementioned “criminal abuse of process” and manslaughter.

Why care?

Sherri Kane Pharmawhores

Sherri Kane personified the best of humanity, decency, integrity, and pure love.

She was a mesmerizing ‘larger-than-life’  avenger against injustice by reason of the compassion she felt for others victimized, as she was, by psychopaths.

Sherri lent her pen, beauty, acting skills, and voice to those who were voiceless–to the masses of people, especially women and children, deprived of their rights, dignity, and properties.

Sherri battled incessantly for those made sick and enslaved by the “judicial racket” that killed her.

That’s why Sherri created this website, JudicialCorruptionNews.com, and her popular Facebook group, Report Hawaii Corruption–to help secure people’s happiness and properties.

Sherri Kane’s efforts extended beyond Hawaii to the world damaged by political corruption, and the trafficking of drugs and human sex slaves.

Sherri wrote about why she did this in her own ‘auto-obituary‘ penned three months before she died. You can read Sherri’s beautifully-written ‘life story’, her formative years, her trials and tribulations, and a bit of her many accomplishments by CLICKING HERE.

Before and after Sherri’s funeral (that took place near Philadelphia at the King David Memorial Cemetery on January 11, 2021), her friends and loved ones prayed that justice would be served upon those named above, and others in “law enforcement” who violated their oaths, disgraced their offices, and distressed, damaged, and arguably murdered Sherri.

What will become of these complicit agents?

Surely Sherri’s adversaries will continue to justify their actions and likely get away with murdering others if something is not done to stop them.

All of Sherri’s friends agreed about this and the hopelessness it imparts.

No help is expected from the complicit FBI or DEA as Sherri and Len unfortunately learned repeatedly.

Each of the devildoers will all surely deny their complicity and accountability in Sherri’s death.

They will divert from, conceal, and otherwise defend their recklessness, malice, and/or negligent manslaughter of this most beloved heart and soul.

That will not, however, obviate their karmic debt, and impact on their destinies.

Sherri’s friends all agreed that the damage done to Sherri, her grieving mother and many others Sherri helped, shall afflict and solemnly burden the devildoers’ lives evermore.

Sherri’s manslaughter condemns their spirits to suffer eternally.

After her funeral, Sherri’s friends gathered and discussed the best and likeliest outcome for these people who robbed society of Sherri’s beauty and loving service at the young age of 51. They should be, and will be, tortured under God’s ‘due process,’ all agreed.

Now, ‘from the other side,’ Sherri continues to help us. She now works with the angels of retribution.

Everyone who knew Sherri well, knowing her intense spiritual power, and uncanny metaphysical activity (all mentored by her prophetically-psychic grandmother next to whom Sherri now rests in peace), agreed on this prediction too: Sherri would surely serve beyond her grave, from heaven, helping to avenge her killing and the damage done similarly to others.

Justice shall be administered to the traitors against decency, morality, ethical responsibility, and constitutional duty.

Sherri’s soul arises from her grave to serve this higher calling.

There is no doubt about this. The evidence is already mounting.

Two days after Sherri’s death Sulla’s main protector–the new Hilo mayor, Mitch Roth–suffered a heart attack.

That was no ‘coincidence.’ This news broke on the day Sherri was burried.

In Sherri’s own words, included in her obituary linked HERE, “Sherri always said, ‘there is no such thing as “coincidences.”

Her greatest wish was to see justice served.”

Sherri’s greatest wish shall surely come true, since she now has the freedom to give the demons a taste of their own ‘medicine.’


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(1) Dr. Horowitz alleges that several Big Island judges, lawyers, and prosecutors committed Sherri’s manslaughter.

They caused her death recklessly or maliciously. There is evidence of “malicious intent.”

And both voluntary and involuntary manslaughter are crimes according to Hawaii law §707-702 and/or Florida Statute 782.07(1).

These statutes criminalize “attempted manslaughter.”

In Florida this violation includes the offense of “attempted murder.”

According to Florida law, a second degree felony is committed by killing someone by “culpable negligence.” 

(2) Sherri Kane had sought justice to serve karma upon those who had killed her cat, diverted her professional productivity, and largely stole her happiness.

Sherri’s domestic partner, Dr. Horowitz, had been battling to retain their house and 27-acre estate spa property for years against the grand jury-indicted deed forger and predicate land thief, Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Sulla is one of the nation’s leading hallucinogenic drug traffickers.

The couple’s criminal complaints appeared to pay off on December 4, 2020, when Sulla was indicted by a Hilo grand jury for forging one of the couple’s deeds.

Over the years, Sulla had altered a number of deeds, mortgages, and notes; all repeatedly neglected by the former prosecutor, now Mayor, Mitch Roth.

Hawaii Mob Murder of Legendary Activist Sherri Kane: Auto-Obituary Foreshadowed Manslaughter Reblogged from source @ https://judicialcorruptionnews.com/hawaii-mob-murders-sherri-kane/


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