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Sunday, 5 September 2021

SHOCKING! Maurice Kirk: latest + continuing abuses of power etc. & upcoming “knife possession” crown court hearing + Machine Gun case – 05 Sept. 2021

Trading in Machine Guns Trial starts on Monday 6th Sept 2021


Remember, this police conspiracy was in the drastic shadow of 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought by the same welsh police with my alleged ‘trading in machine guns’ jury civil trial being their desperate last ditch attempt, coup de gras, to block my 7th January 2010 listed 1BS614149 damages claim that would require at least 200 police officers as witnesses.

High Court, on 3rd September, denied me my inalienable right to having a jury despite a request in my Particulars of Claim filed with the Cardiff court in 2011

At Police HQ where I gained entry to Barbara Wilding’s Office to spark Operation Challis to have me shot
Alex with Snipe just before my DH2 WW1 replica with decommissioned Lewis machine gun flew at the 2000 Farnborough International  Air Show following a specific order from Captain Brian Trubshaw of 002 fame.
She is desperate to block my civil claims or lose her pension

Written in gaol for 8 months until aquitted


MG at Secret police laboratory in Chepstow to tamper with the evidence, unblock the barrel of the dummy gun and paint it back to the colour when I owned it in order to fool the 2010 Cardiff crown court jury

‘Nothing new under the sun’ where South Wales Police criminality is concerned


Why is the Dummy Machine Gun found at Chepstow’s Forensic Services Laboratory?

  1. On 7 April 2009 intelligence report of MJK holding gun in Aug 2008 photo
  •  In March 2009 MJK attends magistrates and asks the court, having filed with it a copy of Dolmans, solicitors’ falsely drafted Chief Constable’s Feb 2009 sworn affidavit, to have the matter listed for an urgent private prosecution.
  • On 30 May 2009 intelligence report MJK also attends South Wales Police HQ, Barry and Bridgend police stations to serve BS614159 witness summons on 40 odd police officers.
  • With my same complaint left before magistrates, that Barbara Wilding’s affidavit was six weeks late and contrary to His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC’s November 2008 court order that there was to be full CPR disclosure in the current BS61419 one million pound plus damages claim.
  • MJK arrest  was at 0810 hrs in Llantwit Major, on Mon 22nd June 2009
  • Late same evening the ‘gun’ is handed over, on M5 Motorway, to unarmed Nigel Brown who returns with it to Bridgend HQ.
  • Early Tuesday, 23 June 209 Nigel Brown takes dummy to A Huxtable at Bridgend’s police HQ where it is  stripped and photographed HO style
  • OR Huxtable ‘ignores’ Home Office orders, he is to examine and film the ‘dummy gun’ but gets it to Chepstow’s Forensic Services
  • Neither the 2010 jury nor MJK were told of this Chepstow examination by another forensic laboratory during the 2000-mile ‘hike’ of it around the UK



Are English Police now also Perverting the Course of Justice?

High Court, on 3rd September, denied me my inalienable right to having a jury despite a request in my Particulars of Claim filed with the Cardiff court in 2011

Remember, this police conspiracy was in the drastic shadow of 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought by the same welsh police with my alleged ‘trading in machine guns’ jury civil trial being their desperate last ditch attempt, coup de gras, to block my 7th January 2010 listed 1BS614149 damages claim that would require at least 200 police officers as witnesses


This is my hand written statement scribbled out in Cardiff prison where I was deliberately incarcerated, until eight months later, to stop the progression of my BS614159+2 more civil claims against Barbara Wilding due to her 40 odd malicious criminal prosecutions.

Her criminal conduct was purely to protect her pension

My machine gun compensation claim denied a jury is in RCJ at 10am tomorrow

My machine gun hearing in Cardiff now on Monday


Come and witness for yourself the level of deceit within senior officers of the South Wales Police.

I give evidence first – a long time waiting to expose the police conspiracy that lost me my wife, almost my life, my heath, wealth and damned near my sanity!

My’ knife in public’ case jury trial tomorrow is adjourned to 17th Sept in Exeter Crown Court

all welcome to witness more blood on the court room carpet

DEFENDANT’S APPLICATION FOR PROSECUTION DISCLOSURE (Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, section 8; Criminal Procedure Rules, rule 22.5)  

Case details Name of defendant:  Maurice John Kirk BVSc Court:  Crown Court at Exeter Case reference number:  T20210178 Charge(s):

Possession of Offensive Weapon contrary to section 139(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

Note: You must give a defence statement, and allow the prosecutor time to respond, before you can make an application for prosecution disclosure. How to use this form 1. Complete the Case details box above and answer the questions set out in the boxes below.  If you use an electronic version of this form, the boxes will expand. If you use a paper version and need more space, you may attach extra sheets. 2. Attach to this form: (a) a copy of your defence statement, and (b) copies of any correspondence with the prosecutor about disclosure. 3. Sign and date the completed form. 4. Send a copy of the completed form and everything attached to: (a) the court, and (b) the prosecutor.
1)  What material do you want the prosecutor to disclose   The full details of the deletion of the Bodycam evidence, including all relevant documents from the Devon & Cornwall Police.   In particular, full details of exactly when the Bodycam evidence was deleted and by whom, and on whose orders and authorisation?  When where, why and by whom were the South Wales contacted who then released to the police in the M5 incident PNC data including its WARNING – ‘very violent when arrested?  Why was Maurice Kirk denied both doctor and duty inspector, when specifically asked for, despite the police being aware he had just been released from a series of Accident & Emergency admissions following the traumatic insulting T2020177 (stalking MP acquittal) jury trial experience also fabricated by the South Wales Police to block 1CF03361 civil claim arising from ‘trading in machine guns’ acquittal conspiracy’?  
2)  Why do you think the prosecutor has that material?   The CPS is under a duty to request the police to provide all available material in relation to the case, whether it supports or undermines the defence.   The CPS have informed the Defendant that the Devon & Cornwall Police have notified them that they have deleted the Bodycam evidence.   Therefore, the Devon & Cornwall Police will have full details of how and when the bodycam evidence was deleted and who made the decision to do so/ Under whose orders was the Bodycam evidence (VRE) was deleted, incidentally in gross breach of their own Joint Records Management policies and that of the National Information Management Governance.  

The Devon & Cornwall Police were under a duty to retain the Bodycam evidence for at least 31 days and then further, if required, for evidential purposes.  

The Devon & Cornwall Police were aware that the Defendant had been charged with the alleged offence of Possession of Offensive Weapon contrary to section 139(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, and that the evidence from the Bodycam was important and relevant evidence that would be needed to disclose to the Defendant.   The Dev12on & Cornwall Police, while reliant on deliberately concocted South Wales Police National Computer(PNC) data, appear to have deleted the whole P15912 bodycam evidence if the M5 incident in breach of the relevant policy codes and with the intention of perverting the course of public justice thereby.  

As a result, the Defendant will be entitled to mount an abuse of process argument to stay and/or dismiss the case on the grounds that the Devon & Cornwall Police have manipulated the prosecution process to prevent the Defendant being given full disclosure of the Bodycam P15912 for 2nd June 2021 that he considered would support his defence.  

3)  Why might that material: (a) undermine the prosecutor’s case against you, or (b) assist your case?   The CPS is under a duty to disclose all unused material in their possession, irrespective of whether it supports or undermines the Defendant’s defence.  
4)  Do you want the court to arrange a hearing of this application?  YES  /  NO   If YES, explain why you think a hearing is needed. (If you do not ask for a hearing, the court may arrange one anyway.)

  The requested evidence is extremely important regarding the Defendant’s defence and how it has now been prejudiced due to the actions of the Devon & Cornwall Police with the result that the Defendant is now denied a fair trial under schedule 1, article 6(1) ECHR, Human Rights Act 1998, and the requested information hasn’t so far been disclosed to the Defendant. Destruction of this key evidence   was deliberate to prevent still further criminal conduct by the South Wales P0lice being  brought to the notice of an English judge in England.

  The CPS is therefore in breach of its disclosure duties to the Appellant to ensure a fair trial as guaranteed under section 1 to 7A of the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 and/or article 6(1) ECHR as incorporated under schedule 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998.  

The violent assault on his victim, standing peacefully at the side of the M5 Motorway, causing the Defendant to scream in pain was due to the manner the hand cuffs were placed on him by police constable 16878 Svetlik.  

Signed:   Description: signature1 defendantappellant / defendant’s solicitor     Date: …31st August 2021……………………….. …… ………
Maurice Kirk <maurice@kirkflyingvet.com>07:08 (4 minutes ago) 
to South

Dear Mr NC xxxxxx,

I urgently need access to the DCS evidence in the case re Avon & Somerset  Police system in order to take legal advice for the imminent ‘South Wales Police machine gun’ conspiracy trial 1CF03361 commencing on the 6th September21

My acquittal in the T20200177 ‘stalking’ MP nonsense and the T2021178 ‘found with a bladed article contrary to s139 of 1955 CJ Act’ acquittal on  the 17th Sept 2021 will be because respective English CPS departments abided by apparent CPR unlike the South Wa;es Police and now. the Devon & Somerset police.

As your CPS has sent me access to DCS for the knife case please send to me,  urgently, the DCS evidence for the MP appeals/applications  currently  starting at 10am today in the Royal Courts of Justice


ps A substantial civil claim against the culprits is being currently being prepared.

If someone had simply answered just one of my four years of letters, on her behalf, neither the daft ‘MP stalking’ jury trial nor this equally absurd current ‘in possession of a knife on the M5 Motorway’ would have happened nor leave me with severe financial loss.

BUT the South Wales Police ‘machine gun’ conspiracy is far more urgent as on Monday in Cardiff’s civil so called Justice Centre starts the substantive trial needing another one hundred plus witnesses.

BUT just as before, in 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought by the South Wales Police, the deliberate late disclosure, this month, reveals that the dummy machine gun, retrieved from the Nottinghamshire police having stated it was not even a firearm but a heap of scrap iron, the south wales police set about tampering with the prosecution evidence.

This photo, below, of a welsh police officer’s note book only released to me this week 12 years after my acquittal from a likely mandatory 10 prison term or life in Ashworth, reveals the welsh FSS at Chepstow also deemed the ARH1 prosecution exhibit either junk or a prohibited weapon contrary to 5 (1a) of the 1968 Firearms Act



H Txxxxxn


Criminal Appeal Office

Royal Courts of Justice

Acquitted from ;stalking’ an idle and very rude MP living off immoral earnings


I am writing regarding my application for leave to appeal against the making of a Restraint Order by HHJ Johnson at Exeter Crown Court on 20/05/21 in the above reference, and also my subsequent application for leave to appeal regarding subsequent variation of that Order by the same Judge at Exeter Crown Court on 01/07/21, although I do not have the reference no. for that application.

As I have applied for Representation Orders on the Notices of Appeal, I would enquire if the court has ordered the relevant transcripts regarding the making of the order and its subsequent variation on 01/07/21?

If so, I would enquire as to whether these two transcripts have as yet been supplied to the Criminal Appeal Office?

If so, I would enquire if I could be sent copies of these two transcripts under CrimPR 36.11, and if there would be any charge and if so, how much?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks

Maurice Kirk


A Deliberate Attempt to Pervert the Course of Justice

The ‘found with kitchen knife on M5 Motorway’ 3rd Sept 2021 Exeter Crown Court hearing is likely to be blocked now to protect whoever deliberately destroyed the body cam footage of the incident recorded by the arresting bully, police officer 16878 Svetlik

I note that they claim that the footage was not saved and was deleted.  They seem to argue that it is unimportant and water off a duck’s back.  This is not the case.

Police do not give any further reasons.  However, there has to now be answers as to why it was deleted, who deleted it and when and on whose instructions?

The D&C Police knew that this was proceeding to prosecution, and it is also odd that the footage was not sent to the CPS initially for them to make a charging decision.

Why was it held back? 

Therefore, this case has now become a serious abuse of process and the D&C Police have manipulated the prosecution process and as the footage has been deleted, a central plank of your defence is now denied which means that you cannot have a fair trial in breach of article 6 ECHR.

I think I may amend my Defence Statement to make these points or do I keep this back if the South Wales Police input is denied?

Whatever happens this a matter for my Taunton MP


Just as in South Wales

EXTRACT from my proposed letter to CPS today

  1. Further to your 2nd letter of the 27th of August 2021, identifying the fact that the police have destroyed the contemporaneous records, the bodycam footage of the 2nd June 2021, so then just who ordered the record to be destroyed, when and why?
  • When I was accused of being in breach of a section 139, being found in possession of a bladed article, I asked again in the police station so,please. where is the record of that?
  • Upon being charged I again asked for copy of the body Cam record so where is that? At the magistrates I specifically asked for the body Cam record and there was an indication I would.
  • The police destroyed vital evidence in order to pervert the course of justice in order to cover up the arresting officer’s receipt of South Wales Police malicious data so, where is that data?
  • I wish to have disclosure before further police record is deliberately destroyed.