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Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Maurice Kirk: No justice and IGNORED BY ALL: “South Wales Police G4S Robbery Hushed Up” – 03 Nov. 21

 South Wales Police G4S Robbery Hushed Up

Such is the level of deceit within Gold Group’s Chief Constable in Bridgend police HQ, just over the wall of Park Prison, I can find no MP allowed to receive reply from G4S concerning the return of my stolen property when violently ejected by eight G4S prison staff on 1st November 2019.

Remember , G4S was instructed to steal my 1CF03361 ‘machinegun’ court papers as they reveal widespread fraud within Dolmans solicitors who sat in in on the many MAPPA 3/3 and Gold Group hearing in the HQ in order, if possible to have me shot (see leaked committee contemporaneous notes).


to:  HM Speaker of The House of Commons






London SW1 1AA

31st October 2021

Dear Sir,

I apologise for taking up any of your very busy time but I have nowhere else to turn to as the Exeter Crown Court directed me to email my constituency member of parliament for help over my ignored South Wales Police statement of complaint (incident number incident number1900418801).


10th Jan 2020 Complaint against HMP Parc South Wales G4S Staff

I, Maurice John Kirk, file complaints against HMP Parc, Bridgend, G4S custody staff for their seriously inflicting injuries, harassment and false imprisonment to cause numerous thefts of my possessions……..

Sir Lindsey Hoyle, none of my letters to my MP have been replied to.

I therefore asked my past MP, Alun Cairns MP but he also ignores my letters. I turned to my then temporary parliamentary representative for North Devon, Ms Selaine Saxby MP.

Ms Saxby immediately wrote to the G4S barbarically run Welsh prison, where the brutal robbery took place and has also between repeatedly ignored, of course, ever since.

Please, can anyone else, of any political persuasion, take on the Taffia for my property back which include two wheelchairs, clothes and current Cardiff County Court and RCJ ‘machinegun’ legal papers?


Yours faithfully,

Maurice j Kirk BVSc

Taunton, Somerset, England.


From: HOC Enquiries <HCEnquiries@parliament.uk>
Sent: 02 November 2021 15:37
Subject: RE: FAO The Speaker of the House 

Dear Maurice

Thank you for sending us your letter marked for the attention of Mr Speaker.

However, as you do not live in Mr Speaker’s constituency, this office would normally reply in the first instance.

It will help you to know that MPs will only normally be able to help their own constituents. Therefore, if you are living temporarily in the North Devon constituency, you may wish to go back to Selaine Saxby MP’s office and ask that they persist with your case by taking this matter up with the ministers or officials at the Ministry of Justice on your behalf, or by referring your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman?

If, however, you are based in Taunton you should contact your current MP there to do this for you. You can confirm who your MP is by typing your current postcode into the box at: Find MPs – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament

Should you still wish to contact Mr Speaker directly, you can of course do so to: speakersoffice@parliament.uk

I hope this is helpful.

Very best wishes


House of Commons Enquiry Service
House of Commons | London | SW1A 0AA
0800 112 4272 (Freephone) | 020 7219 4272
Text Relay: 18001 followed by our full number
And so the the apparent ‘treacle treatment’ continues


HM Speaker of The House of Commons


London SW1 1AA

3rd November 2021

Dear Jean,

I am most grateful for such a swift reply.

My designated MP has ignored all my letters for years so Selaine Haxby MP tried to recover my significant stolen property from G4S run Park prison, on my behalf and was also completely ignored.

In the old day’s with similar problems of ‘misfeasance in a public office’ criminal conduct another MP was allocated by the Speaker’s office or by some similar such branch of Parliament.

Do I really have to resort to the Taunton police, again, over this proven fraud, theft and some one continuing to live off ‘immoral earnings’ from the proceeds of crime?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc